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  1. nae45ro

    High quality CD burner for X99 motherboard

    Hello guys,   My old computer needs to be replaced as it's 10 years old. I'm now using the famous Plextor Premium 2 to write CDs for my Emm Labs Cd player. Unfortunately, the X99 motherboards only have Sata, while Plextor needs Ide. I'm now facing 2 options :   1) Finding a IDE to SATA...
  2. nae45ro

    [FS] DNA Sonett single ended for EU

    I'm selling my Sonett wich has been purchased about 3 months ago and has less than 30 hours of listening on it. The amp costed me about 1500 Euro (amp + shipment + taxes) and I'm looking for 900 Euro ! The amp is for EU (220/230V) !
  3. nae45ro

    Benchmark DAC1 vs Marantz Sa-11S1 vs Meridian G08

    Benchmark is the one I have now but I do not feel is a perfect match to my HD800 headphones. Although the Benchmark has plenty of resolution, the sound is pretty bright and fatiguing in time while the mid-bass and sub-bass seem to flat for my tastes. At this time I'm upgrading the amp from Bada...
  4. nae45ro

    ESound E5 vs what ?

    As I hear a lot of good reviews about this player, can anyone tell me what league does this spinner play in ? How does it stand to players like Bryston bcd-1, Wadia 581i, Leema antila, Plinius cd-101, Primare cd31, Lyngdorf cd1... ?Also how would it play against a dedicated transport/soundboard...
  5. nae45ro

    In search of a very good source/dac

    I currently use M-audio Firewire Audiophile as a source for the loseless I have in my computer. On the other side, I use Cambridge Audio 640C CD-player to play my CDs. Both sources use a Vincent SV-226 amplifier and A pair of Chario Academy Millenium speakers. Now, I find the speakers to be by...
  6. nae45ro

    old vs new dt-880

    Anyone listened to both ? What are the differences between 2003 and 2005 model ?
  7. nae45ro

    Amp recommendation for DT-880s

    Can u recommend me some good amp for under 250$ that work best with theese cans ? The music i listen for is mainly Eurodance but i also listen a lot of Pop, 'Soft Rock' ( Dire Straits ). The sources are an Onkio MD and a M-Audio Revo soundcard on my computer ( some M-Audio audiophile USB may...
  8. nae45ro

    problems with dt 770 pros

    Hy guys.I just bought myself a pair of bayer and i've noticed that they do not work properly with portable stuff,meaning i can hear only in the left channel.At the beginning i thought they have a problem but as i got home,i connected them to my line and they work just great.Could this be because...
  9. nae45ro

    hd 580-best choice?

    Do u guys think the hd's 580 are the best 150-200$ choice if i don't want to use a dedicated amplifier(i'll use my stereo amp).The source will be an onkio md 2521.My preferate kind of music is dance and eurodance and i'll use the headphones only at home.What do u think?Do u have other sugestions?
  10. nae45ro

    150-200$ high end headphones?

    I'm living in Italy in 3 days and i was wondering if i can find some very good headphones for 150-200 $ in stores.I also want to use them without a dedicated amplifier so i will need ones wich can be powered by my stereo amplifier(I'll use them only at home).The source will be an Onkio md...
  11. nae45ro

    akg k501 without amp

    I saw that gives a lot of credit to akg k501.For a 120 ohm impedance they say the akg's are working good with a line amplifier.what do u guys say?By the way wich in your opinion is the approximative maximum impedance till where u can use a non-dedicated amp(the one from your stereo)?
  12. nae45ro

    need headphones to work well without amp

    I need a pair of headphones wich sound great without an amp.I'll use them inside with my stereo amp and a onkio minidisc.I also have a graphic equalizer.I want to spend around 200 $.I must also say that my favourite music is dance and Eurodance,so i'll need deep strong bass but also crystal...
  13. nae45ro

    best 200 $ headphones

    Hi guys! Wich in your opinion are the best 200 $(around)that sound great without a dedicated amplifier?I want to use them with the amp from my hi-fi line in home and an onkio minidisc!
  14. nae45ro

    hd 580-classical music?

    it is said that the hd's 580 are made for classical music.I like dance and tehno.Will they sound good with this type of music or there are better ones for this?
  15. nae45ro

    need urgent help

    Hy guys! Do u think u can reccomend me some good headphones for around 200$?