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  1. bperboy

    FS: TI OPA627AP

    I've got 7 unused units of OPA627AP. I've had them sitting around awhile in static-dissipative box, had some unused extras from when I built a PPAv2. Price includes shipping to CONUS; Paypal only, please.   Please PM any questions.
  2. bperboy

    FS: AMB Gamma2

    I am currently planning a Gamma2 build. If anyone is interested in having me build them a Gamma2, I would be willing to double my order to do that. Please send me a PM if you are interested and we can discuss the details. It would be $250 shipped to the US.    Thanks, Evan C aka bperboy
  3. bperboy

    AMB σ22 Regulated Power Supply (+-30V) & Toroidal Transformer

    For sale is a dual-rail power supply from, the σ22 Regulated Power Supply. I have configured it for +-30V operation and verified that the outputs measure +-30.28V. So pretty much dead on. There's a red LED installed as power indicator and to drain the capacitors when the power supply is...
  4. bperboy

    IC: Second Mid-Indiana Meet

    So I had a great time planning the Mid-Indiana Meet this past March, and was thinking of organizing another this fall, once I'm back at school. Due to a busy first term, there's really only one weekend that I could host the event. Basically, how many people would be willing to have a Head-Fi...
  5. bperboy


    Sold m3_arun an AudioDIYLab DAC-301 that I built. Quick communication and payment; no issues and would deal with again.
  6. bperboy

    Grado GS1000 Comparison

    Introduction & Background I was given the opportunity to test out the Grado GS1000 headphones by Head-Fi member Zanth. He is currently running the Headphone Loan Programme [LINK], which includes a several pairs of Grado headphones: SR-60, GS1000, and an RS-1/RS-2 combo pack. If you meet the...
  7. bperboy

    SOLD: Millett Hybrid MiniMAX

    For sale is one of two MiniMAXes that I've built. From the excellent Millett website, as written by TomB: Quote: The Millett Hybrid MiniMAXed, or Millett MiniMAX, or MiniMAX for short, is a vacuum tube and discrete solid state hybrid headphone amplifier. Quote: ...the...
  8. bperboy

    SOLD: Shure SE530 -- $OLD Shipped (CONUS) -- Pics Added

    For sale are a pair of Shure SE530s. They come with the original metal box, plus all original paperwork. I originally had the fit kit, but I won't be shipping with the medium foamies, as I have used them extensively. I'm selling these to fund the purchase of a new pair of cans, probably the...
  9. bperboy

    Battery Backups

    I just had a thought, maybe someone with some more technical knowledge than myself could chime in. I see people saying that battery backups aren't ideal for audio usage because they create a not-so-perfect sine wave AC output.. but I was thinking that since my amps are rectifying AC into DC...
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    Never Mind...
  11. bperboy

    Good or Bad Deal?

    Is this Ebay sale on a BNIB K501 a good deal for right about now?
  12. bperboy

    Beginning the Casework...

    Check it out.. the beginnings of my casework for my power amp... The blue velvet has the new ε27 board from Should be pretty nice when I get everything else mounted!
  13. bperboy

    Violin Recital

    I just had my Senior Violin Recital last sunday, and I've uploaded video to my iWeb website. If you guys want to check it out, I don't think I'm too bad! However, the videos do take a bit to load up... hopefully, it won't be too much of a problem. Random Ramblings at The Grindstone
  14. bperboy

    How in the HECK...

    do I use those connectors that go onto power input modules (Mouser PN: 538-19003-0001)? I had some awhile ago, but couldn't for the life of me figure out how to attach the wires to the connector. Do I need a crimper?
  15. bperboy

    Album Cover typo!?

    I just noticed today my copy of Kingdom of Heaven OST says on the spine label, "Kindgdom of Heaven"! So weird! Does anyone else have any obvious typos on their stuff?
  16. bperboy

    IC/FS/FT: Canon 100mm Macro Package

    I have for sale my Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens, Tripod Ring, Lens Hood, B+W KR-1.5 Skylight Filter, and a Tiffen Soft F/X 3 filter. The lens is scratchless on the outside as well as on the glass. The tripod ring gives a more centered tripod mount, as well as enabling horizontal to vertical...
  17. bperboy

    My Bad

    Wrong forum folks! Sorry about that!
  18. bperboy

    American League Championship Series

    Which is it? And you know there is only one right answer But seriously, you know what team you better pick...
  19. bperboy

    DAC-301 Review

    Check out my review of the DAC-301 from here! I know I posted some pics awhile ago, but I did a little write-up. Let me know what you think!
  20. bperboy

    I am a Headphoneus Supremus... for real this time! [56k, No!]

    To all on Head-Fi, This being my 1,500th. post, I thought I would reiterate what a great community Head-Fi is, and what it has given to me. Most of my doings have been in the DIY section of Head-Fi, but I would like to let everyone know how great this site is. This post is rather lengthy, but I...
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    ... Sorry
  22. bperboy

    Happy Birthday

    I'd like to wish a happy birthday to all the people today, and hope that your day goes well!
  23. bperboy

    Balanced CMoy

    Okay, here's an idea for a cheaper balanced amp to get me started before I do a Balanced B22. I will take a quad 132 opamp from TI, specifically the OPA4132UA, and pop it into the standard CMoy circuit, using a browndog adapter. Since I use HD580s and they have higher impedance, should I have to...
  24. bperboy

    Part ID Please

    I've got the power pin out on my DAC301. Can someone give me a Mouser part number for what I need to make a cable connector for it? It's the white connector right in front of the headphone jack. It is approximately 5mm between the 1st and 3rd pins.
  25. bperboy

    Recording Question

    Okay, I've got a passive pickup for my violin. I run this into the line in on my macbook pro, and increase the gain until you can hear it. This also increases the hum significantly. Question number 1: I know that the passive nature of my pickup would require amping in between the violin and...