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  1. Muffinhead

    Stax SR-007 MK 2.9

    Headphones have been babied for the past few years and are in excellent condition. The blu-tac mod has ostensibly been installed, but I have not verified this as I'm not the first owner. Includes box, carrying case, and documentation. The headphones are also listed for sale on ebay...
  2. Muffinhead

    Good DAC for Stax

    I got me some SR007's. I have a modi right now but it's having some issues and is definitely holding my system back. I want a standalone USB DAC that is transparent, clean, and precise for under $400 (tops!) I want to buy used if possible, and would prefer something other than Schiit this time...
  3. Muffinhead

    Schiit Lyr 2 with several tube sets + Modi Multibit DAC + Non Fazor Audeze LCD2 with custom cable COMPLETE SYSTEM GREAT DEAL!

    The Lyr has a pair of the stock tubes, a pair of reissue ECC83 Genalex Russian Gold Lions, and a pair of NOS Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8 tubes. Also, a pair of Tubemonger socket savers is included. Amp is in good condition with small blemishes and scratches (will provide additional pictures if...
  4. Muffinhead

    Can i use the Lyr 2 as a preamp for stax?

    Hey all, Can i use said amplifier as a preamp going into an electrostatic amplifier (eg stax sr717) in order to provide color to the sound?
  5. Muffinhead

    FS Original Magni &Modi

    For sale is the original Magni and Modi combo with power cable included for the magni and rca cables included as well. There are some scratches on the chassis of both, especially the Modi, but both work OK. Asking $125 + shipping OBO
  6. Muffinhead

    FS Schiit Lyr 2 + Goodies

    For sale is a Schiit Lyr 2 amp with several sets of extra tubes (the stock canadian 6BZ7, Amperex 6DJ8 Orange Globe NOS tubes, and Genelex E88CC Golden Lions). Additionally, there is a pair of Tubemeister socketsavers is included. Power cable included as well. This is a great chance to try out...
  7. Muffinhead

    FS Sennhesier HD800's Great Condition

    For sale is a pair of Sennheiser HD800's. They are nearly flawless in condition, with only a very small (pictured) paint chip. Included is the box sleeve (which has some wear, also pictured), and the box itself, which isundamaged. Cable and manual included. Asking $800 +shipping OBO
  8. Muffinhead

    FS Audeze LCD2's Custom cable

    For sale is a pair of non-fazor (I believe) brown "Vegan" LCD2's with a 6 foot 1/4" best in the verse custom paracord cable. There are minor scratches and dents on the wood of the earcups, and the earpads are in okay condition (see pics). There is no carrying case included. Asking price $600 +...
  9. Muffinhead

    HD800 Cardas Clear Cable

    Used Cardas Clear HD800 Cable. 3 meters long. Good condition with minor wear. Shipping is not included in the price. 
  10. Muffinhead

    Cardas cable cuts out

    Hello, I have a cardas clear cable for the HD800 that works fine and sounds fine. The only problem is, when I move the jack around when it's plugged into the amp, I notice that the channels cut in and out. I tried it with two amps, so I don't think it's the amps' fault. Is this a normal...
  11. Muffinhead

    Cardas clear HD800 cable

    Does anyone know if this cable sounds any good? I see that their MSRP is around $700. What would be a good price for a used one of these?
  12. Muffinhead

    T1 or HD800 as compliment to LCD2's?

    The title says it all. Regardless of price, which one of these pair of cans would contrast more nicely with the Audeze? I have a Lyr 2 and Magni amp, in case that makes any difference. 
  13. Muffinhead

    Cheap LCD2 cable replacement?

    I don't like the stock cable on the LCD2, and am interested in purchasing a replacement. I do not believe in huge differences in sound between cables, so please don't try convincing me otherwise. All I really want is a nice, quality cable that doesn't tangle easily. $100 is the ceiling of my...
  14. Muffinhead

    WTB Schiit Lyr 2

    Looking for a used Schiit Lyr 2, preferably with LSST "tubes".  
  15. Muffinhead


    Has anyone had experience with this pair of headphones? How do they compare to the HD800's?
  16. Muffinhead

    WA6-SE or Lyr 2?

    I know these amps are not in the same price catagory, but would I see a substantial improvement in performance if I chose the more expensive one? How about the WA6 vs the Lyr 2? 
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  18. Muffinhead

    Strange problem with Magni/Modi setup

    A day or two ago I finally got my first hi-fi headphone rig: Schiit Magni and Modi with the Sennheiser HD600's. Anyway, everything sounds good, but I have experienced a curious sort of problem: the music I'm listening to will actually change pitch. For example, I take a short break from...
  19. Muffinhead

    What music source should I use?

    I'm moving toward putting together a basic open back headphone setup and am wondering what I should use as my music source. I have most of my music on cds, although some is on my computer. I also have an iPod, which is essentially works the same as the computer. I would like to know which of...