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  1. TacticalPenguin

    Lost my Ety HF5s, what should I get to replace them?

    I left my Etymotic HF5s on the plane back in April. I loved them and was quite happy with their sound and fit but just haven't had the money to replace them until lately. I can get another pair for $94 from Amazon, but before I just do that, is there something else out in a similar price range...
  2. TacticalPenguin

    Recommend a small cheap flash DAP?

    Been out of the audio scene for a while for various reasons but am heading off to college at the end of august and figure I'll have a fair bit of studying time to sit around disconnected from the outside world. I had a little 8GB Sansa Clip in the past and I liked its SQ and capacity (and price...
  3. TacticalPenguin

    IEM Purchase Decision

    I find the ER 6i quite comfortable and when used with etymotic's new mushroom tips they're on their own tier above the rest for isolation (and most consider them to be at the top of the next tier down with the stock triflanges) SQ might be a little bass-lenient for rock, but it is very clean...
  4. TacticalPenguin

    Is anything better than the ER4S?

    Quote: Originally Posted by inukage0029 Sennheiser IE8s. Great, balanced sound that works with almost any musical taste. While lacking some of the detail and most of the isolation the ER 4S offers. Again, define better. Soundwise, nothing undebatably better than the ER 4S...
  5. TacticalPenguin

    Help choosing sport clip-on ear buds

    not earbuds, just clip over ears, get koss KSC75's there arent really any good clip over earbuds.
  6. TacticalPenguin

    iem in too deep?

    ER 6i's are almost as small as Q-jays and I haven't managed to stick mine in "too far" yet - I doubt it is depth of insertion but rather a strong seal that is keeping the tips in there. I haven't had an ER 6i eartip come close to falling off. Try a tip that needs to stretch to fit on the Q-jays...
  7. TacticalPenguin

    are the shure 110's kramer mod-able?

    yes but for the price of the 110's you can buy something soooo much better....
  8. TacticalPenguin

    alternative foam tips for Etymotic hf5?

    1. HF5 has the same tube as ER 4, if they fit ER 4 they fit HF5 2. Get some of ety's new glider tips, they are hands down the best isolation I've ever had between every other ety tip, foam earplugs, and a few other IEMs. They go in fairly deep if you just keep pushin.
  9. TacticalPenguin

    Loud earphones for psp, suggestions?

    Did you completely ignore the second half of my post, or is there something wrong with JVC marshmallows? They provide the best isolation of any low dollar IEM and are quite loud. However, even ipod earbuds at max volume on a psp is still loud enough to hurt your hearing. Not recommended. And...
  10. TacticalPenguin

    From ER-4P to SE530 PTH ... hmm, still lost

    Ety deputy reporting for duty. srsly if the ety police are just like real ones - if they have to chase you they'll bring an asswhooping with them.
  11. TacticalPenguin

    I hate the marshmellow..funny story

    take qtip pull cotton off end carefully get qtip into hole of foam tilt qtip so it exerts pressure on side of foam to get grip pull out
  12. TacticalPenguin

    Best sounding clip-ons (in your opinion)

    earbuds work best for chicks you know...... in all reality those two and some cheapie (but comfy and convenient) sonys are the only two i know of.
  13. TacticalPenguin

    Favourite overall tips

    When I want unbeatable isolation, ety's new gliders When I want my tips to last, ety small biflanges Unfortunately the gliders seem to be built more for the ER 4/HF5 barrel, and the ER 6i's is a wee bit fatter - this stretches the foam and causes it to tear over time, making the glider...
  14. TacticalPenguin

    [Pic] Help to identify eartips

    looks like a q-jay silicone eartip to me, but no guarantees. yes, you can use shure olives on ety phones
  15. TacticalPenguin

    ER6I or Similar

    Quote: Originally Posted by member1982 ER6i did offer nice detail, but it seems to lose that detail when i put my TF10 on. Suddenly the ER6i is not that detailed anymore :P Maybe because of my filter, i havent changed it in sometime. You're also comparing them to phones with 3x...
  16. TacticalPenguin

    ER6I or Similar

    Quote: Originally Posted by Joe18 I'm liking the custom 3's and HF5's, of those two which one? Personally I dislike the form factor of the Custom 3's and some people have had fitting problems with them. Personally I'd go for the HF5's. However, sound wise, it is difficult to say...
  17. TacticalPenguin

    [Opinions] The majority of teens and Skullcandy?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jonathanjong Wait...what's the question? Skullcandy, discuss.
  18. TacticalPenguin

    Just got my Etymotic ER6i's

    No but they sell lots of fiio amps and often give them away with headphones.
  19. TacticalPenguin

    Altec Lansing UHP336 vs Bose Triport In-Ear

    Quote: Originally Posted by K_19 I'd go with the Kramer modded JVC Marshmallows over either of those two, TBH. It has one of the best bass out of any canalphone and after the mod, mids and highs are alright too. This is all at a fraction of a price than either of those two. A...
  20. TacticalPenguin

    Best isolating phones

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zhdude I also say Ety Er4, but if you just care about some isolation, and more bass get the Klipsch Image X5, its almost as comfortable as the flagship x10, and sounds great, very stylish and professional looking. I wouldn't get the Er4 because I feel like...
  21. TacticalPenguin

    Shure SCL4 vs Etymotic ER-6i

    Logic says the SCL4 ought to be nicer - when the E4C was popular, it competed with the ER 4P, which definitely is better than the 6i.
  22. TacticalPenguin

    In-Ear's you can sleep with

    Quote: Originally Posted by azuredreamz The Etymotic's isolation is really good, you will not be able to hear anything outside when playing music. But for me, they're not that comfortable, so I just can't sleep with them. Maybe the comply foam will help. Try the small biflange...
  23. TacticalPenguin

    Best IEM for music encoded at 128kbps?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jinx20001 doing this wont harm the file even more it just wont work because you cannot upgrade a file size and quality. you can only downgrade which isnt adviseable. my advice to the OP would certainly only aim for cx400/500 or a cheaper sony set, maybe...
  24. TacticalPenguin

    Help me to choose: Apple In Ear - 5 - CX 550 - CX 95

    Such a price difference among the phones, theyre hard to compare. Most will recommend the SF5 simply because theyre a league above the others, but then you have to look at other phones in that league and compare to those as well.