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  1. sjones

    Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

    Anyone with a ZMF Auteur like to opine on which cable is preferred. On the website, there's only the Silvergarde S4, S3-C, and Drausk Lite. Is there an advantage from moving up from the Drausk to the S3-C or from S3-C to S4? I currently am using the ZMF OFC cable. I thought that was clearly...
  2. sjones

    ZMF Auteur Thread

    I may decide to screw back the filter since it offers more protection of the drivers. I thought it was a bit darker than I like initially, but whether through burn in, getting used to the sound, or removing the Bopp filter, it’s more acceptable now. From what I gather there are Bopp filter...
  3. sjones

    ZMF Auteur Thread

    I recently got my Auteurs. Still less than 100 hours of burn in. Some things I note. Burn in has improved the sound. Less mud, more cohesive overall sound. Was dark initially, but sound isn't so dark now. The sound was veiled at first. Then I took out the Bopp metal filter, and this helped...
  4. sjones

    Fostex TH600 Dynamic Headphones

    I received my TH600 today and here are my first impressions. I have the Sennheiser HD600 as a comparison.   Build  Pros - Good quality materials. I like the cloth cable. It's a good length. The plug seems high quality and durable.  - The look is modern, and understated. The all black is...
  5. sjones

    Does anyone have experience with the Kef LS50?

    Just purchased these speakers recently, and had several days to listen. The Kef LS50 are hooked to a NAD 320 BEE integrated amp. Music source is MacBook Air -> iTunes -> AMarra, -> Gungnir DAC using USB. I have a HSU STF-1 sub as well, and I spent half the time listening to the speakers without...
  6. sjones

    Burson Soloist with HD600?

    I'm curious, but what source are you using with your setup Matsuda?
  7. sjones

    HD600 Question : Why the Cardas cable?

    I know this is an old thread, but I dug it up to share my opinion and hope it helps others evaluate whether they need the Cardas cable. Recently, I got the Cardas cable for my HD600. I didn't think I would hear much of a difference, but I actually do, and it was a positive difference too.  ...
  8. sjones

    Mac OS X Music Players - alternatives to iTunes

    I am having a difficult time deciding on which player I want to purchase. I am mostly basing my decision on sound quality, but I have to be practical and factor in price as well. Currently I have trials of the following: Amara 2.4, Pure Music, Audirvana Plus, and Amara HiFi. I also bought...
  9. sjones

    HD600 and DAC/AMP WTB

    I am actually leaning towards a standalone DAC rather than a headphone amp like the Asgard. I was wondering if the ODAC or Music Streamer II is as good as the Bitfrost or comes close to it?
  10. sjones

    HD600 and DAC/AMP WTB

    Thanks for the suggestion about the HRT Music Streamer. I will look it up.
  11. sjones

    HD600 and DAC/AMP WTB

    Having recently purchased the HD600 as an upgrade from the HD595, I want to get the most out of the HD600 on a soft budget limit of $400. According to my tastes in music (mostly classical, pop, jazz and instrumental) I find the HD600 clearly superior in all facets over the HD595, so I am happy...
  12. sjones

    Sansa Fuze Or Sansa Clip+

    I actually prefer the Sansa Clip+'s sound over the Sansa Fuse. I like the Clip+'s fuller and warmer sound. The Fuse is a bit thinner and more analytical but doesn't mean it has more detail. It is the same. The sound difference between the two are very very small. Some might not hear the...
  13. sjones

    Which Portable Player?

    I'd recommend either the Sansa Fuze or Clip+. They are good cheap choices, but the sound is pretty good regardless.
  14. sjones

    Why Rockbox A Sansa Clip+?

    Several advantages...   1) Better bookmarking feature. You can manage a list of bookmarks especially if you are listening to more than one audiobook or podcast at a time. 2) Faster startup. No need to wait two minutes refresh your library each time you take out your micro SDHC card. 3)...
  15. sjones

    Koss KSC75: First Impressions

    I really like the KSC75 and I bought another when I found out how much I enjoyed listening to them. I had my first KSC75 fail after it lost sound in the left side. I found out that the copper strands inside the left side wire separated at the plug hence no signal. Make sure you treat the wires...
  16. sjones

    [REVIEW] Sunrise Xcape v2 and Xcited

    Thanks for the review ClieOS. Your assessment of the sound of the V2 is spot on.
  17. sjones

    New: Sunrise Sw-Xcape Ver 2

    Yes the bi-flanges make the sound much different. It's less bassy, and more lighter. However, I find the bi-flanges fall out of my ear easier, and they are more difficult to have a proper seal.   Quote:  
  18. sjones

    Are the Sunrise Audio Sw-Xcape Version 2's still better than the RE0s?

    I have the SW-Xcape V2 and the RE0s. I use the SW-Xcapes more often than the RE0s. I like clear and analytical sound, but I can say that I enjoy listening to the SW-Xcapes more often than the RE0s. This is because the RE0s sound thin, cold, and lacking in bass weight and body when compared with...
  19. sjones

    Etymotic HF-5 Vs. Ultimate Ear UE-18 Pro

    There's also another phrase that applies "be thankful for what you have..." Sometimes head-fiers can get too caught up in the hobby. Remember to cherish what you currently have, and not think too much about what you're not getting with what you currently have. This allows you to enjoy what you...
  20. sjones

    New: Sunrise Sw-Xcape Ver 2

    Some pictures to show the diffference between Xcape V2 and RE0s. The cable while it doesn't appear much thinner than the RE0s, it feels softer and less sturdy. This gives the impression it is weaker. Both IEMs appear like they are from the same family.   The size of the IEMs are almost...
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  24. sjones

    New: Sunrise Sw-Xcape Ver 2

    I received the Sunrise Xcape V2 last week after deciding I wanted a backup just in case my RE0 break again. I didn't like that the cables are thinner on the Xcape V2 than my RE0s. Also I don't like the lack of cable relief on the plug. Surprisingly there doesn't appear to be a cable cinch above...
  25. sjones

    RE0 Dissapointment

    I also had the initial disapointment at first. The sound was kinda flat (as in lack of depth). I felt there was too much hype and it didn't sound good right out of the box. Then I allowed the RE0 to burn and the sound improved. More depth, better separation, and roundness to the sound, which...