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    Is your MXW1 making buzzing noises?

    I recently found out that my earphone is making some buzzing noise on one channel, even when it isn't plugged in. Here are the variables I ruled out: - low battery on both the earphones and broadcaster After charging both units, I still get the same sound in the same intensity - outside...
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    I think I'm becoming tone deaf :(

    I came across this performance of a Handel sonata on the viola by Olga Goija, whcih has 90k views and 150 comments. The beauty of her tone notwithstanding, it's quite out of tune. If I were the performer, I would not want to have it posted in public space. However the comments do not reflect...
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    done, thank you very much!
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    Most exellent video game music

    There were a few threads on this, but they were really old, all of them by at least 3 years. This is a thread for the new generation of HF'ers, whom I can only assume play more games, given its age group Please let me know if I've missed recent threads with the same topic. The game music I...
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    YouTube: Is it the best source for free classical music?

    Albeit being very low quality for use with headphones. I understand I can find almost every single piece of work on YouTube, be it an amateur performance or a 30 year old concert. I have two questions: 1. Is there a similar website that was better sound clips instead? I don't mind...
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    DVD Archiving in Canada

    There are several hundred DVDs that I want to archive and digitally store them in my computer for future-useage, with deteriorating DVDs being my biggest fear. I have an old X-Files DVD that just stopped playing for some reason, possible because of some freak incident with age, etc. What are...
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    Bell Mobility: Lost cellphone, cancel contract or buy a new cell?

    I've lost an HTC Touch (I was very satisfied with it), with a long way to go for the plan: Option 1: Keeping the contract and plan, and to buy a new Touch/equivalent would cost $400+ Option 2: Canceling the contract (so I can start a new plan + new HTC Touch for $100) would cost $200 ~...
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    Great 300KB Game: Conflict

    This is a really simple and addictive, turn based strategy game with a setting in the 1997 Middle East conflict -- don't worry it isn't politically biased (save for several historically significant events) each country has random characteristics each round. They need to make more games like...
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    Rediscovered radio programming, now onto optimizing it

    I just found out that I'm beginning to love radio. My current radio rig is the iRiver H10, and I am sure I can get better than this. My question is, are dedicated portable headphone radio players superior to the one's built into MP3 players? Is there a way to optimize radio reception (thicker...
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    Everything is sold, thank you!
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    Isn't it illegal...?

    I've had some inquiry regarding buying/selling and shipping the equipment overseas, and I discovered that a good percentage of people wished to have their item prices declared considerably below the actual purchase, and to always mark them as "gifts", even though they were purchased. After...
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    Yuin PK1 - Not impressed much *w/ condition*

    background: I ordered the PK1 from HeadRoom, and there was a minor accoustic defect on the right channel (definitely not HR's fault before conclusions are made), so I ended up using their exchange program, which by the way, like everybody says, is speedy and excellent. This might be a factor...
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    My thanks to certain members @ HF

    I couldn't find a specific "thanks" thread in in HF (which I am certain I saw a few last year) because: 1. "search for titles only" in HF search function doesn't work, and 2. "thanks" "gratitude" etc. were too general terms to find using Google. So I'm just going to open a new thread, mentioning...
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    Portable Bass: Better than Pico... feasible?

    I have my Pico with my ED9s, and while they are great, I feel that I could get an un-constricting, and tighter bass. Is it possible to achieve this while staying purely portable? Any advice is appreciated. I was thinking the Lisa III... but that would be a last resort, since it's huge and...
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    *Beefy* portable power options

    I've read numerous threads on portable power supplies, but those were mostly discussing those small, passport sized batteries meant to charge iPods and PSPs. What I'm looking for is a portable AC power supply that is good enough to power my 8 lb laptop. I was thinking along the lines of...
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    HD 650 Balanced vs Stax O2 for faithful reproduction of sound

    By recommendation from many expert members, I've narrowed my equipment "upgrade" choice to balanced HD 650+K701 with an HR Desktop Balanced DAC/AMP, which would all together cost approximately $2000. But for just a $1000 more, or used for around $2000, I can get an O2+007ta system. I...
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    Search engine's a [...], please direct me to good Shostakovich

    I used to think contemporary symphonies were... rather too abstract and sometimes boring. I can never really like things like Mahler's 5th, but actually playing, being a participant in the symphony is another different thing. I've been exposed to the Shostakovich Symp 10 which we sight read in...
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    I have underestimated the power of SE420

    I used to think that the SE420 was just another set of IEMs designed like an IEM with all the IEM biases, and inferior to the one-step above triple armature SE530. With a little quiet listening time, in direct comparison with the SE530, man my opinion's changed. Firstly, the treble...
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    Got a perfect comparison for IEMs vs Full sized!

    I was walking in a park, when suddenly my glasses slipped off my ears and fell onto the ground. Before, everything was so clear - detail and shades were all perfectly produced, and everything was in focus. Without the glasses, everything was less precise, but so, SO much bigger, and much more...
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    Kenwood SupremeEX: 44.1 kHz vs 22 kHz sampling rate

    Background: SupremeEX is a feature on Kenwood DAPs, specifically the HD30GB9 for the SupremeEX. It changes sampling rate from the typical 22 kHz to 44.1 kHz. Up until now, I was never too sure on the SupremeEX feature on my DAP, when I mostly used Shure IEMs. It did sound a tiny bit better...
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    Quick question on level matching between sources

    I have no idea how audio circuitry works, but can I assume volume is equal to volts? In that case... Have both sources play white noise, and stick in a voltmeter. Adjust accordingly so that they're both have equal output (in this case, using headphone out on portable DAPs). Can I do it...
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    FS Forums Petition

    For me, personally, I would find the FS forums much more convenient to browse if there was a subsection in the headphones and amps category, as such: Headphones > full size - FS: W5000 - FS: HD 650 - IC: SR 325i > portable (IEMs, earbuds, etc.) - FS: Shure SE530 - FS...
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    Your Favorite Simpsons Quote

    I'll assume 99% of you know where these are from: #1. "If you ask me, humankind has freedom, a freedom fraught with paradoxes. Freud shows how childhood shapes our subconscious mind but this helps us to think for ourselves." #2. "I'll keep it short and sweet. Family, religion, friendship...
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    went to eBay: Denon DCP-150

    Thanks for looking, gone to eBay!
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    Impression: ATH-EW9 recable from APureSound w/ pics Beautiful pictures taken by [AK]Zip from APureSound himself. When I first received my ATH-EW9 from another head-fi member, my first thought was my, these earclips are gorgeous. But after my first day with them, I was quite...