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  1. xenochimera

    Fiio e9/e7 combo

    sold pending payment
  2. xenochimera

    Looking for some help from Wristwatch-Fi

    casio or suunto are your best bets.
  3. xenochimera

    my nerd battle station.

    Hi Tim,   I use reds right now for gaming/typing but I would like a blue or brown for typing at work.   Cheers ~X
  4. xenochimera

    my nerd battle station.

    add some mechanical keyboard goodness in there
  5. xenochimera

    DAC/Amp/Cans $500 budget

    O2 dac+amp (~$300 assembled, under $200 DIY) Senn HD 650 (~400 MSRP, ~$300 sale price)   probably one of the best combos out there.
  6. xenochimera

    USB DAC/Amp for <$300, pairing with Ultrasone HFI-780

    the hfi-780 seems pretty easy to drive, you can drive it easily with just the e7.
  7. xenochimera

    FiiO e9 static

    not sure if this is resolved but try unpluging the usb cable from the back of the e9 and reconnecting, if that doesnt work, try a comp restart.
  8. xenochimera

    WTB Audio gd NFB-12

    Quote: Is that your listing? The seller has no feedback and I am not sure why the condition is listed as 9/10 when he said it is new.
  9. xenochimera

    What "product" that doesn' t yet exist would you like for your set up?

    120hz IPS monitor with at least 1920x1200 res...of course need uber GPU to power that thing too
  10. xenochimera

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Quote: mind sharing the screen wallpaper? thanks  
  11. xenochimera

    Zune HD 16gb

    willing to trade as well, looking for sansa fuze or earphones, willing to add cash on my end for appropriate trades.
  12. xenochimera

    New Triple fi 10 vi

    I can send it to Australia if you are willing to spend a bit more to cover the cost of shipping.
  13. xenochimera

    Zune HD 16gb

    Hi everyone, I have my Zune HD for sale. It is the 16 gb version, black. Had screen protector and incipio case on since day one. Condition for the player is mint. the case shows a bit of rubbing damage, but still functions perfectly. all original accessories included. $125 shipped.   Looking...
  14. xenochimera

    New Triple fi 10 vi

    Hi guys, I have a new in box triple fi 10 vi, my old pair broke and luckily was under warranty, Logitech just sent me these at the end of September. Looking for $225 shipped.   Additionally, you can buy this and my zune hd 16 gb for $315 shipped.   CONUSA only.   feedbacks...
  15. xenochimera

    Road bikes and the Tour

    its the rider, not the ride. same as in photography, give a beginner a $5k setup and the pro will probably still get better pictures with a $150 point n shoot. any brand listed here will be more than fine.
  16. xenochimera

    Good cigarettes?

    wow 7 pages and no love for Winston?? i used to smoke marb 27, mild, red, light, camel turkish gold..recently moved to winston, the regular ones are harsh but the light ones are really good. not sure if its me but i swear they burn longer than any marlboro ive smoked..
  17. xenochimera

    All about the Gaming mouse...a Buyer's guide (Mouse-fi)

    i used to play competitively with a mx510, a few months ago the 518 was on sale for 21 so i snagged one even though i only play casually now. logitech makes good stuff, although the skills of the gamer is always more important.
  18. xenochimera

    sony ericsson walkmans, hows the SQ?

    Hey guy I am wondering if anybody here uses their phone as a portable rig..i just sold off all my gear, and i do have this sony ericsson w595 walkman model...debating if i should go for a sansa clip or just grab a 8gb card for the walkman..or perhaps another phone from the nokia series..just...
  19. xenochimera

    sony ericsson w580i

    had it for less than a month, decent phone but i prefer something with a bigger keypad. comes with all original acc and a car charger. 2GB microSD card included as well. this is the darkblue blue version. $210 shipped CONUSA. EDIT: this is the W595...