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  1. Scotty757

    Sennheiser HD650

    Good conditions, some cosmetic imperfections but nothing bad. Sound amazing. Comes with mini connector as well as original box. 200 Shipped. Also selling my RockHopper M3, if you want both we can make a deal.
  2. Scotty757

    RockHopper M3

    Listing old faithful, an M3 build by RockHopper circa 2006. Back when I was into this stuff I probably auditioned 40 amps and settled on this one. I honestly have no freaking idea what this is worth and I don't have time to find out. Comes with a power supply. Neutrik Connector. Sounds great...
  3. Scotty757

    Westone UM3x

    Have been away...still available
  4. Scotty757

    Westone UM3x

    Really loving the M-100, so the IEMs gotta go. Come with all original packaging including box and hard case.   For hygiene's sake, no tips will be included.   250 +shipping, OBO
  5. Scotty757

    Please recommend inexpensive wine

    If you like Cab, Smoking Loon's cab is under $10, and shocking flavorful. On the pinot side of things, Hayman and Hill's is cheap and relatively decent.
  6. Scotty757

    Review: EitS: All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

    I didnt include it in the review, but i admit that the album lulls a bit in the middle. But taken as a whole, those last 3 tracks just blow me away. The Conan show was good, but its pretty hard to capture EitS in 6 minutes. Don't get me wrong, this album is not The Earth is not a Cold Dead...
  7. Scotty757

    Review: EitS: All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

    Explosions in the Sky will always have a special place in my heart. "The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place" introduced me to instrumental post-rock, and remains a gem of the genre. This Austin-based group has the capacity to make truly emotionally stirring instrumentals, and they can move me with a...
  8. Scotty757

    FT: Sony SA5000 for HD-650

    Hey fellas, been a while. Still looking to trade my SA5K for a 650. Anyone? I have pictures and can provide, but rest assured, the phones are in perfect shape. Have original box and stand as well.
  9. Scotty757

    A very angry man...

    I've owned about 40 HDDs so far, and the only brand that has never failed was seagate. Sorry to hear about your troubles. For anyone out there with REAL important data (read: business related), here are companies that take apart the plates in a clean room and restore the data sector by sector...
  10. Scotty757

    Something's Coming: song of ice and fire coming to hbo!

    Oh goody! maybe this will keep him from venturing into Robert Jordan verbal diarrhea territory (the last book had me scared).
  11. Scotty757

    Angry doc cuts off patient's p***s

    this thread makes my pee-pee hurt.
  12. Scotty757

    Westone ES2 (the underappreciated custom)

    Well, 3 months in, 4 re-fits later, and righty still doesnt fit right. Just sent in another impression, Im losing hope.
  13. Scotty757

    I'm In the Wrong Business...

    While I agree with a lot of what is being said here, lets keep it out of politics (which military spending and state-funded schooling certainly are), and focus on the issue: bankers making 9-figure salaries.
  14. Scotty757

    Do you celebrate Christmas?

    Look forward to celebrating it every year. Sure it can be stressful, but its so fantastic to spend time with family. And as for the religious part, I sure do too.
  15. Scotty757

    Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope

    I agree on both accounts, except I think "us" is by FAR the stand-out track on "Soviet..," while "Begin.." is a much stronger overall record. I can only take her in moderately small doses, but they are good times.
  16. Scotty757

    Best excuses to get out of paying for collision damage

    I'm not overtly familiar with the process, but I don't believe you even need a lawyer to take her to small claims court. Just make sure you keep all your paperwork, and proceed. That being said, even if the court rules in your favor, odds are she's not going to pay. Sorry to hear about that...
  17. Scotty757

    Have you ever deal with bad cop?

    My first ticket was given in Valley Mills, Texas, when I was 19 years old. I was coming home from a friends house out in the country, and it was roughly 3am. The speed limit on highway 6 (as it does in so many small Texas towns) dropped from 65mph to 35mph in about 300 yards. Knowing this is...
  18. Scotty757

    WTT: SA5K for HD-650

    Title says it all. Want to try the 650. SA5K is in like-new condition, with box, manual, etc.
  19. Scotty757

    UM2 vs. ES2, Worth the price?

    Quote: Originally Posted by audiomagnate I don't understand how isolation and comfort could be better than UM2/56. The part that goes in your ear is the same, right? I lust for ES2s but my wife would kill me. It's kind of weird telling people how great something sounds, but they can't...
  20. Scotty757

    Desert Island Discs.

    For the book, I'm going to steal from G.K. Chesterton (my favorite author) and say: "A Practical Guide to Shipbuilding"
  21. Scotty757

    I HATE Blister Packaging!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by jmmtn4aj Woah wait a sec, you don't have knives or scissors in your entire house?! I was up studying at school in a lab...the scissors were at home.
  22. Scotty757

    UM2 vs. ES2, Worth the price?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jdimitri Scotty, got your ES2 yet? I'm currently on my 4th re-fit, and second re-mold. Im not a big fan of customs at this point. 2 months and counting since I ordered. That being said, Dale has been great.
  23. Scotty757

    The "I hate waiting for parcels" thread.

    Quote: Originally Posted by beerguy0 From the Canoga Camera web page: Date/Time: 12/06/2006 10:55 AM Location: US Activity: DELIVERED Is there any sweeter word in the English language? Now all I have to do is wait until I can get the heck out of here ughhhhh, jealousy...