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  1. Young Spade

    Retina iPad Air 1st Gen

    Up for sale is a Retina iPad Air. 1st generation, 16 gb of storage.    Build   Screen (The part that matters): Perfect. Not a scratch on it.  Back: Some very slight scuffing on the metal and one small microscopic ding in the bottom left. Can't feel when using and you won't know it's there. ...
  2. Young Spade

    FS: Retina iPad Mini (First Gen Retina)

    Up for sale is an iPad Mini. This is the first retina version that was released. Amazing screen, extremely light, and you can use the Lighting out port to make this a very powerful, lightweight DAC with a great UI.    I'm thinking of 140 with free shipping to the continental US; it does not...
  3. Young Spade

    JDS Labs C5 (and other things!)

    Ibasso DX50. Mint condition aside from small scuffing on the back, removable battery cover. Other than that, the unit is in great condition.    I was thinking of letting that go for 140.    I also plan on selling a JDS Labs C5 amplifier. Again, near mint condition AND it would come with a...
  4. Young Spade

    iBasso DX50 (And other things!)

    Ibasso DX50. Mint condition aside from small scuffing on the back, removable battery cover. Other than that, the unit is in great condition.    I was thinking of letting that go for 130.    I also plan on selling a JDS Labs C5 amplifier. Again, near mint condition AND it would come with a...
  5. Young Spade

    Audio Technica ES10

    Up for sale is a pair of near-mint condition Audio Technica ES 10's. These have about 20 hours of TOTAL use on them.    Amazing headphones but I'm making the move to IEM's as I do most of my listening away from my desk.    Sound great straight from the headphone jack of my MBP and even...
  6. Young Spade

    Acer C720 Chromebook. 4gb RAM

    Up for sale is a near-mint Acer C720. This is the Haswell 2995U version. The chromebook regularly gets 7 hours of use with blazing fast speeds. In loading heavy pages like Engadget and The Verge, it lags only 1 second behind my i5 MacBook Pro.    Great laptop but it really doesn't get the use...
  7. Young Spade

    FS Mint Cond. iPhone ATT 32gb 4S UNLOCKED

    Up for sale is a mint condition iPhone 4S   The phone is ~6 months old. Never dropped. Never exposed to elements. I hardly use it and received this one as a new warranty 6 months ago.    Comes with the box and everything included with the phone, including the new iPhone earbuds (ear pods). ...
  8. Young Spade

    HP w1907 19 inch Monitor (Near mint condition)

    What I have for sale is a mint condition, 19 inch, 1440 by 900 resolution LCD monitor by HP. The unit has never given me any problems. Has excellent color reproduction, and only 5 ms of response time. This is the official monitor used by Major League Gaming at all of their events...
  9. Young Spade

    4 25 Foot Ethernet Cables

    I have for 25 foot ethernet cables. I'm selling them for 8 shipped each.   All are in perfect condition; no fraying or extreme twisting of cable. No broken prongs either.    PM me if you're interested. 
  10. Young Spade

    Asus Netbook

    What I have is a 2 year old, perfect working condition Asus Netbook. Specs: 1 gig RAM 144gb HDD 10.1 inch screen Built in webcam 3 USB 2.0 ports 1 VGA out port 1 SD card reader High resolution, 1366 by 768 pixel density   As you can see from the pictures, the netbook gets...
  11. Young Spade

    FS Great condition UM3X (origional) [Price Drop]

    I have a second hand UM3X for sale. I have had these for the second time; this time only 3 or so weeks. I love the phones, nothing wrong with them, I just don't have time to listen to music like I would like anymore, so I'm letting them go to someone who would give them the love they deserve...
  12. Young Spade

    FT: Shure SE 535 (clear) for Westone UM3X (or other if possible)

    I originally had these for sale, but I think I'm going to change it up a bit; because these are the only headphones I have; I don't think it would be too smart to sell them if I don't immediately have the funds for my next purchase.   I'm thinking of trading these for Some UM3Xs, removable...
  13. Young Spade

    Nano 6G

    So I got the new iPod nano today and I must say, it is a very good player. I think this actually might be the best apple player I have ever heard. it has a very neutral sound compared to the others. Right now I only have this and the iPad to compare and I definitely like the nano a lot more in...
  14. Young Spade

    Custom cable for SE535?

    Hey so the 535s have been out for a while now and I was wondering if anyone has put out any custom cables for the IEMs? Or if anyone here knows of a person that can make one. Thanks in advance.
  15. Young Spade

    Shure SE535 + Samsung Captivate

    It's very late but I'm just letting you guys know that a review is coming. I sold my desktop setup for this (K702, PB1 Toucan, (T51) ) and from this afternoon and night of listening, I am happy that I did. 
  16. Young Spade

    Best place to by SE535s?

    I'm thinking about buying some. I know I can order from the Shure site but I was wondering if there was another place that offered quick shipping at a lower price?   Thanks in advance. 
  17. Young Spade

    Help me out; Top Tier IEM :)

    Hopefully when I sell my stuff I'll have enough for a top tier IEM. Which would you pick and why? I already know the signatures and details about the three but I want to know what you guy's preferences are. Right now I'm leaning toward the Sm3 as it seems to be the best overall but I know a lot...
  18. Young Spade

    FS Archos 7 Home Tablet (Price Drop) or FT for IEMs

    Mint condition home tablet.  8 GB Installed custom firmware (rooted) It's running Android 1.5 I can keep what I have on it or wipe all apps I downloaded. 7 inch screen, plays HD videos.  Excellent battery life, I can watch at least 3 full movies without worrying about it dying on me...
  19. Young Spade

    FS Sansa Clip

    I'm asking 30 shipped for the player. 4 gigs, perfect condition. 
  20. Young Spade

    FS Logitech Z Cinema Speaker System

    Here is a link to it on amazon As you can see it goes for a little under 300, I'm willing to sell it for 150 without shipping.   I have had it for... about 5 months now but I don't use it anymore because...
  21. Young Spade

    FS 3 Separate Computer Monitors (Flatscreen) (EDIT: Must go tomorrow; super price drop)

    Here are some pics. Just pm me if you're interested and I can get a price with shipping made up for you. I'm looking to get rid of these things asap as I don't have room in my dorm.   EDIT: I'm mving out tomorrow so these HAVE to go. I'm dropping the price to 45 each with cheap shipping...
  22. Young Spade

    Kanye West. Discuss

    And here we go :) Kanye West's music is just.... amazing? I'm listening to all of his music right now in FLAC on my setup and I'm loving every minute of it.    I think it's the seamless integration of the beats along with the vocals of each song. Just so... perfect.
  23. Young Spade

    FS: AKG K702 Blue Dragon Cable

    5 foot terminated with a 1/4th I'm also including a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter that was made by Moon-Audio for the Blue Dragon   Asking price for both is 150 shipped.  
  24. Young Spade

    If you had to trade your cans in for another with a completely different sound sig, what would you get?

    When I mean trade i mean dollar for dollar what you got, think of it as a complete refund. You also get the money back for any custom cables or any mods you did that would be worth money if done for someone else/sold/etc.   The can you get would have to have a different sound sig, IE: Senn...
  25. Young Spade

    What's your view on custom headphone cables?

    Personally I like them and I buy them. I wish they were cheaper (well I wish everything was cheaper lol) but I will continue to buy them. Your thoughts?