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  1. joefosho315

    WTB: Sansa Clip+ 8GB

    Anyone willing to part with a Sansa Clip+ 8GB let me know.
  2. joefosho315

    FS: Sophia EL-34 Int. Tube Amplifier

    Up for sale is my Sophia EL-34 Integrated Tube Amplifier. The capacitors were upgraded by Sounds Real Audio in Golden, Colorado. Mechanically, the amp is in excellent condition - the amp especially sings with the capacitor upgrade. Cosmetically, the amp is excellent with the exception of a minor...
  3. joefosho315

    airport express worth it?

    Currently, my speaker rig is as follows: iTunes > TBAAM (optical) > presonus CS > sophia EL-34 > Von VR-1's. I've always been wary about using the TBAAM in this setup, as it seems like it might be a bottleneck (it isn't bit perfect, and automatically resamples to 48 kHz). Thus, I've been...
  4. joefosho315

    presonus CS to speakers

    Hey guys, I recently acquired a presonus central station for my home speaker setup. I bought it with the intention of using it as a dedicated DAC, with a headamp for minor use. All this time, I assumed that there would be a pair of RCA outputs for me to connect to my integrated amp. Turns out...
  5. joefosho315

    tube amp crackling

    Currently I've got a pair of Von VR-1's driven by a Sophia EL-34 tube amp. This is my first experience with tubes. I've been running this setup for about a month now and have been immensely enjoying it. Lately, however, I've been noticing that during warmup when no music is playing, I can hear a...
  6. joefosho315

    WTB: Sennheiser HD580 or HD650 stock cable

    Hey guys, I'm in need of a stock headphone cable for my HD580. If anyone has a spare HD580 or HD650 cable, just give me a PM and we'll work something out. Thanks!
  7. joefosho315

    FS: Pioneer A-35r

    Up for sale is my flawless Pioneer A-35r integrated amp. Cosmetically, it is in perfect condition, and functionally, it is perfect as well. If you do not know much about this amp, just read around head-fi, as they are very well reviewed, particularly for their built in headphone amps. I am the...
  8. joefosho315

    amp for Von VR-1

    I recently just picked up a pair of used Von Schweikert VR-1's in maple for use in a nearfield setup. The thing is, now I need a decent budget integrated amp to drive them properly. I'm driving them with a Pioneer A-35r that I used to use just fine with my old Energy C-3's, but they sound just...
  9. joefosho315

    Aerial Model 5 Monitors

    Do any of you guys know what the main differences are between the Aerial Model 5's and the newer 5B's? Any huge sound quality differences?
  10. joefosho315

    used integrated amp for Energy C-3

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a vintage/used integrated amp that will power my Energy C-3 speakers just as well as my Pioneer A-35r does. I've got to use the pioneer for a different setup now, but would still like to keep the performance of my Energy C-3's at the same level. In hopes of saving some...
  11. joefosho315

    headphone depression

    95% of the music listening I do is done through my headphone rig. I've invested most of my money into building a decent enough headphone rig as a substitute for my speaker rig now that I am in a living situation that does not allow me to listen to speakers. It's been that way for a few months...
  12. joefosho315

    FT: Koss KSC75 for JVC Marshmallows

    Hey guys, I've got a basically new pair of KSC75's that I got for the gym. They definitely have no more than 5 hours on them. Turns out, I think I need something a bit more isolating since the gym is noisier than I thought. Thus, I would be willing to trade these virtually new headphones for...
  13. joefosho315

    customs tips for

    Has anybody thought about getting custom tips for their UE's? Where could I possibly get them, if possible at all? Lastly, would the custom tips be more of a comfort issue or would they significantly alter the sound quality as well?
  14. joefosho315

    FT/FS: AL im716

    I've got a pair of brand new AL im716's still sealed in the factory box. I'd like to trade them for a pair of used Grado SR-225 and of course the appropriate amount of cash.
  15. joefosho315


    Sold a pair of Beyerdynamic DT250-250's to Rob. He was very quick with his responses and his payment. Great guy to deal with.
  16. joefosho315

    9v battery charger

    Has anybody here had any experience with the cheapo ebay 9V battery chargers? I've got a go-vibe V5s on the way, so I'm thinking a rechargeable 9v battery would be the most cost-efficient. Can I get away with the $10 ebay battery chargers, or should they be avoided?
  17. joefosho315

    techflex question

    Hey guys, I've just got a quick question regarding techflex for my first DIY cable project. I'm planning on making a mini to RCA cable. I've learned a lot in the DIY interconnect sticky, but I'm still a little unsure about the techflex. In some pics, the techflex looks porous and you can see...
  18. joefosho315

    SPC vs. solid silver

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of making my first DIY ipod line out dock. The thing is, I'm not sure what kind of cable would be best for it. SPC can be had for super cheap on ebay through navships, but solid silver is much much more expensive. Is SPC a lot easier to work with, in terms of flexibility...
  19. joefosho315

    portable amp for

    Hey guys, I've been searching for a portable amp for quite some time now. It will be for my 5G Ipod and UE 10's. I'd like to keep it below $150. I'm particularly looking for something that synergizes well with the's, like a more forward mid-range. There are just so many...
  20. joefosho315 setup

    How are you guys using your UE's? For me, I'm using the stock black cable with the medium silicone tips. Also, I know that a lot of you have had success with the double flange tips, but for the life of me, I cannot get a proper seal with them. Lastly, they're being run unamped out of...
  21. joefosho315

    zhaolu hype

    I've been looking for a while now for an external DAC to replace my TBAAM. During the introduction of the zhaolu, I was really tempted to get one with all of its hype. A couple months later however, the zhaolu is not really talked about as much. Is this DAC really just a FOTM, slowly passing its...
  22. joefosho315

    resampling from TBAAM

    So from what I'm gathering, it seems that the TBAAM resamples everything to 48 kHz, but does so terribly. So I tried using foobar's resampler, setting it to 48 kHz, and there did seem to be a sonic difference at the time. My question is, even if you feed the TBAAM a 48 kHz signal, will it still...
  23. joefosho315

    Silverstone EB01 vs. Echo Indigo DJ

    My rig so far has been: iTunes (ALAC) -> TBAAM/5G ipod -> pioneer a-35r amp -> energy c-3 bookshelves/beyer dt250. To me, the TBAAM sounds the exact same as the 5G ipod through its lineout. I'm looking for an upgrade, so I've been reading about the silverstone and the echo. Keeping in mind that...
  24. joefosho315

    different ipod line outs

    Hey guys, I've been researching this for a while and there seem to be mixed thoughts on different line out docks having different sound quality on the 5G ipod. Is there really going to be a difference in the TurboDockII, pocketdock, sik, etc.? If there is, can someone explain how because I've...
  25. joefosho315

    PC control of ipod w/lineout

    The more I read about the lineout of the ipods, the closer I get to getting one for my 5G ipod. My current setup is iTunes > TBAAM > amp > bookshelf speakers. It sounds decent, but I'm curious to see if the lineout of the iPod is superior.The thing I enjoy about this setup is that I can simply...