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  1. Chiliman

    FS: Grado SR-225

    With much sadness, I am putting my beloved Grado SR-225 headphones up for sale, since they simply don't get the attention they need, and they deserve a new home. Asking for 150.00 shipped within CONUS. Thanks all.
  2. Chiliman

    frying pan - fi

    go cast iron, you won't regret it.
  3. Chiliman

    Home Recording Studio

    thanks for the great advice everyone. nor_spoon - Would it make a big difference if I didn't use the loadbox/speaker simulater if I have that mixer that I originally posted? Thinking I am going to get the usb version of that mixer at this point though.
  4. Chiliman

    Home Recording Studio

    Hi everyone, I'm back after a long time hiding myself (and my wallet) from this place. I was just curious if any of you have set up a home recording studio, I want to use mine for guitar. I am looking for an all digital setup, recording to either my mac or my pc using a firewire mixer...
  5. Chiliman

    Surround sound speaker recommendations

    Quote: Originally Posted by plaidplatypus I would stay far away from this project. If you like your GF take the "family" out to movie night or better yet go see a live performace. I wish it were that simple... Actually I am doing this all through the GF, her parents don't...
  6. Chiliman

    Surround sound speaker recommendations

    Ugh, I know this is disgusting, but... My girlfriends parents want a set of 5.1 speakers... all in ceiling... Does anyone have a recommendation for FIVE in wall speakers that sound good, and the price limit is... 500 dollars... YES, I am aware that these requirements are absurd...
  7. Chiliman

    so who else is excited about IMAP in gmail?

    I am VERY excited about this! I have been waiting for this to happen, now i can use my school email AND gmail in the same client, since I have two computers, this was just not practical for me.
  8. Chiliman

    coffee gadgets...

    Thank you, that was a great post! Very Informative. Ok, I think I will get a french press sometime soon. What about a grinder, is there a good cheap model that I can get? Any beginner "sets" that you guys could recommend? Man, college this year has turned coffee into a necessity! This site...
  9. Chiliman

    K240S Cable

    Where can i get a replacement where K240S cable? (cheap is good, but quality is as well) thanks -chili
  10. Chiliman

    post pics of your headphone set up and listening area

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo Nice, are those KLH speakers on the desk? I can answer that! Those are the Infamous GRADO speakers! (He got them on ebay.)
  11. Chiliman

    Tell me all about that virus called MONO

    I can't say much for mono except for that I had a friend in highschool that had to take about 2 weeks leave because of it. On a totally different note: Cheers for being in marching band! and a woodwind to boot! I was a Clarinet in my high school's marching band.
  12. Chiliman

    Ferret-fi... anyone a member?

    Quote: Originally Posted by FalconP Pet ferrets are illegal in some states only. Ferrets always remind me of that Marc Marrone guy. Heh, they actually are illegal where I live... I had to drive out of state to get it. Quote: Originally Posted by subfocus The...
  13. Chiliman

    Ferret-fi... anyone a member?

    So, I just got a ferret for the first time, and I was curious if anyone else had one. So far it has been really amazing for me.
  14. Chiliman

    Livewires Arrived Today - Pictures

    The price point and the quality of these things makes me drool. I am interested in the connectors on the earpiece
  15. Chiliman

    Mountain bike recommendations - sub $1000 Either of those are great!
  16. Chiliman

    Speakers for the dorm room

    Sure, the Insignias are great, but they aren't as great as everyone makes them out to be, I would keep my options open, perhaps if you can stretch your budget a little more you can get some x-ls from av123, now THOSE are some speakers that everyone is ranting about.
  17. Chiliman

    Post pics of your home theater

    oh man, you guys make me so envious, especially you wakeride! I will hopefully be getting a nice(ish) lcd tv soon here, then i will post some shots of mine.
  18. Chiliman

    Is there a better "memory foam" mattress than Tempur-Pedic?

    I laid on a tempurpedic bed for a few minutes at a local bed store, I must say that it was easily the most comfortable thing I have ever laid on.
  19. Chiliman

    Why are collecting expensive headphones frowned upon here?

    Since when is this frowned upon? i thought this is what most people here wanted...
  20. Chiliman

    *dream job* thread!

    My dream job would be as a Mythbuster!
  21. Chiliman


    good luck playing jordan on expert
  22. Chiliman

    Best Rootbeer

    HUGE root beer fan here. my favorites are: Henry Weinhards, Thomas Kemper, XXX, IBC, Sioux City, Virgil's, and Hanks. I think that my favorite brand is Weinhards or XXX, it really depends on the mood I am in, since Weinhards is a bit more creamy and sweet. of the cheaper and plastic...
  23. Chiliman

    Logitech Harmony 720 Universal Remote

    that thing is sexy as hell, why is it not on the logitech site though?
  24. Chiliman

    DAC-AH M1 with OPPO DV-970HD

    I believe Jahn has this combo, send him a PM