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  1. Magnum22

    How do I live with my first IEMs?

    A few weeks ago I picked up a pair of UE500. The sound is good, but I cannot deal with them. It isn't discomfort, it 's pain. They slide out of my ears if I don't jam them in deep enough for either the vacuum pressure to cause pain or the tips themselves pressing on one point. I think I would...
  2. Magnum22

    Four cans in my cart: DT990, SR225, ESW9, D2000

    Is that through a particular amp/source or across the board?   I need to rename the thread to "Two cans in my cart: 325is & HD600"   Weren't even in the running at the whistle, yet they take the lead.
  3. Magnum22

    Penguin Delux Amp?

    top right, my penguin royal with the same massive 3300µF capacitors. i paid $100 more than you did, gaining only a gain switch, bass boost/cut, and crossfeed. i really don't use any of them. you did very well for your money. yes, yes, much portable junk. i'm workin on it.
  4. Magnum22

    Advice Sought for a Musician Friend

    i'm a recording musician and i've used the sr60 for almost four years. i don't see why they need to be closed since many singers take one phone off so they can hear themselves while they record. my sound guy always recommends the Equation Audio RP-21 to everyone, so i'll throw that one in but i...
  5. Magnum22

    Impressions: a week with the HFI-780

    i think they're plenty comfortable. i was really driven to buy these because the ES-7 sounded good but felt not merely uncomfortable but painful after two hours or so. i listen to a good mix of genres, and they all sound great. metal is my favorite and it seems to be the hardest for a...
  6. Magnum22

    I've had enough low end cans.

    They were just delivered. Can't wait till these are all burned in but for out of the box I'm already quite pleased. I was up until 3am last night recording with the sr60 and today I was mastering with the hd485. Just continuing to work with these and the song sounds better than it did with the...
  7. Magnum22

    I've had enough low end cans.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Almoxil Ultrasone HFI-780: - Big, crispy, thumpy bass: Check! - Full mids: Not as sweet as Audio Technica mids, but my AT cans suffer from lack of bass punchiness even when amped (ESW9, AD2000), which is a fatal fail for me. Still, the mids of my 780s are...
  8. Magnum22

    [SOLD] - Grado RS-2

    PM inbound.
  9. Magnum22

    RE0 for metal?

    i'm looking at these myself for the same music and i'm more concerned about having enough bass or too much treble. for metal, recessed mids should not be an issue. the "mid scoop" is practically the definition of metal. at low volumes, it's how most guitarists will EQ their amps for that...
  10. Magnum22

    Official ATH-ES7 Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by xabre1200 HAHA! I just bought some Audio Technica's (refurb w/ a 1 year warranty) for $54 You cant even buy fakes for that cheap! I just did the same, but they're in the same state so it was $58 with tax. i'm glad i saw your post because i was about...
  11. Magnum22

    G3 with AM radio?

    crud. i guess it's solo AM radio for me, then. how bout tiny mp3 players? i had been outa the loop but the U3 and iA7 are still around at a decent price. i believe they're 30 and 26 mW per side at 16ohms, respectively. i liked the G3 for the AA battery, though. so, which? this will usually...
  12. Magnum22

    FOTM: Black iGrado Pics

    Quote: Originally Posted by lmilhan The thought of those sad sacks listening to their music at 128 kbps (or less) blasting at near max volume through a pair of iBUDS makes my nuts hurt. HAHAHAHAHA that is silly. Despite havin the same long aquisition list everyone else has...
  13. Magnum22

    HHF-1s pics

    kick ass
  14. Magnum22

    iRiver iMP-400 Now Available at iRiver Outlet!!

    just ordered one...don't even know why. last PCDP i bought was a $60 psyc. returned that the next morning. i really don't know why these irivers are so respected around here but if they're at least a little better than that sony, it'll be worth it. as long as they dont distort!
  15. Magnum22

    some pics, some impressions.. enjoy!

    awesome, i happened to be visitin my parents this weekend. I just showed my mother and she said she'd crochet one for me.
  16. Magnum22

    some pics, some impressions.. enjoy!

    okay, back on topic..... How's the detail comin' along with burn in? how's MS2i's detail compare to that of your ER4?
  17. Magnum22

    Heads UP - KSC75's for $9.99

    Quote: Originally Posted by BluesDaddy Music to a audiophile father's ears (pun intended). HAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! great one! yeah, i picked up a second pair since i'd like to have one with the volume for my iBook. paid $25 for my first pair, which ended up on the sportapro...
  18. Magnum22

    Post your dream car(s).

    Number 1 number 2 number 3 Black, black, black.
  19. Magnum22

    this has got to be my best day EVER!!

    that's like a disney fairy tale.
  20. Magnum22

    Heads UP - KSC75's for $9.99

    just picked up my second pair. ksc-75 for $10, best bang for the buck on head-fi. i don't care how much better that other stuff sounds.
  21. Magnum22

    Official Goldring DR150 Impressions Thread

    thanks. lotsa pages in this thread, did i miss the analysis for movies/gaming?
  22. Magnum22

    Official Goldring DR150 Impressions Thread

    where are you guys gettin these things? i can't find one american dealer.