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  1. sjones

    LTB amp for HD 600

    I've been considering for a while upgrading to the Burson Soloist SL from my current Little Dot III and NAD 320 BEE. I am using Sennheiser HD600 headphones with Cardas cable.    I would like to know if this upgrade would improve sound quality. The Burson is my choice because it is within my...
  2. sjones

    RE0 duty charges

    I bought my RE0s and had them for two months. I received a letter this week from the courier company that delivered the RE0s from China, and they are asking for $17 in customs brokerage fee. Is it normal to be charged this much? If I had known about the customs fee I probably wouldn't have...
  3. sjones

    Who has found Headphone Nirvana?

    Has anyone here come to that point where they no longer feel they need to upgrade or find something they feel is ultimately better than what they currently have? That they have accepted their current heaphone as what it is, maybe not the best sonically or have the most accuracy, costs a fortune...
  4. sjones

    Upgrade from Sr60 to Sr225

    I'm looking to upgrade from my Grado Sr60 and was wondering if the Sr225 would be a good upgrade choice. I really like the Grado sound, the clarity, openess, detail, highs, etc.. I listen to almost every type of music, but my main choices are instrumental, classical, and rock. I don't need a lot...