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    Received from Schiit 8 weeks ago. Minty condition and will ship with box, cord and remote. Price includes PayPal fees and insured shipping with signature.
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    He400S with focus pads.

    This headphone users the grill mod, which opens the sound up a bit. They are in very good condition and will include the original cable.
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    Zmf Blackwoods

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    HifiMan He-400s

    Putting these back up. Reasonable offers considered. Thanks!
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    Fostex Th-900 Mk1- NEW FOSTEX PADS

    A great pair of headphones here! The cups have no marks on them and the headband is in good shape. Genuine Fostex replacement pads have been installed These will ship with the headphone stand, in the original box with it’s documentation. Please PM any questions.
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    WTB- Denon D600

    Let me know what you have. I’d prefer a pair with the box, both cables and what not.
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    WTB- DT990 All Black (Massdrop)

    Anyone have one of those all black Dt990’s that massdrop sold a while back? Kinda hoping you didn’t like the sound signature and hardly used them. :-) Please pm me what you have, thanks!
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    WTB- Schiit Modi Uber

    Please pm me what you have. I’ll be curious what AKM chip is in it and wether it will ship in it’s original box. Thanks
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    Excellent Condition and perfect working order will ship in original box with all accessories. This is terrific all in one, has plenty of inputs (including Apple /android phones). The built in headphone amp is very competent wth 3 gain settings. Also has can be used as a preamp. The remote is...
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    Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (5/4/2021: Razer Blackshark V2 Review Added)

    Very excited to check the G6 out, hope they get them shipped out quickly. I was also considering getting an X7 again, but this is perfect timing. I’d agree with some of ya... this sounds like what the G5 should have been. That was a very disappointing experience. Think I’ll just be using the...
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    Like new with cable, adapter, and booklet. Will ship in factory box. Let me know if you’d like to see pics. Please PM any questions.
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    WTB- ZMF Pilot Pad

    Send me a PM, thanks!
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    Pics added I will be keeping this sale in the US.
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    These are in fabulous shape and will ship in original box. Ships with cable and usb flash drive. I really enjoy these but I’m trying to thin the herd out a bit.
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    HifiMan He-400s

    Price drop