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  1. mminutel

    60 Hertz Noise After Getting New Schitt Asgard 2?

    I'm not sure if you caught my last edit or not, but the noise is coming from my computer's charger being plugged in. As soon as I unplug it, the noise completely goes away, and I mean COMPLETELY. Why would my PIMETA filter this but the Asgard would not? Interesting... Now, how do I get rid of it...
  2. mminutel

    60 Hertz Noise After Getting New Schitt Asgard 2?

    Hey, guys! I just purchased a Schitt Asgard 2. It came in today, and I finally got around to hooking it up. Now, I have an insane amount of hum coming from my headphones. I'm not exactly sure that it's 60 hertz, but it seems like what I've experienced before. The PIMETA that I have been using...
  3. mminutel

    Getting the best sound out of a PC

    Oh, this! Even with my $80 FiiO E10, I could tell the difference. With my headphones simply plugged into my laptop, I could hear clicks every time I used the scroll wheel on my mouse. Since I use this all of the time, it was a huge annoyance.
  4. mminutel

    Modi not working on my PC?

    I don't have that particular DAC, but make sure that it is set to the default device in your settings. The picture that you posted lets us know that your computer recognizes it, but we have no idea if it is set for the default for audio or not. Right click the speaker in the bottom right corner...
  5. mminutel

    Need Help Deciding Upon an Upgrade Path (Currently Fiio E10 > PIMETA > AH-D2000)

    Hi guys, I've been out of the game for a long time. This modest setup has been with me for quite some time, but I think it's time for a change. I want to focus on my computer rig for now as I spend most of my time in my bedroom listening through headphones.   I currently have the following...
  6. mminutel

    How can I boost volume?

    1.7 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches ; 1.1 ounces
  7. mminutel

    In need of noise cancelling headphones with a microphone

    You really don't want to get a headset. They are usually bad quality in terms of build and sound. Get a pair of headphones and an external mic. May I ask why you have to have noise cancellation?
  8. mminutel

    Convert Aiwa Bookshelf For Computer Use?

    Is it the full range of speakers that originally came with the system or just the left/right?
  9. mminutel

    cable supplies question

    Use the search feature. This has been answered countless times and might even have a sticky. Monofilament (Techflex) is cheaper and a little easier to work with but isn't as flexible or nice looking as nylon multifilament. The Techflex expands but the multifilament does not. Get heatshrink...
  10. mminutel

    Domino's Pizza changing its pizza

    I tried it the other day and didn't really like it. I really, really like the new garlic crust, but the sauce killed it for me. It was too sweet and they put too much of it on the pizza I got. It has almost ruined me from Dominoes. I prefer Pizza Hut when it comes to pizza chains anyway, though.
  11. mminutel

    Sharing home computers with others - how to maintain privacy & security?

    It depends on what you are wanting to hide. If it is just not wanting them into your documents then just make a guest account with limited access. If you want certain files or folders protected, download TrueCrypt and put them in the encrypted folder until they leave and get them back out.
  12. mminutel

    Do your friends understand your obsession with audio?

    I know that I haven't spent nearly what most people around here have. I might have $1000 in my current rig which I am counting headphones and speakers. When I bought the AH-D2000s a couple of months back, my roommates didn't necessarily make fun of me, but they did make it vocal that they...
  13. mminutel

    Any ideas?

    You could buy a cheap t-amp or something. They are like $30. My guess is that the Sony's aren't really worth it, though. In case you do, you would just cut the plug off that is on it now and strip the wires as far as I can tell.
  14. mminutel

    Sound cards obsolete?

    I am not an expert on computer interfaces, but PCI has 1.06 gbps bandwidth versus USB 2.0's 480mbps which is about half as fast as PCI interfact. USB 3.0 will probably be a different story, though. It is true that USB sound interfaces should provide a sufficient bandwidth for sound but...
  15. mminutel

    Cheap subs for movies

    My guess is that the system they have is one that was bought at a retail chain or something if sound quality isn't important. Is that so? If that is, I wouldn't be spending $200 on a sub since it is probably almost as much as they spent on everything. I would recommend, though. Just...
  16. mminutel

    Travelling cases for headphones

    Do you have the original boxes that they came in? Whenever I go visit my parents for a weekend or something, I put my Denons in the original box that they were shipped in.
  17. mminutel

    iPhone 3GS LOD volume equivalent?

    A LOD should bypass the internal volume control on your portable device. This means, at least with my 5.5g iPod, the volume with the LOD is the same as me turning my iPod on completely full volume.
  18. mminutel

    Need help bi-amping or bi-wiring my new system

    With my vintage Marantz, I have both A and B used for bi-wiring. I have tested both and it drives them to the same volume if I just use A or B so it was easier for me to use both and have them both enabled. If someone thinks this is bad, please tell me, but that is what I do. The right...
  19. mminutel

    Any ideas?

    I can't tell from the picture. Do they have their own power source? Do they have a power plug coming from the speakers that you plug in? Do they have a power switch on them? If not, the chances are that the stereo that broke was what supplied the power to the speakers. In that case, you cannot...
  20. mminutel

    1/8 to 1/4 Adapters

    Quote: Originally Posted by scompton IMO, negligible difference. X2. If you ever get around to doing a complete recable, though, I would suggest having them terminate into 1/4" if that is what you normally use.
  21. mminutel

    CPU Noises from Speakers

    There is a thread in this same forum about using cheater plugs. They generally are not a good idea since the ground on your three prong wires is taken out. That third prong was added for a reason. You can buy them at any hardware store. You can buy them pretty cheap at wal-mart if there is one...
  22. mminutel

    Speaker Set Up for Under $700

    It's possible but you are pretty limited. Look at the designs from Zaph Audio if you want to do DIY. You can get the kits from Madisound. May I suggest cutting the sub out for now? Most bookshelves that you build should be able to get down to 55Hz or maybe even lower. For music, they shouldn't...
  23. mminutel


    Nice work. I haven't gotten a knack for the lathe yet, but I am too busy to sit down and practice. I do all of my woodworking at my grandpa's house. He has a pretty full, albeit extremely unorganized, workshop. In fact, I am working on a shelf for my components right now. It is being made out of...
  24. mminutel

    < $250, Closed, Circum-aural, Hip-Hop

    AH-D2000's get my vote. Plenty of bass for hip-hop.
  25. mminutel


    They were mainly feeding kittens to snakes.