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  1. Gopher

    Synergy HiFi/Create Audio 6SN7 - Single tube

    I purchased this tubes less then one month ago from Jaguar Audio and have the right to return them for a full refund under their 30 day satisfaction guarantee, but I don't think that's fair given the tubes are awesome. "it had morphed strategically into a thoroughly modern wide-bandwidth...
  2. Gopher

    Sablon Gran Corona (Newest version w/ Oyide Plugs!!!)

    For your consideration is a Sablon Audio Gran Corona 5 foot 15 amp Power Cable. Orig owner and only a few months old , fully broken in and in great condition.  I reconfigured my rig, therefore my loss is your gain.  This cable punches way above it's price point and I have never seen this newest...
  3. Gopher

    Metrum Octave Dac with upgrades

    Rated a 8 conservatively, more like a 9. Sent to Noble electronics to have the inlet upgraded to a Oyaide R inlet. Also had them upgrade the RCA to a true 75ohm BNC connection. I also had them fit a AMR fuse. All total about $250 worth of upgrades. I will also include a lundahl transformer...
  4. Gopher

    Kuzma Stogi S/Stabi S Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood & extras!!!

    With the birth of my baby girl on March 28, 2013, I've done some soul searching and have decided to re-align my priorities. As a result I am selling off my truly wonderful analog front end, providing it as a bundle ready to capture the heart of its new owner. The Kuzma Stabi S/Stogi S...
  5. Gopher

    Shelter 501 MK II Low Hours and CHEAP

    I just bought a Shelter 501 mk II last week. Its been mounted on my system for 2 days, but I am selling it to fund the purchase of a Shelter 90x. This was purchased from the original owner on audiogon ( Audiogon Feedback )who has 900+ feedback all positive and states it has under 150 hours...
  6. Gopher

    REVIEW: Nighthawk F-117

    Background: It has been a while since I got my hands on a new component which has excited me enough to bother writing a review. Ironically, my last review was actually for a phonostage—The Eastern Electric Minimax Phonostage which has been my reference for the last four years and one of the...
  7. Gopher

    Mullard CV4004 NOS Pair (12ax7)

    I've got a very nice pair of CV4004s I'm willing to let go of. I purchased these tubes NOS for my Eastern Electric Minimax Phonostage and evaluated them for about 48 hours. They're very nice, but my personal preference is my Telefunkens, so these need a good home. $50 shipped CONUS
  8. Gopher

    Musical Fidelity V-DAC

    I've got a very nice V-DAC I'm ready to let go of. I just got the tracking number for my Eastern Electric Sabre32 DAC so I'm moving on. This piece is in as new condition and sounds fabulous for the price. Asking $235 shipped
  9. Gopher

    FS: Ultimate Ears 3 Brand New!

    SOLD I've got a pair of black Super.Fi 3s that are sealed in the box which are in need of a new home. I was lucky enough to get in on the tf.10 deal, so I won't need these. This set is fresh from Logitech on a warranty replacement of my old pair and UNUSED. They retail at $129.99 and sell...
  10. Gopher

    Are the newer Sansa Clip+ & Fuzes better then e200 series?

    I've got an old Sandisk Sansa e270 I've used happily for some time. It has served me well as a small gym MP3 player, and I've always felt the sound quality was pretty good. I recently experimented with Rockbox and (though its noisey as hell navigating menus) I think it sounds better using my...
  11. Gopher

    Need a used DAC to use with SB Duet that is cheap and liquid

    I need a decent cheapie DAC that I can use with a SB Duet I just ordered temporarily. I'm in on the Eastern Electric DAC 001 pre-order, but that will take 2-3 months to come in. In the meantime I'd like to start with something cheap and used I can get my money back for. I was wanting to...
  12. Gopher

    Have some basic questions for computer as source, help a head-fi Vet.

