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  1. jinx20001

    Do your IEM's make you shiver with pleasure?

    its a simple question, just wondering if when you crank your phones up and its a song you like wether you get the odd shiver now and then, and hairs tend to raise on your body ( or it feels that way ) i thought at first it was just a shock to my system because of how loud i was playing the...
  2. jinx20001

    New apple in ears, any good?

    i highly doubt it, but was thinking about purchasing these as a gift, and boasting dual drivers in each ear at such a good price is very good, i dont know much about them apart from thier silly frequency claims (5hz to 21khz) and same old design but do they sound £55/$100 worth?? sorry if a...
  3. jinx20001

    westone 3...early 2009!!

    according to earphonesolutions...Westone 3 NEW 3-Way Driver Earphones (a.k.a. Westone UM3) is this game over for westone?? theres alot of dissapointed westone fans out there about waiting this long for a triple fi and se530 beater, does this put the UE's and Shures on the number one and two...
  4. jinx20001

    home stereo bridging help?

    hi guys, im not sure who can help me on head fi or which part of the forum i should go to for this question, but im sure somebody in the DIY can help. anyway my question is this, i have a very mid grade technics SCDV290 mini system in my bedroom, The amplifier isnt a load of rubbish by any...
  5. jinx20001

    quick question...klipsch image or Q-Jays?

    interested in purchasing one. ofcourse a better comparison would be IMAGE and er4's but i already know the image has bigger bass and the er4's have better detail as expected. but now these...both are tiny, but the q-jays have dual drivers and are cheaper, is there a reason?
  6. jinx20001

    are these the absolute best looking in ears available for £10

    Soyntec Netsound 280 Headphones - Products i dont know how they sound (probably terrible) but i stumbled across them on this website and thought they look sensational and of high quality for so cheap, anybody have any experience with these?? also they have gold plated connectors and they...
  7. jinx20001

    which sound reigns supreme? critical or fun?

    theres alot of etymotic fans here at head fi, which could be said are critical listening phones along with q-jays, ue 10's etc etc. then theres the fun sounding phones such as atrio's, e500, super fi 5, (dare i say) ue11's etc etc. what do we prefer to listen to overall, i know we like to...
  8. jinx20001

    Best Non-Custom Flagship IEM

    what do we think, i specify non customs because of the destinct advantage of customs DONT BE AFRAID TO VOTE OTHER GUYS!! the list i provide is just a few up there possibilities to create a worthwhile poll
  9. jinx20001

    which IEM's are your biggest dissapointment and why??

    theres plenty of talk of whats the best and which phones deliver. i want to know what phones that you have had or listened to that was the most dissapointing and why, ill throw a poll up to make decisions more clear. please dont all say the cheapest model. i want a vote on what was expected...
  10. jinx20001

    anybody tried the new klipsch phones yet??

    hi guys great to be back at head fi, was wondering if anybody has listened or brought the klipsch earphones yet?? any pics and thoughts are appreciated as im considering a buy or try.
  11. jinx20001

    do etymotic filters fit in the shure se530

    i know there has been discussion not too long ago about filters being interchangeable with different earphones from westone, etymotic and shure and that the etymotic tool in fact works with the shures. can anybody confirm this and is the sound quality improved in any way if it works...
  12. jinx20001

    best headphones for n95

    i recently got a hefty memory card for my N95 so i can listen to music on the go without worrying too much about bringing my portable equipment, pocket space reason ( N95,ipod 80gb,shure se530 and wallet in 2 pockets = pants down to ankles) i gotta say the audio isnt terrible from the N95...
  13. jinx20001

    can anybody recommend a good sounding cd player for customs

    Hi guys, ive been listening to a ipod for 2 years now and frankly i miss having the quality of a good portable cd player, i have plenty of earphones as people can see but i was wondering what everybody thinks would give me the best quality sound for my custom ue10's...old or new i dont care...
  14. jinx20001

    AKG in ears...thoughts??

    hi guys i know AKG is pretty big around here as far as full size cans go, i came across some AKG K324P in ears at around the price of sennheiser cx300's, if anybody has any experience with these please do post because im considering a buy for my other half, cheers! jay for now ill post a few...
  15. jinx20001

    cheaper amps ($100-$150) good or bad for se530's?

    i just thought i would post this thread to ask you all what you think about cheap headphones amplifiers. can they indeed give better sound to my headphones or will they do more harm than...lets say the stock ipod out. i have waited for an RSA hornet but been browsing other cheaper models...
  16. jinx20001

    distortion on left side of se530 on one song

    hi all, i was listening to my ipod as you do and was flicking through the usher confessions album which is all in apple lossless,all is well until bam,i flick on the 3rd track which is throwback and at the beggining of the song ushers voice is distorted and crackling on the one side. so...
  17. jinx20001

    The ipod poll

    right i understand the forum is all about headphones and earphones etc,but i want to see how people feel about the new batch of ipods and weather people have them on their lists to pair with thier wonderful headphones