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  1. turnstyle

    Time to replace my 20+ year old Headphones (HD 25 SP) -- reality check?

    Hi all,   I've had a pair of Sennheiser HD 25 SP headphones for 20-25 years (!) -- but these good old boys are finally nearing the end of the line.   These days I mostly use them with a keyboard setup I have at home. I also hope my kid will use them when she plays our home setup.  ...
  2. turnstyle

    Clicking sounds via a USB DAC?

    Hi all, I'm using a Thinkpad to an iBasso D4 (via USB) and then on to a pair of Westone UM3X IEMs. I've mostly running Rhapsody on the Thinkpad. I've noticed that I sometimes hear a clicking noise when listening to music via the USB DAC, but not via the phone out. I don't believe the...
  3. turnstyle

    Sansa Clip+ with Westone UM3x -- are you using EQ?

    For anybody running a Sansa Clip+ (presumably same applies to other SanDisk players) into a Westone UM3x -- just curious to know what (if any) EQ settings you're using on the Clip+?
  4. turnstyle

    Good way to get a varietey of tips?

    Hi all, is there a simple/sensible way to get a wide variety of IEM tips -- ideally from different manufacturers -- so that I can figure out which ones work best for me? How/where do you get your tips?
  5. turnstyle

    Ignore SQ: which high-end universal IEMs perform best?

    Yes, perhaps a weird question (but this is the place to ask!)... Ignoring SQ/signature preferences -- which high-end universal IEMs perform best on areas such as: 1. Comfort 2. Low cable microphonics 3. Low susceptibility to wind noise Many conversations here tend to be about...