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  1. joefosho315

    WTB: Sansa Clip+ 8GB

    Anyone willing to part with a Sansa Clip+ 8GB let me know.
  2. joefosho315

    FS: Entech Number Cruncher 203.2

    Yes, I'm willing to ship it oversees, as long as you are willing to pay the extra shipping fees. Also, keep in mind that my unit comes with the US electric plug.
  3. joefosho315

    FS: Sophia EL-34 Int. Tube Amplifier

    Up for sale is my Sophia EL-34 Integrated Tube Amplifier. The capacitors were upgraded by Sounds Real Audio in Golden, Colorado. Mechanically, the amp is in excellent condition - the amp especially sings with the capacitor upgrade. Cosmetically, the amp is excellent with the exception of a minor...
  4. joefosho315

    airport express worth it?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hardwired I have 2 of them. One streams music to the kitchen and the other is in the living room that's both a network plug (into a switch) and a music source. Add Airfoil to that so you can stream to all your Airports at the same time and fill your house...
  5. joefosho315

    airport express worth it?

    Currently, my speaker rig is as follows: iTunes > TBAAM (optical) > presonus CS > sophia EL-34 > Von VR-1's. I've always been wary about using the TBAAM in this setup, as it seems like it might be a bottleneck (it isn't bit perfect, and automatically resamples to 48 kHz). Thus, I've been...
  6. joefosho315

    presonus CS to speakers

    So to get things straight, I don't necessarily need 2 TRS to RCA cables...but 2 TS to RCA cables will do, since the former is just a stereo version which I don't need, since the presonus outputs to both an individual L and R. Am I right?
  7. joefosho315

    presonus CS to speakers

    Hey guys, I recently acquired a presonus central station for my home speaker setup. I bought it with the intention of using it as a dedicated DAC, with a headamp for minor use. All this time, I assumed that there would be a pair of RCA outputs for me to connect to my integrated amp. Turns out...
  8. joefosho315

    tube amp crackling

    Update: So after a month more of this crackling going on, I decided to clean off the excess dust on the amp (there was a lot) and reconnect the tubes to see if perhaps a connection was lose. Voila, the crackling was gone. A few days later, however, the right channel decreased in volume to...
  9. joefosho315

    tube amp crackling

    Currently I've got a pair of Von VR-1's driven by a Sophia EL-34 tube amp. This is my first experience with tubes. I've been running this setup for about a month now and have been immensely enjoying it. Lately, however, I've been noticing that during warmup when no music is playing, I can hear a...
  10. joefosho315

    WTB: Sennheiser HD580 or HD650 stock cable

    Hey guys, I'm in need of a stock headphone cable for my HD580. If anyone has a spare HD580 or HD650 cable, just give me a PM and we'll work something out. Thanks!
  11. joefosho315

    FS: Pioneer A-35r

    Up for sale is my flawless Pioneer A-35r integrated amp. Cosmetically, it is in perfect condition, and functionally, it is perfect as well. If you do not know much about this amp, just read around head-fi, as they are very well reviewed, particularly for their built in headphone amps. I am the...
  12. joefosho315

    amp for Von VR-1

    Quote: Originally Posted by ssportclay Welcome to High Fidelity.The Vr-1s are very good speakers and demand the best in components.Good sources are very expensive so I quess the best start would be to get a good Amp.The big question is,(are you commited to make these speakers work out...
  13. joefosho315

    amp for Von VR-1

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo How about a vintage Pioneer, Technics, or Marantz from the 70's? I've heard many good things about the vintage units, particularly the vintage Marantz 22xx receivers, but I am somewhat wary about the reliability of such old components. I also...
  14. joefosho315

    amp for Von VR-1

    I recently just picked up a pair of used Von Schweikert VR-1's in maple for use in a nearfield setup. The thing is, now I need a decent budget integrated amp to drive them properly. I'm driving them with a Pioneer A-35r that I used to use just fine with my old Energy C-3's, but they sound just...
  15. joefosho315

    Need a cheap usb bit perfect soundcard?

    Quote: Originally Posted by I know this because when I play a HDCD FLAC file in Foobar2000 through my Dell 9300 with a UCA202 plugged into an Adcom GDA-700, it lights up its HDCD light. Happy Listening! If you are using the UCA202 merely as a transport to an...
  16. joefosho315

    What's a good DAC in the 300 dollar price range that doesn't require DIY?

    Quote: Originally Posted by d-cee do they really agree with your sentiments? have you heard many if any other DACs under $2000 let alone $500? did you notice that the reviewer of the above quoted thread says YMMV and IMO, he also mentions that the DAC could not work for everyone's...
  17. joefosho315

    Please suggest a cheap USB -> SPDIF or Coaxial convertor

    Quote: Originally Posted by Check out the Behringer UCA-202. It costs around 30 bucks and is bit perfect. In addition, it does not need any special drivers. The only drawback is that it takes over your sound card meaning that all your Windows sounds will be re-directed...
  18. joefosho315

    nearfield speakers

    Update: I was looking at the Aerial Acoustic Model 5's, based on recommendations everywhere. But recently, the Linn Tukans have been getting my interest. Anybody have much experience with the Tukans?
  19. joefosho315

    Aerial Model 5 Monitors

    Do any of you guys know what the main differences are between the Aerial Model 5's and the newer 5B's? Any huge sound quality differences?
  20. joefosho315

    used integrated amp for Energy C-3

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a vintage/used integrated amp that will power my Energy C-3 speakers just as well as my Pioneer A-35r does. I've got to use the pioneer for a different setup now, but would still like to keep the performance of my Energy C-3's at the same level. In hopes of saving some...
  21. joefosho315

    nearfield speakers

    Well it seems like no one here has experience with the M&K B-1500 or the Role Kayak speakers, but can someone give me some basic advice on speaker amplification? My pioneer a-35r is rated at 65W RMS @ 4ohms and 45W RMS @ 8 ohms. The M&K B-1500 recommends 25 and 200 watts RMS or more @ 4ohms...
  22. joefosho315

    nearfield speakers

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lord Chaos Pretty much any speaker can be used "near-field," but some are designed for it. Control room monitors tend to be near-field, and speakers used in home music studios. KEF is famous for theirs. Current three-piece systems (so-called...
  23. joefosho315

    headphone depression

    95% of the music listening I do is done through my headphone rig. I've invested most of my money into building a decent enough headphone rig as a substitute for my speaker rig now that I am in a living situation that does not allow me to listen to speakers. It's been that way for a few months...
  24. joefosho315

    Beresford TC-7510 DAC MKII

    Quote: Originally Posted by feifan if i were you, i'd wait until the mk4 is available. it addresses problems in the mk3. at least a couple of us ordered the 3 recently (i ordered yesterday before i knew about the 4!) and are wondering if we haven't made a mistake. i emailed stanley, and...