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  1. mixoman

    Best sub $75 earbuds?

    I'm looking to get some decent ear buds.....I'm tired of my cheap $20 skullcandy ear buds.....What do you head-fiers recommend? 
  2. mixoman

    Suggestion for in ear monitors/microphone?

    I have been given the task of finding a in ear monitor/microphone (if possible) for my pastor at our church. I know NOTHING about these things and was wondering if you could point me to some good places to fine more information on this topic? If you could suggest equipment that would be great...
  3. mixoman

    Best sub $50 computer sound card? or DAC

    So i have had my AKG MK 271 II headphones for about 3months now and i absolutely love these things. They are absolutely amazing and just pure awesome. But i know i am not using them to their full potential using my computers on board sound....So i decided i would budget out about $50,.....maybe...
  4. mixoman

    Best monitor/mixing/music headphones for under $150

    Before anyone says "there are lots of post just like this" i want to say the reason i am asking is because no one comes up with a final answer people are pretty much just listing off headphones. And with my limited knowledge of such things its hard for me to make a decision because i dont know...