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  1. zyphaz

    WTB: JMoney Beyer Pads

    Looking to buy a set of JMoney Beyer Lambskin pads. Name your price shipped to 91767 in PM.
  2. zyphaz

    FS: AKG K-26P

    Selling a pair of K-26P's, they're in fine condition and the original box will be included. I purchased these off a member here in January and they never saw much use from me (maybe an hour or two total use since then). I'm asking $5 less than what I paid for them back in January at $25 CONUS...
  3. zyphaz

    Recabled my SR-125's and now I hear a rattle(?)

    Hey all, I recabled my Grados a while back and now it seems there's a slight 'rattle' almost coming out of the right transducer at high volume. Could it be I resoldered it out of phase? Or maybe that I may have damaged it when I used the pan+hotwater method of softening the glue. To clarify...
  4. zyphaz

    FS: Koss Pro 4AA/T

    I'm selling a pair of Koss Pro4AA/T's. I am the third owner of these, but as seen below they're still in great condition. The first owner was diymaniac and the second owner was wontanamo. I'm letting these go since they never really saw much use for me as they were overshadowed by my DT770's...
  5. zyphaz

    WTB: Broken D66 Eggos (need 1 headband)

    I'm looking to repair a set of D66 Eggos that I have. The drivers are fine, but I snapped one of the wires/headbands. So if someone has a pair with blown drivers I'd be happy to purchase the band off you
  6. zyphaz

    Anyone in San Diego know a good source for cans?

    I'm not even sure if this should be posted in the general headphone forum but I've never really seen a similar post elsewhere. (Maybe other regional forums would work?) I'm looking to audition and hopefully purchase a new set of cans locally. I'd buy online but I usually end up with a severe...
  7. zyphaz

    Heads up KSC-50/55 $13.99

    I know its not much of a deal after shipping (+ 6.50 shipping), but for those that can't find cheap cans locally its probably the best out there. - 55's 50's Edit: Shipping is...
  8. zyphaz

    Newbie(?) looking to delve into the world of MD

    Hi all, after some debating between solid state MP3 players and MD players I think I've pretty much decided I want to go the MD route mainly due to cost. As a previous owner of an original Sony R50 back in 98-99 or so I've always wanted to purchase a 2nd MD player (first one was a casualty of a...