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  1. MrKazador

    Looking for a DIY DAC with Toslink input

    I'd like to try soldering SMD components and the only DAC with a Toslink input that I've come across is the y1 from AMB.   Are there any other DIY DACs around $100?
  2. MrKazador

    Is there a DIY amp (or kit) that compares to the Schiit Magni in performance/price?

    I got myself a pair of Mr Speakers Mad Dogs and I'm looking for a amp. Anything in the DIY world that compares to the Magni or even Vali? Looking to spend around $100 but if needed, I could go up to $150 if its something nicer. 
  3. MrKazador

    Looking for a cheap 2ch amp

    I found a couple 2ch amps on ebay from China. Wondering if anyone knows of something cheap ~$10-20 premade or a kit. A friend of mine wants to build an arcade and needs a cheap amp for a couple car speakers. Doesn't need to be high quality or very powerful.
  4. MrKazador

    Looking for a small 4 conductor cable

    I need a 4 conductor cable no bigger than 1/8" OD. Cheaper the better! Its for an old mouse so the cable has to be flexible. Maybe someone can find me a cheap mouse with a long usb cable
  5. MrKazador

    Corda Cross-1... User Manual?

    Meier-Audio Anyone know where I can find the user manual? The link is dead
  6. MrKazador

    What headphones are these?

    From the music video, Jizz in my pants.
  7. MrKazador

    Best 5/7.1 sound card?

    Lets say there is no budget... What would be the best multichannel sound card?
  8. MrKazador

    Question about Capacitor leads

    I was thinking of getting a couple Wima MKP10 caps, how long are the leads? From what I seen they are very small to be used in a board. Any way I can extend the leads? This is going to be used in my Chaintech. I was thinking of getting a breadboard and wire it that way.
  9. MrKazador

    Motherboard capacitor

    I started removing components from an old pc and there is one capacitor right near the AGP locking slot. I pushed it and it nearly ripped off... I have some old electronics so I'm looking for a 6.3v 300uf capacitor. I found one rated at 6.3v 420uf. Would this work? What about something rated...
  10. MrKazador

    Black Gate alternatives?

    I was thinking of replacing the 2 output capacitors on my Chaintech av-710. Lots of people recommend Black Gate and was wondering... What are some alternatives? I'm looking for 6.3v 22uf
  11. MrKazador

    Milk Inc. Looking for similar group

    Anyone know of a group similar sounding to Milk Inc.?
  12. MrKazador

    1812 Overture- Waterfall chart

    1812 Overture DTS This is from 12min-13min when the canon's start blasting away.
  13. MrKazador

    Universal Crossfeed??

    Is there a crossfeed plugin(.exe?) that will work with directsound/desktop? I'm asking because some games that I play don't have a headphone option. Thanks
  14. MrKazador

    Recommendation needed

    I just recently bought a pair of Sennheiser HD555(Need to enter contest!) with a Go-Vibe v5 and Chaintech Av-710. The way women sing sound beautiful coming out of these headphones. Right now Im listening to Diana Krall, Alicia Keys, Ciara, and Lauren Hill. If you guys can help me out and...