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  1. Modhouse Argon

    Looking for a used Modhouse Argon mk2 or mk3
  2. Ollie the bear

    Audeze Euclid Closed-Back Planar IEM

    It will tell me the frequency response, which is better than nothing. I cannot demo it so all I can do is look at the graph or read other people’s opinions. Let me know if you need to know how the graph thing works
  3. Ollie the bear

    Audiologist in Boaton

    Hi folks. Could you recommend a good place in Boston area where I can get good impressions taken for custom iems. Not sure if anyone does the digital ones
  4. Ollie the bear

    Reply to review by 'Ollie the bear' on item 'Sony MDR EX1000'

    Very good review! I love mine and agree with your assessment. I think single DD are making comeback these days.
  5. Ollie the bear

    TFZ No3 Ti (metal version)

    It’s a great sounding IEM for a great price. Surprised that there’s little interest about it. I’m cleaning up my collection and already sold a bunch of other ones
  6. Ollie the bear

    *Sold* Thor Mjölnir

    Yes, it is
  7. Ollie the bear

    The Reference 6J5 Thread (L63, 6C5, 12J5, 6P5, etc.)

    Hi folks, I’m very new to tubes. Would you recommend me a good source to buy a pair of GEC L63 please.
  8. Ollie the bear

    TFZ No3 Ti (metal version)

    Price drop. Where the bassheads at?
  9. Ollie the bear

    [SOLD]Focal Elex

    Hi folks, selling my Elex which is in great condition with original packaging and cables. Also have an extra 10’ cable with it which I will include in the package. DM me for photos
  10. Ollie the bear

    ThieAudio Legacy 9

    I can compare tonight, but just from memory - L9 bass has more authority, especially sub bass. There’s also more sparkle in the treble. L9 feels slightly more V shaped. To my ears L9 is a step up in all departments from the Blon 03
  11. Ollie the bear

    E1DA DACs Discussion Thread (PDV2, 9038S, 9038D, 9038X, HiFiToy, HPToy)

    Thank you for the fast reply. Which Discord do I join for that?
  12. Ollie the bear

    E1DA DACs Discussion Thread (PDV2, 9038S, 9038D, 9038X, HiFiToy, HPToy)

    Hello guys, I just discovered this thread. I’m very interested the Power dac because of the PEQ on the app. Has anyone discovered any DIY cable mods that will allow me to use this unit as a DAC for my non-balanced amp AUNE x7s? Thank you!