    Hey guys, some of you may recognize me though I don't post too often anymore, as my focus has been on speaker audio. I am very interested in ripping all of my CDs to a lossless compression and using a high end media center solution to feed my big rig. To preface things: I am an analog man. I...
  13. Gopher

    IC: VPI Scout with upgrades and Extras

    I've got a fine example of a VPI Scout in excellent condition which I purchased new from Todd The Vinyl Junkie. It has the upgraded stainless/derilin clamp Dropped counterweight Anti-skate upgrade and will come with a very nice Denon DL-103 mounted. I've used this table for several...
  14. Gopher

    Joseph Grado SR-200 (like new)

    I've got an extreemly clean pair of Joseph Grado SR-200s I want to sell. You guys know what these are and how rare they are (and only getting rarer!). I'm pricing these at $500 shipped CONUS obo. Take advantage now! You may never find another pair this clean! Note: See my...
  15. Gopher

    What are SR200s worth these days?

    I have a pair of Grado SR-200s I am not using and wondered what they are worth these days. I know most of Joe Grado's HP1000 series phones are worth their weight in gold and I'm wondering what the market value is for his SR200s in good condition.
  16. Gopher

    Logitech Harmony 550 remote

    I've got a logitech harmony 550 I want to sell. I bought the thing for my Westinghouse 42" LCD which happens to be one of the ONLY TVs it is documented to not play well with (due to the input scrolling rather than direct prompts for HDMI/Components and such). The thing is in perfect condition...
  17. Gopher

    Need to make my IPOD line out listenable

    I just picked up a refurbished gen 5 ipod video 30gb to integrate into my bimmer's sound system via an alpine interface (420i) and intravee ii. With the eq off, my sound bass is very anemic and the severe imbalance makes listening very distracting. The only EQ setting I've tried thus far is...
  18. Gopher

    FS: Little Dot 2 Amplifier

    I've got a little dot 2 amp for sale. I'm an old name around the boards, but lost my enthusiasm for headphones a couple years back and moved to a speaker system. After hitting a head-fi meet in new york a few months back for old times sake I thought I could get back into the hobby, but thing...
  19. Gopher

    FS: Brand new XBOX 360 HD DVD drive

    I recently purchased an XBOX 360 HD DVD drive which I will not be using. The box is sealed and comes with a remote and King Kong HD DVD inside. For those unfamiliar with this drive, you do NOT need an xbox to benefit. This will connect to your pc via USB and outputted wherever you want...
  20. Gopher

    A few questions regarding Creative X-Fi cards and gaming

    I'm awaiting delivery of a Logitech X-540 5.1 system for my desktop rig and am contemplating the purchase of an X-Fi card. The only game I really play these days is BF2 and from what I've read these cards really take the game to another level.... particularly setting sound quality to ultra high...
  21. Gopher

    Amplification solution for some vintage B.A. Speakers

    A friend of mine's father is sentimentally attached to a pair of Boston Acoustics floorstanders. They are from the last 70s/early 80s and are allegedly difficult to drive. He's tried powering them with a 150 wpc and says that though it sounds ok the NAD is running extreemly hot. I have a hard...
  22. Gopher

    Is there a worthwhile jukebox yets?

    I've got so much music, new and old, that I'd love to hear but wouldn't even think to listen to if it weren't in a jukebox playing on random. Is there anything worthwhile in the <$1000 range as far as mega-cd players go? I've already got an exceptional single cdp, so this would be just a...
  23. Gopher

    How do I change filters in my etymotics?

    I can't find the literature that came with my ER6is, and a quick search of head-fi revealed a few failed attempts to change filters which resulted in damage so I'm hoping to get some direction before I give it a shot. How do I change these badboys? A friend wants to audition them tomorrow and...
  24. Gopher

    Got my Grover UR5s

    I recieved my UR5s a few days ago, but haven't had the chance to do much listening due to a tremendous increase in school workload. I have listened to a pair of them on my phonostage and must say though, they are definitely impressive and a big improvement over the last grovers I'd heard...