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  1. Loonatik

    Sennheiser HD800

    Selling the HD800'S i impulse bought a few weeks ago for my 21st birthday. They were the only high end headphone I havent gotten a chance to listen to, so I really wanted to give them a try but they don't get along with my poorly mastered japanese music, and I listen to that 90% of the time. ...
  2. Loonatik

    Shure se846

  3. Loonatik

    Burson Soloist

    Hi everyone, going to be selling my burson soloist I had paired with my fostex th 900's for a few months, the synergy is great, but I recently upgraded my speakers and they needed a different amp. I'm using the speakers more often now and the new amp (peachtree decco65) also has a headphone out...
  4. Loonatik

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    Thank you. It said on the slip to make the check out to sender and not UPS so I just wanted to be sure, but that part probably means If it were actually a C.O.D charge, and not a customs charge. Thanks for answering.   Also ups person that delivered today must be a ninja, there were 4...
  5. Loonatik

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

            Ahh I see, when I imported my monitor from korea, I got the customs fee in the mail a few weeks later so I was concerned. So do I make the check out to ups or noble? I'm not going to be here for the delivery so I have to leave the check with my brother. Thanks guys! 
  6. Loonatik

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    I got the ups slip for my k10's so I have to wait untill tomorrow :(, for some reason i'm supposed to write a check to the sender for $42.81 though. Did anyone else have this? I don't mind paying it but why am I being C.O.D for 42.81? I assumed it was a customs fee at first, but it says to make...
  7. Loonatik


    m50x's will probably sound better overall, but with razer software the razer ones might sound better for games if you're a gamer. Impedence on both of these headphones are low (38ohms ath, 32 razer), and both should run fine on your phone. I've had the m50x's before and they weren't heavy at...
  8. Loonatik

    Audio technica m50x

    Pictures up, no scuffs no defects, they still look and sound brand new. 
  9. Loonatik

    Audio technica m50x

    Selling my m50x's that I bought 1-2 months ago on amazon. This is the newer version with detachable cables(straight 1/8'', coiled 1/4'', short straight 1/8''). Comes with all accessories , original box and is pretty much in new condition, I've worn them to school about twice. Selling them...
  10. Loonatik

    Audio Technica ATH - W1000X

    Sold, and to a headfier surprisingly! 
  11. Loonatik

    The Official JRPG Thread (aka Japanese Role Playing Games)

    Whats up guys, anyone play any of the Disgaea series? Defenitely one of  favorites, haven't gotten a chance to play the newest one yet but I really enjoyed 1,3 and 4, still playing 2 lol. Also picked up persona 4 golden a few months ago and it'll probbably be one of my all time favorites, next...
  12. Loonatik

    Audio Technica ATH - W1000X

    Not interested in any of those, sorry!
  13. Loonatik

    Audio Technica ATH - W1000X

    Possibly, but probably not unless you have AD2000x's. Feel free to PM me what you have to trade. Thanks.
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  16. Loonatik

    Non-audiophile reactions to high-end headphones Part II

    Most of my friends say they can't hear the difference between my t1's going into my schiit valhalla/bitfrost uber and their apple earbuds. I have however gotten a few of them to pick up some decent ~200$ headphones from listening to my setup. One friend in particular though who only uses apple...
  17. Loonatik

    Post your computer specs!~

    Case; Corsiar 750d Mobo: Asus maximus V Rampage  CPU: i7 3770k @ 4.6 with a corsair h110  RAM: 16GB Gskill ddr3 @ 1866 Graphics: 2x 4gb MSI 680's in SLI  Storage: 256gb ssd, 2TB SSHD  PSU: Corsair 860i Keyboard: Corsair k70 Mouse: Corsair m40 Monitors: 27' LG 1080p ips, 27' korean using...
  18. Loonatik

    Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

        Thanks for the replies. I don't mind going solid state, but i like the warmth the tubes provide to the mids alot. I've been looking into the burson soloist what do you think of yours with the th900s compared to the lyr/mjolnir? I'd rather not have to recable them for the mjolnir though...
  19. Loonatik

    Fostex TH900 , Hifiman HM901

    You interested in some like new t1's and cash for the th900s?
  20. Loonatik

    Looking to buy Audio Technica ath ad1000x's...

    I've bought from Japanese sellers on ebay plenty of times but not for headphones. They're usually really nice and helpful so if the price is reasonable and they have a good amount of feedback I'd say go for it. There shouldn't be a problem with shipping you can message them and ask what shipping...
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