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  1. Happytab

    Do any other tips work with CX300 ?

    I have had them a wek and I am having a comfort issue. I now know how to get a good seal but I find this creates pressue in my ear and its slightly uncomfortable. Is it just a case of getting used to them or should I look to replace the tips ? Are there any other tips that work with CX300...
  2. Happytab

    Are they in yet ?

    Hi - I finally stopped fannying around last week and ordered some CX300's (in white, to match my eye balls) but I have a question. I have never owned or used ear canal phones before and I am not sure how far to shove them, or how to insert them to acheive the ideal results. Can anyone give...
  3. Happytab

    CX300 or Marshmallows - if they were the same price?

    In the UK you can get a pair of CX300's for about £20 and you hav to pay £15 for Marshmallows. Which would you got for considering the price ? Thanks
  4. Happytab

    A year later - still frustrated

    Guys, all I want is too upgrade my Ipod Earbuds and a year after coming accross this site I still haven't. The reason for this is simple - there is nothing that satisfies my few requirements and it's so frustrating. My simple requirements are: Must sound better than standard Ipod buds...
  5. Happytab

    The Best Ipod Upgrade from These

    Guys I need to upgrade from my ipod buds - its been a year and still I cant make a decision. so from the list below what would you suggest: List of priorities to me Can't be Open Sound Quality - must be a noticable improvement from ipod buds Comfort - dont want my ears crushed (or any pain...
  6. Happytab


    Are they worth a punt at £15? Will I notice an improvement on standard Ipod buds ? Thanks again everyone.
  7. Happytab

    Help Me - Shure E2C or Not

    All, I was given some of these as a present but they remain unopened due to the negative press they have on this website. I am still using my Apple earbuds but I need to replace them with something. Should I give these a go or ebay them and go for something less expensive like the Creative or...
  8. Happytab

    What are the best Apple Style Ear Buds

    You know the ordinary in ear but not right in style - I find these comfortable enough and dont need issolation that often - just want to upgrade from my Apple ones. Any suggestions ? Thanks for your help.
  9. Happytab

    Whats the difference between

    Porta Pro & Ports Pro 2 : We only have the Porta Pro in the UK - are these ok for use with an ipod? Do they drive to reasonable volume? Is the bass overpowering ? Thanks - I will make a decision one day honest.
  10. Happytab

    Which will I be happier with

    Driven from an Ipod for use at home and in office KSC75 - £14 in the UK PX100 - £19 in the UK Porta Pro - £24 in the UK Guess i'm looking for a SQ vs comfort comparison here ? Thanks
  11. Happytab

    Best Upgrade for an Ipod

    for home & office use mainly - listening to rock/pop - want to spend as little as possible in order to acheive a noticable difference from the stock ipod buds. Thanks for your help.
  12. Happytab

    Down to a choice of two!

    OK, after much fannying around and reading more posts than is healthy for an already bad set of eyes, I am down to a choice of two and they are very different. I need an upgrade from my Ipod phones which hurt my ears and sound rubbish. I listen to a lot of alternative/rock music. Most...