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  1. Palpatine

    I'm very concerned about my HD650

    I only had them for a year or less, and never had a problem with them.
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    I have a PS3 60 gig that I use as a Bluray player. Like it a lot.
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    PC to Mac: My Not-So-Genius Switch

    I always though Microsoft was the epitome of arrogance.   Quote:
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    Video-Game Console-fi

    I'm still hanging on to my Nintendo 64, arguably the best cartridge based system ever... with Goldeneye and Zelda Ocarina of Time.  
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    best pair of cans for the budget of $350 for a 17yr old

    Great advice and great suggestions. Now go and and get some... headphones that is.   Quote:
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    The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

    Quote: I sold my HD650 to get the 600 ohm Beyers. I feel they sound quite different. The Beyers have a smoother and better defined top end. The also sound great with a tube amp. I found the HD650 to sound better with a Burson SS amp that I tried...  
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    Worst headphones you ever heard?

    An old pair of Koss headphones that I bought 25 years ago. Auditioning them was impossible...and breaking the clamshell ( the fact that they were in a clamshell  should have been warning enough ) open made it impossible to return. I forget the model number...
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    Bored of my HD-595s - looking for an upgrade

    I found that the DT 880 600 ohm weren't much harder to drive than the 250 ohm version. I suspect the same is true of the Dt 990. these phones really benefit from a strong tube amp IMO.
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    Thanks again Head-Fi!

    Quote: Amen!
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    Ultrasone's commitment to customer service

    Wow...what a horror story. I hope Ultrasone reads this thread and does something correct for you...finally.
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    Headphone suggestions for classical music fans? ( under $500)

    Quote: I thought the HD 650 sounded a lot more balanced with the HA 160 than with my tube amp. The DT 880 600 ohm sound quite balanced to me with my tube amp. I agree though...the 702 sounded pretty great with the HA 160 as well. All are fine headphones for the moolah.
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    Headphone suggestions for classical music fans? ( under $500)

    I like the DT 880 600 ohm with classical... and other genres as well.
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    Down to 5 choices, help me decide!

    You will most certainly like them. I really liked them when I had them.
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    The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

    So impressed with these headphones...for $300 they are an excellent buy. I will one day get the T1s, but until I do, these will do very nicely.  
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    Denon AH-D7000

    Good to know, MacHero.  I'd be interested to hear these phones with a Burson HA 160 as well.
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    New Stax Flagship!

  17. Palpatine

    Need Headphones for Walking Around and Library

    If you are not into IEMs you could give the HD 25 I II a try. Isolating and leak 'resistant'  :  )
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    Does Sennheiser REALLY don't have a decent pair of ipod-compatible (no amp needed) full size headphones?

    Agreed the HD 25 I II is very nice sounding unamped...but far from full sized.  
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    HD600 or HD650

    Quote: I have owned both, and this is my finding as well.  
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    K701 owners: Anyone use them in the office?

    That would be really annoying to sit near a guy wearing open headphones while at work...
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    REVIEW: JMoney Audio Genuine Leather earpads for Beyer DT770/880/990

    Based on your enthusiastic review, Skylab, I hope the new pads aren't too different than the ones that you tried out. They will be thicker than yours which may affect the sound in a different way than you reported. Can't wait to try them though...
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    REVIEW: JMoney Audio Genuine Leather earpads for Beyer DT770/880/990

    Got an automated email from JMoney re: Beyer Pads.     Hello there, Thanks for your email. We appreciate your interest in our products. We have been getting a lot of orders for our Beyer and Denon pads. Just to give some information, we are currently still working on a new version...
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    Ultrasone Edition 10 pricing just out...................$2,800!!!

    Wow...I envy those who can lay out that kind of money for one headphone. Having said that...why not? I have a watch collection, and some of them retail for the same if not more. My wife had no problem buying me watches for special occasions... maybe I should start suggesting phones instead...