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  1. Mr_Penut

    balanced tube amp from little dot

    the powersupply covers appear to be literal soup cans
  2. Mr_Penut

    Nikon user, need advise on 50 1.4 vs 85 1.8 for potrait use?

    i agree it's a nice lens/length, but you will get much less use out of it vs a shorter focal length. get them the50 now, and the 85 next year if they want to do more portrait work.
  3. Mr_Penut

    Nikon user, need advise on 50 1.4 vs 85 1.8 for potrait use?

    i'd suggest the 50 on a crop body. the 85 isgoing to seem like a lens over 100mm, which is not nearly as useful.
  4. Mr_Penut

    IC: G&W AT F-100

    I won this in the raffle, but after trying it in my system, it doesn't fit. I have no idea how much it is worth, so make me an offer. I am in kingston, ontario, canada. This amp is designed to drive audiotechnicas, as far as I know. I'll post pics when I get back from class. Item is in near...
  5. Mr_Penut

    SOLD: HD595 Magic Red Edition!

    FYI, with this sale comes duke_of_eli's invite to any future toronto meet.
  6. Mr_Penut

    how does Marantz CC4001 compare to cd5001?

    try calling just hi fi, they may have some decent players in stock for you to try out.
  7. Mr_Penut

    *update*What...FedEx stole my package!!!!

    paypal are crooks, simple as that. on a related note, I know someone who worked for UPS and yes, **** get stolen all the time. Don't ship ipods/cellphones, or anything else that looks tasty by private courier, as many of the packages are opened and inspected.
  8. Mr_Penut

    GTA meet part 2...

    el_matto and I are going to come down for this, last one was a ton of fun
  9. Mr_Penut

    Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

    i have a navy blue 51 that I use for everything great all around pen
  10. Mr_Penut

    GTA meet part 2...

    when abouts are we planning on having this?
  11. Mr_Penut

    Curse of the Three Foot Cable (...Please help...)

    cat 5 is cheap and sounds pretty good. Just get some housing for the wires and you'll be set!
  12. Mr_Penut

    Headphones stores in/near Toronto?

    bay bloor radio corner of bay and bloor, has grados, senns, akg and several others
  13. Mr_Penut

    Skate (Game)... Wow!

    I enjoy it, and pray they make a skate 2 to fix the big problems (imo) 1. you need to be able to see through the skater when lining up bigger tricks 2. no twoplayer freeskate is frustrating
  14. Mr_Penut

    FS: DreadHead HQ dread care products

    im considering shoot me a pm and I'll think about it
  15. Mr_Penut

    Koss PortaPro

    can't remember the boxes I got my two pairs in sorry
  16. Mr_Penut

    complete hardshell *case* (not cover) for iPod?

    pelican cases usually have removable foam so you can fit it to your needs
  17. Mr_Penut

    speaker amp help!

    HEY! . .. I need help finding a speaker amp! My speakers are a pair of Royd audio bookshelves from a few years back, sources are a mission cd player, and technics tt. My MAD headamp has a line preamp built in, so I can use that if I need to. After talking to a nice old man at the stereo...
  18. Mr_Penut

    Office equipment

  19. Mr_Penut

    I did a little experiment...

    I can usually pick up on it in the distortion in cymbals often that is it however.
  20. Mr_Penut

    The worst offenders for headphone hair?

    headphones cant stop the locs
  21. Mr_Penut

    Attention readers and teachers

    the ear the eye and the arm can't remember the author; great book