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    How to make an interconnect Step by Step With Pics

    their are better cables. but not really for the money im partial to cardas quad. and huge amounts of SPC in a jena labs braid.
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    HD-650 with DIY cardas cable and stock cable

    my HD-650s with my 5' DIY cardas cable. cardas plug and cable with stock 650 connectors soldered directly to the pins like they should be. I will also include the stock cable will ship out in the box they came in. I'm the first owner and have always put these back in their box or on a stand...
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    About the HeadRoom's Total Bithead amp

    well the corda aria saves you from having to spend more money on a DAC later to use your computer. Amps do make a huge difference. The corda aria would be a great amp/dac and save you from upgrade-itus for a while. anyway welcome to head-fi sorry about your wallet.
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    i did that for a few days while i waited for new parts to arrive, sounded pretty bad. in the comparison to the digital cable i built at least.
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    Tried amping my Zune :)

    take a look at C&C's offerings.
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    The "mod your Zhalou" Thread

    should get a hold of the guy who did AMB's faceplates.
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    I'm officially Mid-Fi!

    wait untell you tell them you spent 200 on parts just to build a interconnect cable. or when you have 5 amps in a row on your desk.
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    The "mod your Zhalou" Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by cotdt a good balanced volume pot is only $20, so you can just buy them. you can still use your darkvoice in a balanced configuration. but you will need another one. i have been looking for a 4 channel pot for my balanced rig, were did you find one for...
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    Message to all Zune Users..........

    Quote: Originally Posted by smartone incorrect, Halo was slated to be a Mac game since Bungie was a Mac first or Mac only game developer. It was entirely developed on the Mac with CodeWeaver and set for release within a month. BUT, MS wanted Halo so they paid a high price and bought...
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    Message to all Zune Users..........

    on the note of geting your facts stright the pippin was sold. "Apple never intended to release its own Pippin. Instead it intended to license the technology to third parties, a business model similar to that of the ill-fated 3DO; however, the only Pippin licensee to release a product to...
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    Japanese imports better??

    paying 5x the price for an improvement in audio quality is what this hobby is all about lol.
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    oil injected cables

    Quote: Originally Posted by mypasswordis Hm, anyone know the dielectric constant of snake oil? something around -5 i have heard.
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    Transparent Cable: What is in those little "network" boxes.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Icarium Those cables frighten me. Need patrick to get on these stat. he would just recable them with valhalla.
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    I've got my Senn HD650s, but there must be something wrong

    theirs a difference between having enough power to hear the HD-650's and having enough power to push them to their limits. These cans do take a lot of power to run well.
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    One last step?

    I need a new DAC, RS-1's and then i should be done... or rather i will start working on a speaker rig.
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    Best Zune WMV Converter?

    I have had good luck with Cucusoft Zune video converter.
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    question to Zune owners

    I have had good luck with Cucusoft Zune video converter. It can be found on the web...
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    I did ABX last night and was 6/7 with lame V3. I'm getting better as i upgrade my rig. I'm sure there will be a point were its very easy to tell the difference.
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    Best HD650 upgrade for ~$170?

    the alien dac is by no means a high end source, its a budget dac that works well if you need usb and are short on cash, or want a very small dac. I put mine in a case with a pimeta for a rig i can take on the road.
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    Headphone Stands

    Quote: Originally Posted by Fitz Maybe, maybe not. Some recent posts have me rethinking how much I will actually post about my own stuff in the regular forums. I can PM the pictures if I do get it, though. AKG thieves on the loose?
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    any experience with cardas "y" cable

    anything made by Cardas will do a good job at whatever it was ment to do.
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    Token Japanese Music Thread (Esp. Indie Rock)

    yah music meant for the Japanese Domestic Market. and supercar is great indie or not lol.