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  1. willsw

    WTB: Inexpensive (older?) DAP

    I have need for one or two players that can play in on an infinite loop, are simple enough to operate (Fiio X3 Gen.1, I love you, but I don't need another quirky diagonal button array), and can play while plugged in to charge. Fairly simple requirements. Superficial condition and accessories...
  2. willsw

    Eitr + Wyrd + Custom 6V AC for either

    As my system falls to pieces because of irresponsibility, rent, and other fun things, I've decided to simplify the part where my computer sends stuff to the DAC. As I currently don't have a DAC other than a Dragonfly, it seems the right time to do it. At some point thought that if you really...
  3. willsw

    Headstage Arrow 4T

    SOLD Reluctantly selling this amp because it just lives on a shelf these days. The 4-series Arrow is the last one before a DAC was added. Slim and compact, this amp has always seemed like the perfect form for portability. Features: Analog adjustment of bass, treble, crosstalk, and gain. Two...
  4. willsw

    SOLD Balanced cable for Audeze LCD, ZMF

    6' long cable for Audeze LCD, ZMF, etc. PTFE-coated silver-plated copper wire, unbleached cotton sleeving. The cotton is a woven natural fiber so it's slightly hairier than paracord, but it's also softer and less noisy. 4-pin XLR. I've made cables professionally for an audio company and many...
  5. willsw

    Sold: Cables for Audeze LCD, ZMF, Etc.

    Cables for any headphone using mini-XLR connectors. These were experimental cables so they're discounted. 1. 6' long cable sleeved with techflex up to the split and softer multifilament sleeving (like paracord) after the split. Made using 2-channel snake cable with OFC, trying it as an...
  6. willsw

    SOLD Sennheiser HD650/etc. Cable

    New 6' long cable made for anything compatible with Sennheiser's 2-pin connector. PTFE-coated silver-plated copper wire, black cotton sleeving below the split. 1/4" gold-plated plug. The headphone connectors are marked R and L. The cotton is a woven natural fiber so it's slightly hairier than...
  7. willsw


    After a long time spent with this DAC, comparing it to many others, using it in different systems, I was feeling very good about having it in my system as a fairly permanent resident. And then a very good deal on an obscure DAC I had been interested in popped up, I jumped on it, realized I can't...
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  9. willsw

    Stax Lambda Nova Signature

    From my now discontinued idea that I would only have a small vintage electrostatic setup. Stax Lambda Pro - $SOLD Bought from a local guy who does a lot of electrostatic repair - they're in great condition and sound great too. Great all around. The Lambda Pro is a really nice moment in Stax...
  10. willsw

    SOLD Stax SRA-3S Hybrid Tube amp restored by Mjolnir

    Bought this from Mjolnir Audio a while ago when I thought I would only have a small Stax setup as my sole headphone rig. Things have evolved and there is now no simple way to integrate this into my system, so it must move on. Expertly restored and updated with high-quality caps and resistors by...
  11. willsw

    WTB: APPJ mini2013

    EDIT: joined the Massdrop drop. No longer needed. Looking to set up an inexpensive two-channel system, have been interested in this amp for a while. Possibly interested in similar types of amps as long as they're under $100.
  12. willsw

    6' braided cable for Audeze, ZMF

    Made this out of high-quality, mil-spec silver-plated copper wire. Just over 6' long. Fits any headphone that uses mini-XLR connectors. Happy to do any custom work you might be interested in as well. $50 shipped CONUS.
  13. willsw

    Fiio X3 1st Gen

    I've had this in a drawer for too long because I like it too much to sell, but it's time to admit that the drawer is not where they should be. This was my first DAP, and it was excellent. This doesn't come with a microSD card. SD cards are inexpensive but I use all of mine, so you'll need your...
  14. willsw

    Silver Dragon cable - terminated how you want it

    I have a Silver Dragon cable that's a bit over 4' long (I imagine it was the 5' option) that has had its XLR connector removed. It has the old-stye HiFiMAN screw-on connectors.    For $100 (labor and cable) + the cost of whatever hardware you want added, I'll reterminate the primary connector...
  15. willsw

    Fostex TH-X00 with Removable cable

    These are perfect portable headphones and great at home headphones, but at home I've downsized to speakers and vintage Stax, and circumstance has me looking to upgrade my IEMs instead of continuing to enjoy these.    The removable cable modification was done very professionally by Peterek and...
  16. willsw

    Wavelength Brick with Sigma 11 PSU

    I purchased this excellent NOS DAC as a V1 last June and sent it directly to Gordon Rankin at Wavelength (Wavelength could be considered Mr. Rankin's First Watt, except that the exceptional products of many technological variations he designs for many other companies don't carry his name, like...
  17. willsw

    Western Electric wire USB cable

    USB cable made with vintage Western Electric wire - 22awg for power and 24awg for signal. Made as an anachronistic joke. Looks fun. Fully functional. The Mapleshade school of audio cables.    $20 includes PP fees and shipping to CONUS.
  18. willsw

    Audeze EL-8 Open - lower price

    About 1.5 years old, Audeze EL-8 open back. They were used as a demo headphone for a couple of shows, though not very used, and then they were our tester headphones for a while, so they were plugged in, listened to for five minutes while we did amp checks, and put back, until I decided that they...
  19. willsw

    WTB: Stax Lambda Nova Signature

    Just got my energizer converted to accept both regular and pro bias and really want an LNS to join my SR-Lambda (whyyyy didn't I just buy that great one for sale recently). The guy who did the work on my energizer might also be able to do some restoration if your pair isn't in the best shape, so...
  20. willsw

    Ray Samuels Audio P-51 Mustang - lowered price

    I just bought this amp from a listing on here and used it about a week. It's a really great amp (got it to replace my Cayin C5 and the difference was immediately apparent), I just didn't do think enough about size, and for my desires it just won't work (I need something thin, not just small -...
  21. willsw

    Nuforce uDac2

    1. HRT Music Streamer II+ -$SOLD - The II+ is still one of HRT's leading DACs, better than the newer III. Cosmetically looks good, with a couple small, inevitable nicks at the edge, and one corner of the sticker on the bottom is a little wrinkled. Bought this as only the unit, I'll include the...
  22. willsw

    NuForce uDAC-2

    I found out recently that I have in my possession two of these (it's a long story; it's not that long, but it doesn't matter). This is the one that has been used much less and is superficially more attractive, though they are equally attractive in terms of function and neither have ever given me...
  23. willsw

    [WTB] ODAC with RCA outs, or possibly HRT MS

    Have been looking at DACs for weeks and am fairly certain that within the price range I'd like to pay the JDS Labs ODAC is the one I'd like to go for, but I'm in no rush and would rather take a used one off another head-fier's hands than buy a new one. I just need one with RCA outputs.   My...