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    Alessandro MS-1 with box, HD414 pads

    Pristine MS-1 with stock comfies and a pair of new quarter-modded HD414 pads. Everything is in lovely condition - silver lettering on earcups is perfect. I am the second owner and bought them from another head-fier - these sound great but I'm enjoying my DT770 over these as a "rock" phone...

    WTB: Minidisc deck with digital out

    Subject says it all. Do you have one in good working condition you're not using? Brand and other features not important but prefer Sony or Denon. Prefer US seller due to shipping costs. Toslink or coax digital out a must. Thanks.


    Creating thread!

    Beyer DT990 (old) 600 Ohm - short in cable

    I bought these DT990 (old late 80's non-pro version, 600ohm) from eBay last week. I discovered they have a short in the left transducer (driver) - if you twist the cable just so, the left transducer works fine. So the short is either in the cable outside of the transducer housing, or in the...

    Fake Shure E2G? And also, an eBay warning (long)

    Approximately 10 days ago, I decided I wanted another pair of Shure E2 headphones for my wife. The set of E2C I have sound pretty good with the "Kramer Mod" of removing the plastic washer that holds the wax guards in place, and she had kept borrowing them so it was hard to get my hands on them...