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  1. CMasten

    FS Denon AH-D2000

    SOLD! Probably the best all around Rock can I have heard to date for the money, great bass, mids and highs. Comfortable set of cans if you enjoy long albums. I bought these new from Amazon on 6/20/2008 to test against my Senn HD-650s and just dont use them as much, I prefer the open back of...
  2. CMasten

    FS BeyerDynamic DT-880 (250 ohm)

    SOLD 10/10 shape, I have maybe an hour on these, listened to some Michael Hedges and found that I preferred my RS-1s so they have been sitting in the box and now its time to move them to a home where they will get some use. Purchased new April 17th 2008 from Amazon, original receipt and...
  3. CMasten

    FS Grado RS1 Classic

    SOLD! Timing is everything, if your looking for a great deal on one of the best cans out there, this is it! Superb shape (9/10) no visual nicks or marks. I am the 2nd owner, love these cans but just dont use them enough. Rock guitar is nothing short of stunning on these. Originaly...
  4. CMasten

    RSA Tomahawk (Black n Gold)

    SOLD! Serial TO88. I bought this IEM amp to compare to my Predator and Hornet, but its not getting enough use to justify keeping so if you have a need, this a great little amp. ALL original paperwork, rubber feet, velvet bag, box and manual all incuded along with original receipt. Its...
  5. CMasten


    I bought Dans Pico amp, communication was excellent, shipped the amp out very quickly and all the original parts were there. Amp is in superb shape, looks brand new. Highly recommended seller, and he takes very good care of his gear!
  6. CMasten

    WTB RSA Black Predator

    Looking to see if any of you original HeadFi'ers that bought Rays amp/dac would be interesting in parting with it. I know its a long shot , but thought I would check before I placed an order for a new one. Thanks (update) just bought a new one from Ray too good to wait for one to show up used
  7. CMasten

    Ibasso T2 and ALO bling-bling 4sale

    I have a 2nd portable rig that I put together in just the last month that I am changing up yet again to be more office centric (DAC). Both amp and interconnect are in perfect/like new condition. I am keeping the 6th gen 80g IPOD but going to sell off the Ibasso T2 and the ALO bling-bling...
  8. CMasten

    RSA Hornet 9698M with accessories

    Hey Head-Fi'rs (SOLD!) With some recent purchases, I have one item that I no longer use as much, my beloved Hornet portable amp. I originally bought this amp from NickKnutson on 2/25/07 and he bought it directly from Ray on 2/3/07 with (2) PowerEx 300 rechargeable batteries and one Lithium...
  9. CMasten

    CD Player with adjustable headphone amp

    My beloved Sony CDP-302 has finally given up, almost 20 years so thats more than fair. I am looking for a new cd source, when I just want to sit at home and enjoy some CD's. I am currently looking at the Marantz CD 5001 as it seems to be slim, clean layout, and has the magic headphone amp with...