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  1. ksu06

    SOLD: Koss ESP950

    For sale is a basically new Koss ESP950. I purchased it brand new from Massdrop, but the sound is not for me. Total time of usage is under 6 hours. Includes all original cables, amp, power supply, leather case and packaging. Asking $450 or best offer, including CONUS shipping and PayPal fees.
  2. ksu06

    Yulong Sabre P18 Power Processing Center

    For sale is a like new Yulong Sabre P18. It was purchased brand new in July 2014 from Massdrop by me.   Here are the product details:   Includes all original packaging and power cable.   Feel free to PM with any questions.   Price...
  3. ksu06

    FS: Woo Audio WA2 and various tubes

    For sale is a Woo Audio WA2 in perfect condition.   The details: 110V Silver   The tubes (pairs): CBS 6AS7G Sylvania JAN 6080WC (6AS7G) RCA 6AS7G Genalex Gold Lion (E88CC) Tesla Gold Saber (E88CC) Amperex Bugle Boys (E88CC) Voskhod Rocket (E88CC) (3 pairs) RFT EZ80 RCA Amperex...
  4. ksu06

    Help with Nearfield Monitors ... Ground Loop Isolator?

    So I recently purchased a pair of Mackie MR5 active monitors and so far, I am reasonably satisfied. However, at first, I had them plugged into the same power strip as my computer, screen, hard drive, etc etc (I have a lot of electronics to say the least), and with this set up, there was a...
  5. ksu06

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD600 + Zombie_X Pure Silver Cable

    So, the day that I never thought would come has finally arrived! I have decided to go a different direction with my hobbies and am selling off my desk rig. The last piece is the HD600. I am the second owner after the first owner bought them in July 2009 from Amazon and traded them to me after...
  6. ksu06

    SOLD: Rockhopper PPA

    I think I am going in a different direction with my audio so I am thinking about selling this amp. Bought it from Head-Fier Dash about 4 months ago and has served me very well paired with my HD600. The amp is built on the V1.1A board but with the discrete diamond buffers installed so it is...
  7. ksu06

    SOLD: Grado SR225

    Just received these headphones in a trade a couple of days ago and while I really love the sound, I cannot get over the comfort issue of Grados no matter what pads I use. Therefore I am putting it up for sale. Selling them exactly as I received them. Sorry, no box. Condition is good, there is...
  8. ksu06

    SOLD: Cavalli Kan Kumisa III CKKIII

    I've decided to keep my PPA, so this amp has to go. It was built by Head-Fier fc911c and we have been the only two owners. The CKKIII is built in two cases to separate the toroidal transformer from the rest of the amp. I do not really know the specifics of parts, but I assume they are pretty...
  9. ksu06

    PPA vs CK2III comparison

    I currently have both a PPA and a CK2III on my desk and just sat down for the last couple of hours doing some listening comparisons, so I thought I would post my thoughts. I did all my listening with my foobar2000 set for KS and my Gamma1 Lite DAC with either 320kbps mp3s or flac. So the...
  10. ksu06

    SOLD: AKG K701

    I just recently acquired this pair of K701s and really enjoy them. However, after some intense comparing, it seems I am more of an HD600 fan, but still a close one. Therefore, I am putting the K701 up as an interest check ... I will only sell them if I get genuine interest or reasonable offers...
  11. ksu06

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD580 Stock (/w HD600 drivers)

    For sale is an HD580 that I actually just received this morning in a very interesting trade with Head-Fier crewchief. Anyway, as I am perfectly happy with my HD600, I will be selling these. I gave them a quick listen and they actually sound more burned in than my HD600. Also, crewchief replaced...
  12. ksu06


    I bought CK's Atrio M5, it was a great transaction, a very reasonable guy with great shipping time. Definitely recommended.
  13. ksu06

    SOLD: Black iPod 5th Generation 60GB

    I have for sale a black iPod video (5th generation) 60gb. The condition is typical of most used iPods--light surface scratches. Otherwise, it is functionally perfect, with an average battery life of 10 hours (better than most of my friends' iPods by far!). Pics As you can see, I will also...
  14. ksu06

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD580 Stock

    I have a pair of HD600s on the way, so I can safely part with these. This is an interest check for now as I will not ship these until I get the HD600 (Thursday at the earliest). Some pics to peak your interest They are in great condition, headband pad replaced 2 months ago, earpads...
  15. ksu06

    SOLD: JVC Victor HP-FX500 (CONUS)

    I bought these brand new and owned them for 6 days, but decided that the sound sig is just not for me. 115 hours of burn in, about 10 of them being actual head time. Mint condition, as they have never even left my desk! Includes IEM, extension cable, case, 4 sets of tips in various sizes, all...