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  1. solo2

    Best IEMs for relaxing?

    UM2s I sleep with them every night. Mid-range is quite pronounced so if it's not your cup of tea, you might want to try to shures, etys or superfis.
  2. solo2

    For Head-fi & Audiophile Women

    Well, I'm a female tech geek and yah I don't mind people calling me a geek. Geeks rule the world. Just look at Bill Gates I can't find any like-minded audiophilic female in my area yet though. Most people, guys and gals alike, don't care much about sound quality. That's why everywhere I go, I...
  3. solo2

    The Westone UM1/UM2 Appreciation Thread

    Quote: ** One question: where are those of you using Etymotic flange tips buying them? And will any Etymotic triflange fit the UM2? ** Yeah Ety tips fit the UM2s nicely just like the Shures. I get them at a local store in Singapore but I guess you can order them at earphonesolutions...
  4. solo2

    small mp3 player which used AA/AAA battery

    Iriver T10. Runs on a single AA. I've been using it for 3 months now and I need only to change my rechargeables once a week. I'm a medium to considerably heavy user since I commute and sleep with them
  5. solo2 3 or Westone UM1

    The Westones are more comfortable but you might want to note that the Y chain is fixed in the Westones so you can't adjust them. They ride up pretty high up the neck too........ This applies only if you wear the Westones in front.
  6. solo2

    IEM's Er6i or Um1 or something else entirely?

    Yes I would think the westones seem hardier than the etys. Cord management should be easier on the westones too. I thought the westones seal well especially when used with shure triflanges. I own a westone and a ue myself. But AUD215 for the um1s are pricey. In Singapore, the um1s could be had...
  7. solo2

    Better to have multiple "good" pairs, or one killer pair? POLL!

    A few earphones - not for their musical abilities across different genres but for different activities e.g. chores, exercising, commuting etc. Wouldn't want to ruin a pair of expensive earphones while jogging or vacuuming.
  8. solo2

    I thought I was getting a Zune, but Santa brought me a Scooba

    There was really hilarious. Bet it must really be anti-climatic. Well well, you still got next Christmas or your B'day to prod your wife in the right direction
  9. solo2

    Recommend Me a Pair of IEMs

    UE Superfi 3s. These retail for USD80 plus? And with user replaceable cables, these could potentially last you for a long time. You could also save some money for a better DAP.
  10. solo2

    Help deciding

    Headphones aren't as good a choice if you're planning to use them for the whole day. They don't isolate as well too. Imagine going to the library or walking in the streets with them. IEMs and canal earphones are better at isolation even if soundstage aren't as wide. Of the IEMs you've narrowed...
  11. solo2

    What about Samsung YP-K5?

    I had the chance to audition the samsung mp3 player and the SQ is unequivocably miles ahead of the ipod. I was testing with my superfi 3s and was quite disappointed with the 8gb nano. I had to crank up the volume to close to max in order to make sense of the music. Worse of all, distortions were...
  12. solo2

    Which inserts you prefer for your IEMs

    Biflanges for UEs and soft silicone for Westones. Somehow, I cannot get used to the complies. You also have to change them constantly. May get triflanges or custom moulds in the future
  13. solo2

    Need Help Decided Between IEMs

    Quote: Originally Posted by niftymatt hmm, well I do want a comfortable IEM, but how much more comfortable is the UM2 compared to the others? Trust me, in comfort levels, the UM2 is bar none I dare say I have a UM2 and a Superfi 3s; even if the Superfis to me is quite okay in...
  14. solo2

    Best 2GB flash portable player?

    Any iriver, iaudio or creative players I'm an owner of the iriver T10 and so far it's a solid player with long playback times.
  15. solo2

    Do you people listen to it LOUD?

    Either that or get iems. You can really listen at low volume levels in the streets. On my iriver T10, outside my home it's set at 6/40 and at home it's 4/40. Could protect you from hearing loss
  16. solo2

    UM2's: Are they really $100+ better than 5 Pro's and E4C'c?

    In response to the first question, in terms of comfort, UM2 wins hands down. Note that I'm comparing the UM2 against the superfis only since I own a superfi 3s and they're pretty similar to the pros. They're the most discreet pair of iems I've seen and used so far. I'm sure the E4Cs aren't as...
  17. solo2

    Best IEM's for under $400?

    UM2s for comfort and for their inconspicuous structure. Evem of you're new to iems, these are almost guaranteed to make you forget you have them on. Little or no discomfort whatsoever.
  18. solo2

    What does bass roll off mean?

    Erm..... thanks for the charts and explanations
  19. solo2

    Question about canalphones

    As a former owner of Sony Ex71s, I must say that those ear tips are not exactly very secure. I nearly lost my medium sized sleeves twice......Then again, I simply dumped them in my bag and they could have gotten loose hahaha. I think the creative in-ears are more value for money. For the...
  20. solo2

    UM2 and Impedance

    Quote: Originally Posted by jdimitri That's because you're meant to wear the cable hanging from the back Anyway, i like the westone/shure type case better It's easier to carry around and not an item that people look at and think 'there's something expensive in there' Yeah I...
  21. solo2

    UM2 and Impedance

    Okay I've splurged and gotten myself the UM2s. For the higher price I paid for the UM2s, I thought the accessories and contents of the package could really do with some improvement Notice how the user manual is erm..... really bare and printed in black and white. I wasn't too impressed...
  22. solo2

    UM2 and Impedance

    Thanks for the feedback. Well, now the only thing that's stopping me is the price hahaha I could have gotten a player or something and I've only changed my in-ears a month ago since my nude ex71 went silent. Haven't audited the UM2 yet, will do so today. If the glowing reviews are true, I may...
  23. solo2

    "World's Smallest Disk-based DAP"

    Nay I don't think the a HDD player skips. Never had that happen to me either. But you do have to take pains not to drop it O_o sighs Life's all about trade-offs.......
  24. solo2

    Recommend Flash-based MP3 Player

    Okay just some quick updates. After 3 days of usage at home and in the streets, I'm very impressed with this player in the SQ department. For a flash player, it literally pumps out music. Normal EQ is great but you know what, with SRS, the effects are quadrupled! I am actually hearing my music...
  25. solo2

    Nano Plus, iAudio U3, iRiver T10? Newbie needs help!

    Get the T10. You won't regret it. It meets your requirements to the T. You can check it out in my thread. However if you're on a budget, the Nano plus or any one of the creative flash players is good. I have a muvo nx and after 3years, it's still working