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  1. joneeboi

    Carrie Amp v3

    A guy takes a year and half hiatus and you go ahead and change everything on him? :D Presenting the Carrie Amp v3.     Yes, I'm back, and I've been silently toiling away on a new design for the past few weeks. Wow, it's great to see so many new and exciting projects here on head-fi; the...
  2. joneeboi

    Help: Amp clipping at low volumes

    See the post I made here about my Carrie amp. To quickly summarize, it's my attempt at designing a USB-powered amp that pairs with the BantamDAC. It's based off the Mini^3 amp but with a few differences. There's a different power supply, more power rail decoupling and a second plane among...
  3. joneeboi

    IC: Calgary, Alberta

    Who likes to rock the party? It's been a while since we had a head-fi get-together in Alberta, so let's try this again. I'm based in Calgary until the end of the summer, so that's my bias for this meet. We've already had a few in Edmonton, but we haven't had one in Calgary yet to my...
  4. joneeboi

    iPod/iPhone LOD Internals Gallery

    I know this is already quite similar to the DIY Cable Gallery thread, but this one will differ in that it shows the internals and wiring of your iPod/iPhone line out docks. We all build them differently, so if you feel so inclined, share an image of how you wired up your LOD. I feel we can all...
  5. joneeboi

    Static shocks in my ear

    Please consider shielding your cables. I have had my PK3s for almost a month now, and it constantly delivers static shocks to my ears. The static travels up the cable, clips the music and gives me sharp prickly pokes in my ears. I don't have to wear particularly static-prone and it will still...
  6. joneeboi

    Carrie USB-Powered Headphone Amplifier

    Greetings DIY subforum, I am interested in designing a USB-powered headphone amplifier that fits with tooleAudio's BantamDAC in a Hammond Mfg. 1455C80x case. I have had this idea in my head for maybe a year, but flying solo, I haven't been able to get very far. My interest was tickled by rds'...
  7. joneeboi

    Any real competitors to the iPod anymore?

    I had a discussion with my brother not too long ago, and he asked me an interesting question: "What actual competitors are still around for the iPod?" He hearkened back to the days when the Creative Zen Vision:M, Zune 1G and iPod video were going at it, but now it just seems like the iPod has...
  8. joneeboi

    OPA627/637 in stock at Digikey?

    Is it just me, or are there almost 2000 OPA627APs and 800 OPA637APs waiting at Digikey to be gobbled up? And for those already in the know, I apologize, but we've all been waiting for this and I figured we all should have a chance at them.
  9. joneeboi

    KSC75 Headband

    I want to get a headband for my KSC75s. I love them to death for their sound, price, and resistance to being thrown around, but my ears are hurting like crazy. They've since replaced my Shure E4s as the studying headphones because of comfort, but man, my ears get mighty sore from a long day's...
  10. joneeboi

    FS: Grado Modders - Bits of Dynamat for Driver modding

    The high-end Grado models all have this sticky tack glue on the back of their drivers. If you want to mod your Grados to achieve a similar sound, grab a bit of this glue. It's very sturdy, sticky, and durable. Info Dynamat...
  11. joneeboi

    Euro-headfiers: Please help me find this H&M beret!

    Hi head-fi, This past summer, the family went to Europe for two weeks. We stopped by this particular H&M in Belgium and my brother and I saw the greatest beret ever. I don't know what city it was, but it was in a shopping complex with a Carre-four (how specific). At any rate, we didn't get it...
  12. joneeboi

    XP or Vista Basic or Vista Business for fast operation of basic functions

    Greetings, Should I switch from Vista Basic to XP Pro [or Vista Business]? I have a Toshiba Satellite A100 (bottom of the barrel) and I am within reach of Windows XP Professional 32-bit [and Vista Business] through school. I mainly use my computer for the internet and storing notes. I just...
  13. joneeboi

    The Apple diyMod: My Take on the Famous iMod [56k killer] Featuring 3G, 4G, 5G and nano 1G!

    As many of you are aware of the iMod, I won't bore you with the details. Some of you may be aware that there are DIY "iMods" scattered throughout the world, and RedWineAudio is not the only to provide the world with the sonic beauty of the Wolfson Micro WM8975 CODEC. The details I will bore you...
  14. joneeboi

    IC: beyerdynamic DT770 headbands for Canadians

    I am going to be ordering a couple headbands, one for my SR60s and maybe two more for who-knows-what. It has been quite a painful process of getting in touch with the right people to make this happen, so I wanted to see if anyone else wanted to get in on the action. Headbands go for about...
  15. joneeboi

    Edmonton Meet #3 Oct. 27, 07 impressions

    Post your impressions here. I know some of you aren't that busy (*cough* devin), so go crazy. I'm waiting until I upload my pictures.
  16. joneeboi


    We're looking for some new microphones at my church for worship that are younger than 20 years old, so they're mostly for vocal purposes. I know the dynamic Shure SM57/58 are highly touted for just about everything, but I'm told the 57 needs a preamp (how do those even work?). Either way I don't...
  17. joneeboi

    $1 Million If You Can Prove $7K Cables Are Better

    Link to Gizmodo You guys can win the prize and contribute to head-fi.
  18. joneeboi


    I bought some records from Patrick. They were very well-packaged and shipped pretty quickly. Highly recommended.
  19. joneeboi

    IC: Alberta, Canada - Oct. 27, 07

    Anyone interested in meeting up at an Alberta-wide meet? Edmonton Meet #3 Date: October 27, 2007 Location: University of Alberta, Students' Union Building, Room 420, 424 8900 114 Street T6G 2J7 Map of University (PDF) Contact: Jon at (78.0) 47.2-88.79 Time: 5pm to 8pm Price...
  20. joneeboi

    Russ sent me some sil pads for my BJT Millet Hybrid MAX. He offered to send them to me at not cost (what a generous guy), so now I'm going to install them right now. Would not hesitate to do business with him again.
  21. joneeboi

    Boutique Capacitors - Where to buy?

    I'm wondering if there is a thread that lists the different vendors that offer all our favourite boutique caps. I tried searching for it but didn't come up with much. If someone could direct me to a list, that'd be great. If such a thread does not exist, I would like to start one. Thing is, I...
  22. joneeboi

    Good DIY Mid-Summer Reading List

    I have a problem. I never seem to be able to get off the computer at night, so I thought I might as well read some good learning material. My usual habit formerly was to scour the FS forums or read the newest topics in each forum or maybe dig up some R10 or K1K thread. But delving in DIY no more...
  23. joneeboi

    Instrumental Jazz Suggestions

    Hi Music Forum, I've almost never used this forum, so if I seem tactless, it's because I am. I've recently been inspired by Zanth in his The Kids Are Alright! thread to start my own CD collection. Of the few CDs I purchased reside Norah Jones' "Feels Like Home." Turns out I'm an easy...
  24. joneeboi

    How many hours do you sleep per night?

    I know this was done about a year ago (thanks, Search function!) in this thread and it was concluded that 97% of voters sleep 4-10 hours every night (or day), which tells us essentially nothing. I want to break that up and see the distribution of how many people sleep for how long within that...
  25. joneeboi

    WITHDRAWN: Electric Avenues PA2V2 Custom Gain of 2.5

    FS is my PA2V2 ID PA2V2-08-18-2006-3272 visible on Gary's page at I don't really feel like having a portable amp anymore. I miss having a slim audio solution, so I'm going to part with my amp. With the purchase of the PA2V2, you get...