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  1. eruditass

    [WTB][USA] Schiit Modi 2 Uber and Elecom LBT-PHP500AV Bluetooth receiver

    Looking for a Schiit Modi 2 Uber for ~ $90 and a Elecom LBT-PHP500AV Bluetooth Receiver for ~ $40
  2. eruditass

    Amp for LCD-2 Fazor, DT880 600 Ohms and more

    Headphones: LCD-2 Fazor, DT880 600 Ohms, AKG Q701, HD6XX (soon) Source: EMU 0404 Music preferences: all over the place. metal, singer-songwriter, pop, classical, jazz, electronic Budget: ~$500, but am pretty flexible (though I don't mind saving money either) I'm looking for an amp that can...
  3. eruditass

    Idenitifying tubes, testing tubes

    I just got some used 6680 and was quite excited only to realize there is nothing on them or the box that says 6680 (though it could be faded). Only thing I see is GE symbol, and 12 AU7. Also, is there a general way to test how "matched" these tubes are? Thanks!
  4. eruditass

    FS: SOHA v.3 and Alien DAC kit

    I have these kits from Jeff Rossel that I never ended up building. I did not get the case nor the tube from him, so they are not included. Order forms (if they may have changed) I used are found here:
  5. eruditass

    WTB: IM716 replacement filters

    I lost mine and got the current ones a little wet :\
  6. eruditass

    my right ear is low-fi

    So I always thought it was weird that cymbals, high hats, etc always seem to come from the left when listening to music. Well I finally got around to switching the channels. Unfortunately, it isn't the music, but my ears! It's like there's a relatively thick veil or low even iBuds on my right...
  7. eruditass

    Why I can't hear 20Khz anymore

    So I kinda confirmed my suspicions as to why I can't hear way up there anymore (I can still hear around 18Khz) and why I have a bit of tinnitus. Years ago before I got into this hobby, I would drive several hours to go to european band concerts. I had just gotten my new toy, a little turbo'd...
  8. eruditass

    EMU0404 winamp asio - no sound unless resample

    using winamp and that japanese ASIO plugin, half of the songs do not work unless I resample to something other than 44100. I can't find a difference between songs that do and don't work - both have 44100 Hz sample rates, similar bitrates, joint stereo, etc. ASIO4ALL instead of the emu driver...
  9. eruditass

    going to demo RS-1, RS-2 - what music?

    I may be demoing an RS1 and RS2 system in the near future, what genres and recordings bring out the best AND the worst of these headphones? I have a DT880 for reference. what i've heard are the +'s -speed -PRAT -intimacy of certain recordings like jazz, rock, metal -distorted guitars...
  10. eruditass

    WTB: GE 6680 tube, BG caps

    looking for a 6680 tube for my soha, PM me with offers or links. also how long do tubes last? NOS ones? edit: best source for blackgate and other film caps for alien?
  11. eruditass

    AKG 701 owners - do you like bose in-ears?

    like this guy? and do they really sound almost as good as a full sized hd-555's?? maybe i should try some. and yes obviously he couldn't get shure's to fit right, but i don't think he shouldn bash the sound, just the fit and ergonomics. with perfect fit, i find shure's and ety/AL have just...
  12. eruditass

    etymotic er-20 baby blue

    Etymotic Research, Inc. - ER•20 High Fidelity Earplugs has anyone tried the baby-blues? my ears are the smaller variety and full triflanges end up hurting after a while. However, nothing matches the isolation of three flanges, although biflanges are more comfortable. I'm thinking of...
  13. eruditass

    FT: PK3 J-cord for your Y-cord

    I recently received some PK3 J-cords and I hate the J-cord. Great condition, PM me your offer.
  14. eruditass

    which DIY amp?

    so i'm trying to venture into the world of DIY stuff and higher end fi and well the only DAC thats reccomended is the Alien. I've never listened from a decent source or amp but I would like to see what it is like. From my understanding most dacs like the Alien doesn't have any kind of headphone...
  15. eruditass

    Shure headphone cases - why!?

    why do the insides have to be of that material?? it gets the fuzz on my tips and that defeats the purpose of the case because weird stuff is now going in my ears! i don't want to buy a new case!
  16. eruditass

    HD-25 cables - Y vs one sided? microphonics?

    for those who have switched from the stock one sided cable to a two sided cable by flipping the cups, have you noticed a change in microphonics? any other adv/disadvantages? I'm deciding between the following options: HD600 cable with a cable turtle or something. HD650 cable, shorten...
  17. eruditass

    creative ep640?

    are these the same as the ep630's or what? i saw them at circuit city for $50+
  18. eruditass

    FS: shure pth

    a week or so old, never used $45 + ship obo
  19. eruditass

    FS: dane-elec meizu m6 8gb white, accessories, ex90, e2c

    Selling less than 1 month old dane-elec meizu m6 8gb white, almost brand new condition, full warranty, receipt available if needed. place bought from wants 15% restocking fee, so i'm putting it up here. hisses with e500. bought from amazon dealer for $165 shipped has original box, and all...
  20. eruditass

    so one of my ear canals is considerably smaller

    so my right ear canal is noticibly smaller and closed off, it's difficult to push in as far in with small grey flex as i can with the left ear. isolation is lopsided as with sound and it even looks off in the mirror. e4c's & m6 left ear unfortunate right ear. i can't physically...
  21. eruditass

    my opinions on the e2c and er6i (mostly on fit/comfort)

    a lot of people badmouth the e2c atleast from a fitment point of view. we've all heard the arguments between the two from a sonic standpoint, but i will go over my relatively unaudophile opinions real quick with a kramer modded e2c: bass is a little less tight with the e2c but deeper and not...
  22. eruditass

    replacement for my cowon U2

    so my U2 was stolen last year and well i'm sick of using my staticky 256 mb phone as a mp3 player. i loved the u2 for everything that it had, and all the useless features it didnt have. there were some things i wish it had (accelerating ff/rw or something like ipod where you click and then...
  23. eruditass

    ipod mini SQ with rockbox

    so my friend is trying to sell his old ipod mini 4gb. i don't need that much space, i loved my iaudio u2 1gb (got stolen, 512 mb shuffle (it died) and get by on my 256 mb phone (but the quality ain't so hot and most importantly it is slow to transfer). i've heard bad things about the ipod mini...