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  1. chesterqw

    VE Odyssey - Discussions and Impressions Thread

    the ve odyssey is also worth it when your phone has no headphone jack.
  2. chesterqw

    VE Odyssey - Discussions and Impressions Thread

    that is actually very common, even paypal does that for refunds. Don't give him crap just because you had to destroy the product to get a refund, that is just how the world works. The other way would be to send him back the DAC with your own funds(the dac is sold at a very low price), which...
  3. chesterqw

    Would you like to have Rockbox on X3 ..., and would you pay ?

    depend on how the money is used and if promises are kept. 
  4. chesterqw

    FiiO X3 mod - AD8397 to AD8620

    modded it with the muses 8820 just now, and it works :D   unfortunately i don't have another x3 with me so i can't really test whether it was for the better or worst :x   it stills sounds great to me though.   the 2 caps at the side was PITA and not soldering anything for months was making...
  5. chesterqw

    FiiO X3 mod - AD8397 to AD8620

    is the muses8820 okay for this mod? it is bipolar too but didn't state it is rail to rail in datasheet.
  6. chesterqw

    The Fiio X5 Thread

      very affordable, i think that guy might be crazy     
  7. chesterqw

    The Fiio X5 Thread

    last i saw, 200sgd for used. only 1 day old lol
  8. chesterqw

    The Fiio X5 Thread

    different market maybe. quite a few selling in singapore forums
  9. chesterqw

    The Fiio X5 Thread

      buy a 2nd hand x3 and wait for x5
  10. chesterqw

    Stax: SR 002 + Srm 002 and Srm 003 mk2 + Srm 003 impression and appreciation thread

    wow, that new Sr 002 + Srm 002 looks really nice and portable :)   seems like a great choice for a quiet getaway.
  11. chesterqw

    The ZO2 Has Landed.

    hi there,   i have obtained a RMA number last year for the first batch of ZO2 that had problems.   but until now i have not sent it back for RMA (tight schedule, weekdays in camp, weekends busy sleeping back my sleepless nights)   is it still eligible for RMA ?
  12. chesterqw

    GF has tiny ears

      Image X10 ? i believe those are tiny
  13. chesterqw

    Precautions to take when burning in an amp?

    don't use too big a flame. okay... i normally use pink noise.
  14. chesterqw

    The iBasso P3+ Herron has made its way to my door and there are images and more . . .

    hello guys, an update for my Ibasso P3 heron non+ version ADA4627-1 in L/R + dummy buffer + LME49720 in ground sounds awesome to me not sure it was posted or not but 17 pages to look thru is no joke.
  15. chesterqw

    Shure SRH840 mini xlr mod

    really nice work! wet sanding should help with the scratches? no?
  16. chesterqw

    LME49710HA + LME49600TS diy amp

    the LME49600 documents have a simple headphone amplifier evaluation board which seems very cool to me.
  17. chesterqw

    Best opamp ic chip for boosting bass on the Ibasso P3+ Heron

    hmm.... i forgot really what it was but i believe opa2111... play with the opamps that come together with the amp remember to note the polarity of the opamps
  18. chesterqw

    Songs to use as a good benchmark/song to impress your friends

    Glinka: Russlan and Ludmilla, Overture / The Moscow Philharmonic bad equipment= sounds very congested. lady gaga bad romance is good too for testing the bass XD of course, try to get lossless for both... lossy is a no go!
  19. chesterqw

    Mini^3 vs Ibasso D2+ Boa for UE 10s

    vote for the mini3.
  20. chesterqw

    Unknown cmoy OPA! Can anyone help?

    a google search turns up nothing...70% sure it is nothing good :P
  21. chesterqw

    Best Tube Headphone Amp To DIY

    i had a good shock from a 250v 330uf capacitor. luckily with my right hand :x so you would better buy some protection!
  22. chesterqw

    DIY proof of burn in with iphone/smartphone

    Quote: Originally Posted by prone2phone maybe for measuring cables' burn in one needs NASA equipment, but for dynamic headphones iphone should be enough - many respectable reviewers hear the change even by their ears... do you know how powerful human ears are?
  23. chesterqw

    Looking for a nice Opamp for 18Volts

    i believe the JRC45556 is a dual opamp. 2 operational amplifier in a chip. opamps like the opa627 is a single opamp chip