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  1. Sparky191

    Short aux cable for Zip

    I'd like to preserve the, 3.5 socket of my Zip. Any suggestions where I can get a cable like this in the UK/Europe
  2. Sparky191

    A818 battery replacement

    A818 battery replacement anyone do it?   I found this on the web
  3. Sparky191

    What MP3 players or Mobile Phones have a decent FM reception?

    What MP3 players or Mobile Phones have a decent FM reception?   I have the clip+ and its pretty bad IMO. I find the radio on the E71 really annoying. Wondering what I can replace them with.
  4. Sparky191

    USB Charger and Cables for portables

    I charge my portables a few different ways. USB on the desktop/laptop and a few different USB wall chargers. How long the player keeps it charge seems to vary a lot depending on which I use. I've also noticed some cables won't charge and some will. I'm also looking for a new charger perhaps a...
  5. Sparky191

    Phonak Audéo PFE earphones

    Phonak Audéo PFE earphones - Gear news - RoadCyclingUK Quote: The lightweight Audéo PFE earphones (just 14g) include specially designed filters allowing the bass and treble levels to be configured to fit the listener’s preference. For those who prefer a more secure fit, silicone ear...
  6. Sparky191

    Best none Apple mobile phone for music?

    What do reckon is the best none Apple mobile phone for music? (iPhones been a little pricey). Preferrably with a decent camera and a decent calendar, 3.5mm jack, external music/radio controls. Cheaper the better. I had the W995 and I didn't think the camera was great, the calendar isn't as...
  7. Sparky191

    3G Shuffle - does no one have one?

    3G Shuffle - does no one have one?
  8. Sparky191

    Which portable DAP ships with the best phones?

    I'm assuming its going to be a Sony X series or the Amp3.
  9. Sparky191

    Head-Fi'ers Mobile Phone Choice

    I assume most head fi'ers are just as picky about their mobile phones. So wondering phones are you using and why?. Do you use it for music? I'm currently using a w810i which is on its last legs. I use it for music rarely but used to use the camera a lot. But its not working properly. Kinda...
  10. Sparky191

    Sansa Clip 8GB vs Sony A818 SQ?

    How does the Sansa Clip 8GB compare with the Sony A818 for SQ? Also the G shuffle and 2G Touch. I assume the Clip is the better than the fuze and view?
  11. Sparky191

    Which remote for iPod Touch 2G?

    Which remote with mic for iPod Touch 2G?
  12. Sparky191

    Touchscreens - Never clean?

    I've been using 2G iPod Touch for the last while. How the heck can you keep the screen clean?
  13. Sparky191

    Random Mobile Phone Audio readings... Some of you might be interested in this. If not pass right on by...
  14. Sparky191

    Portable DVD player for Car and Home?

    What should I look for in a portable DVD player for the car and home. Its going to be used by everyone including the kids, for music and DVD's.
  15. Sparky191

    NWZ-S718F anyone have it?

    Anyone have the NWZ-S718F. Wonder what do people think of the noise cancelling phones?
  16. Sparky191

    Tagging query...

    I have some Lame ID3v2.3MP3's that appear correctly tagged in MediaMonkey, but iTunes ignores them, in that it doesn't read the Artist or Album tag. So you get a list of files with no album, artist. If I add the tags in iTunes it appear properly. But the tags should already be there according to...
  17. Sparky191

    Which Remote for iTouch?

    iPhone/iPod touch Remote Control - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) Which remotes have you found that work with the iTouch?
  18. Sparky191

    WMA Lossless, does any portable support it?

    WMA Lossless, does any portable support it? I notice SonicStage supports it. I was just wondering, I don't plan on using it myself.
  19. Sparky191

    Using laptop Bluetooth to your HiFi

    Anyone using their laptop Bluetooth to your HiFi? How are you doing it?
  20. Sparky191

    Samsung's YP-T9 opinions?

    Any opinions on Samsung's YP-T9?
  21. Sparky191

    Sony A808 vs A818 differences.

    I've read mixed reports. Perhaps someone could confirm/deny/clarify the following A808 requires SonicStage vs A818 is MTP A808 has better headphones vs A818 A808 Supports ATTRAC vs A818 doesn't A808 Dynamic playlists on the fly vs A818 doesn't (theres differences)
  22. Sparky191

    Which portable has the best playlists?

    Which portable has the best playlists? I don't use them but want to start. So which player has the best playlist functionality. What functionality is a must have?
  23. Sparky191

    Online resources for learning the quitar

    I've decided to pick up the quitar again after many years. While I can play a bit, (badly) I really need to learn it properly. What online resources have you found useful in learning the quitar?
  24. Sparky191

    What player do I want?

    I really don't know what I want. I'd like a large capacity player, with good headphone out, radio, filetree & tags, logical buttons (no touch interface), lots of playlist options, and dynamic playlists, but yet reasonably small. Hopefully not too expensive, and a warranty expendable longer than...
  25. Sparky191

    Creative ZEN Vision:M Refurb

    Our local Creative store is doing a good deal on Creative ZEN Vision:M Refurbs. Whats the general opinion on them now. I didn't like the touch interface on the ZM is the one on the Vision:M better? Is the added chunkiness over an new iPod that significant? I assume it sounds good.