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  1. Bojamijams

    Looking for TV Bookshelf speakers that have Optical Input and IR Control

    I have room for a 2.0/2.1 system so I'd like to go that route instead of a sound bar, but I'm having trouble finding a good set that has optical in (TOSLINK) AND IR control (so that I can use my TV's universal remote to control volume)   Looking to keep it around 200USD   Any suggestions?  I...
  2. Bojamijams

    Anyone have news on the new ROG Motherboard sound implementation?

    They're using an ESS 9023P with an RC4580 Amp.  I'm wondering if anyone has the output impedance measurements and any curves on this setup? 
  3. Bojamijams

    RARE! Beyer|Dynamic DT-880 600ohm Premium WITH J$ Leather Pads

    In case you don't know the story behind the J$ pads read here   DavidMahler has already rated these as an A+...
  4. Bojamijams

    audio-GD DI-DSP+PSU with both clocks upgraded

    Selling my beloved master USB to COAX interface and its PSU.  I have a kid on the way and the more luxurious things need to be let go to fund this other adventure.    There is nothing wrong with it, no defects of any kind.  Both the v1.0 and v1.1 USB drivers worked on both my PC and MAC...
  5. Bojamijams

    Anedio D1 w/ remote

    Selling my beloved master source + preamp.  I have a kid on the way and the more luxurious things need to be let go to fund this other adventure.    There is nothing wrong with it, you know the legend this thing is; its only blemish is on the top right (see pic) which obviously doesn't...
  6. Bojamijams

    ODAC/O2 Combo for 115V.

    Preferably in Canada.   Please PST with gain settings and price with shipping. Will require pics and reason for selling. Thanks for looking.
  7. Bojamijams

    What would be the best bang-for-buck, 6port power conditioner?

    Where I plan on setting up my listening area, there is a dimmer on the same circuit, so I'm looking at a power conditioner to make sure my gear has a nice clean power signal.   But I know nothing about who is a good brand . I would need about 5-6 ports and would not like to spend more then...
  8. Bojamijams

    KICAS Caliente Black - Canada

    For sale is my trusty and wonderful KICAS Caliente.  KICAS no longer makes amps but when they did these were sold for $399USD.   I have since switched over to IEM's as my main source of headphone listening, for which I use my Anedio D1 and no longer have a use for this beauty.  Thus, there's...
  9. Bojamijams

    Looking for an adjustable shoulder mount for smartphones. Does it exist? Can we make one if it doesn't?

    What I'm looking for, is something that will let me hold a mobile phone solidly (like a tripod) but that I can attach to my shoulder/thigh so that it can record things 'hands free'.   Similar to the Joby GorillaMobile (in that it is flexible and can be adjusted to any position)...
  10. Bojamijams

    24bit 96khz Kingston Class 4 failure

    Running the 0.19beta (latest I think) firmware.  Tried to play my first ever 24bit 96khz and nothing happens.  Stays at 00:00:00.  If I leave it alone for 10 seconds, it completely freezes and battery removal is required.   Has anyone played 24bit 96khz successfully? If so, what SD card and...
  11. Bojamijams

    Matrix M-Stage or KICAS Caliente for DT880/600 ohm?

    From reading around, both of these would seem to be good matches but I'm curious which one actually is better if anyone was lucky enough to hear both of them.  I also can't find the P-P voltage swing specifications on either of these headphone amps so I can't even tell which one is more...
  12. Bojamijams

    Is Hifiman 801 Firmware support over with

    Is v19 beta the last version we're gonna get? I'm asking because its been months now since that release, there's still bugs and features missing (gapless) and the only reason I come to head-fi anymore is to check to see if there's a new firmware.  So if there isn't going to be, can you let your...
  13. Bojamijams

    5.1 Low-profile soundcard on the STX/ST level?

    I'm looking to built an HTPC and want a soundcard for my Z-5500 that'll have 5.1 and be up to par with the Z-5500 (basically to allow them to perform at their best, as weak as they may be)...   The ST+H6 is just too much money (and doesn't have a low profile option) so I'm wondering what...
  14. Bojamijams

    Hifiman 801 v19 firmware breaks DAC function

    I've been able to switch the player to DAC mode through COAX-IN and use it fine before v19 firmware. However since then, it just boots into normal player mode.  I can see the logo of a DAC mode showing up for 0.1 seconds then immediatelly the menu of the player overrides it.  Its not cosmetic...
  15. Bojamijams

    Is my "intro to vinyl" plan any good?

    Pioneer PL-990 TT and a Shure M97XE Cartridge   I don't want to get a used TT because I want something new, with warranty, that works and will work in the foreseeable future.  Also the PL-990 seems to have a pre-amp that'll output an RCA connection which will make it very easy to hook it up...
  16. Bojamijams

    Exodus - Exhibit B: The Human Condition

    Go buy this album .. now.. NOW.. buy two copies... this is like megadeth's and slayer's new album combined and 10x better.. I can't say enough good things about it... bonded by wha? this is going to be their best release to date I think.
  17. Bojamijams

    My explanation for the burn-in phenomenon. Have a look.

    I know, you probably rolled your eyes right? Lets get some facts right off the bat before I delve into it a bit deeper. I don't believe in solid state burn-in. I don't believe in IEM burn-in (be it dynamic or BA) and as for regular headphones, think that the first hour is enough for any type...
  18. Bojamijams

    Cheapest way to convert optical to coaxial?

    Just got my hifiman801 and am looking to use it as an external dac. I have a female coaxial to male mini (hifiman only takes in mini s/pdif) so I need something to go out from my STX's optical and output a coaxial with a male connector on the end
  19. Bojamijams

    Release date for Hifiman-801 high-end amp module?

    Hi Fang, I'm curious if you have a release date in mind for when you plan on releasing the high end gang-qi bay for the 801?
  20. Bojamijams

    FS: Mint ESW10JPN + HPP5 CASE

    Up for sale is my favorite pair of cans ever, portable or not. These should need little introduction, so if you don't know about them, do a search and see why they're so highly regarded. However, the JH-13 does trump it and I find I'd rather have the money then a pretty headphone to decorate my...
  21. Bojamijams

    The Case Against Apple

    The Case Against Apple–in Five Parts « The Jason Calacanis Weblog Great read on why Apple is already the Microsoft of yester-year and why so many people, including me, hate them.
  22. Bojamijams

    The $1,000,000 speaker

    So yes, you would need to spend TWO million to be able to enjoy these in stereo Ne Plus Ultra
  23. Bojamijams

    Is Head-Fi Slow/bugged for anyone else lately?

    Most of the time (not all) when I try to post, it actually takes a very long for the page to update and when it does (almost a minute after I hit Submit) it'll come back with a message saying I must wait at least 30 seconds before I can post again .. so its trying to post twice.. for some reason...
  24. Bojamijams

    Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

    Does anyone have this phone yet? I'm very curious as to how its music playback capabilities are The fact it has a DNSe engine gives me hope it could sound very great and ability to have up to 48GB of storage is very tasty! Please post whatever experience you have with it
  25. Bojamijams


    Sold my M^3/S11 combo to him and found him very courteous and pleasant to deal with. Very recommended!