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  1. AuroraProject

    Best iPhone 4 speaker dock?

    I wasn't sure where to put this, so I apologize if it's in the wrong forum.   I'm looking for a speaker dock for an iPhone 4 for my bedroom. My only requirements are good quality sound with some bass, and that it charges the phone. I don't need any other bells and whistles. Budget is $200...
  2. AuroraProject

    Looking for lod for iPhone 4

    I am looking to pick up a lod for my iPhone 4. It must have the stock Apple size dock connector, as I use a lot of different cases and some of them only fit the Apple dock connector. Any suggestions?
  3. AuroraProject

    WTB: line out adapter for 3g iPhone

    Looking for someone selling (or who can make) a line out dock adapter for a 3g iPhone. Pm me with details, thanks.
  4. AuroraProject

    Virgin Atlantic premium economy

    Anyone flown VA premium economy? I'm going to England for 2 weeks in October and I loathe flying coach. The price is reasonable, heck even their upper class price is ok. I usually go British Airlines, but I've been wanting to try Virgin for awhile.
  5. AuroraProject

    Buying a new tv, any input on it?

    I'm in the market for a tv for my bedroom. I have been out looking at many, and I think I have narrowed it down to one finally. I was originally set on a Panasonic plasma, but after watching some for a while I can't get past the picture noise and phosphor trails. So plasma is out. I have settled...
  6. AuroraProject

    Knight Rider

    Anyone else catch the new Knight Rider? I found it to be pretty bad myself. Terrible acting, horrible cgi, even a beautiful woman, cool car, and a guest appearance by The Hoff couldn't save this one!
  7. AuroraProject

    Help me id a song.

    Ok, I have this song stuck in my head, but I don't know who it's by. It's 70's I think, maybe Steely Dan. All I can tell you is at some point they say "no mo, no mo" and the song has a dark sound to it. I know it's not much to go on, but if you know what I'm talking about you'll be my hero!
  8. AuroraProject

    Color match screen to printer?

    I have a client who does photography and paintings and then sells inkjet prints at local crafts fairs and such. She is unhappy that the print color doesn't match the screen colors. I have tried setting the computer and printer to the same color profile (Adobe 1998) but that only got us closer...
  9. AuroraProject

    Google down?

    I don't think I've ever seen Google down, but right now I cannot get to it!
  10. AuroraProject

    Anyone following the Spector trial?

    Anyone else following the Phil Spector trial? I'm having a hard time with the judges comment yesterday, the jury is hung and the judge throws out the suggestion of a new manslaughter charge. That would mean new arguments, and more deliberation. I'm no lawyer, but wouldn't a new charge mean a...
  11. AuroraProject

    Track bandwidth usage through router?

    What are some good programs to track bandwidth through a router? I'm currently using Speed Meter Pro, and Network Magic but the numbers they come up with don't seem realistic. I just installed them maybe 4 hours ago, and it says the down traffic through the router is 2.53gb. I know I haven't...
  12. AuroraProject

    Recommend me a good Unix book.

    I want to learn Unix, so I'm looking for some good book recommendations. I want something that starts with the basics and gets fairly in depth, unless that requires 2 books, which is ok too. Give me some good ones! Thanks.
  13. AuroraProject

    Paramount drops BluRay, adopts HD-DVD

    The format war just got more interesting!
  14. AuroraProject

    R.I.P. Scott Russell

    This happened about a mile from my house. A sad day in the foothills.
  15. AuroraProject

    In game MGS4!

    Man, I'm definitely picking up a PS3!
  16. AuroraProject

    PS3 high def question

    I'm considering a PS3, just for the Blu Ray player (and the games I guess!). I recall there being some issue with the PS3 not supporting 720p for Blu Ray playback, and that it defaults to 1080i or 480p. Has this been rectified? Will it now play Blu Ray discs and output a 720p signal? (I have a...
  17. AuroraProject

    Isn't this kind of thing illegal or regulated?

    I received a credit card statement on Thursday the 12th, with a payment due date of Sunday the 15th. Even if I put the check in the mail the next day there is no way they would receive it and credit the account before the due date. This will now result in a late fee and a possible bad mark on my...
  18. AuroraProject

    Mac users, a question

    I made a movie on my MacBook Pro using iMovie, I then exported it as a 720p Quicktime movie. It plays fine on my Mac, but will not play on my Windows based computers. What am I doing wrong?
  19. AuroraProject

    Swiffer, I should have bought one years ago!

    Tonight I decided my place needed a good scrub. Being the bachelor that I am I weighed the pros and cons of hiring a maid to do it for me! Since that's not going to pan out I decided to try out the Swiffer line of products. I picked up the duster and the mop. After 30 minutes use I have to...
  20. AuroraProject

    Safari RSS feed question

    Using Safari I used to be able to drag an RSS feed into the bookmark bar and have it show a small arrow next to the bookmark name. If you hover (or click) on the arrow it would show all headlines from the RSS feed in a drop down menu. For some reason I can't seem to get this to work anymore, if...
  21. AuroraProject

    Time for a new car, what would you choose?

    It's time for me to get a new car. I have narrowed it down to two choices; the Mercedes Benz C280 4-matic sedan, or the BMW 328xi sedan. Both would be new 2007 models. I am doing a lease as I do limited driving, it lets me drive a pricier car for a reasonable monthly payment, it'll still be in...
  22. AuroraProject


    edb bought my Gilmore Lite and power supply. Great communication and fast payment. A pleasure to deal with, thanks!
  23. AuroraProject

    I'm so tired of California.

    It's getting ridiculous here, now the mayor of San Francisco wants to ban bottled water! I have no problems with that, just make tap water taste like bottled and we're all set, oh wait, that'll never happen. I anticipate California will try to ban alcohol within the next 5 years. I...
  24. AuroraProject

    How do people let it get this bad?

    I am working on what has quickly become the worst system I've seen so far. Looking at the picture note two items, the number of infections, and the length of time it's been scanning (and it's still not done!). How do people not notice the degradation of the system over time? This box takes...
  25. AuroraProject

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD-650 w/ Zu Mobius

    I rarely use my home system anymore, and I just sold my amp, so these have to go. Up for sale is a set of Sennheiser HD-650 headphones with a 2.5 meter Zu Mobius cable terminated in a 1/4" plug. Comes with the original Sennheiser case/box, original cable, 1/4" adapter, and a free banana stand...