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  1. nfsu


    I'm more than happy to start this feedback thread. Shauntell47 bought an iPod Mini from me and the whole deal was flawless. Prompt payment, great communication. Highly recommended.
  2. nfsu

    FS: Ultimate Ears 5 v2 *price drop*

    Hi, The IEMs are in perfect condition (they are only couple of weeks old, all tips except a pair in M size are new). All accessories included (4 pairs of tips, carrying case, box). Price: 100$ shipped worldwide
  3. nfsu


    I'm glad to be the first one to provide some positive feedback to David. I bought an UE 5 from him. Great communication and really fast shipment. I would deal with him again on any occasion. Highly recommended.
  4. nfsu

    FS/FT: Shure SE420

    Black version, perfect condition (2 weeks old), all accesories new (including tips). Price: $160 + shipping (about 5$ worldwide) Also considering trade for other IEMs.
  5. nfsu

    WTB: Shure SE420

    If you have one for sale, PM me with offer. Thanks
  6. nfsu

    WTB: iPod Nano IV gen *found*

    8 GB or 16GB, black or blue color. PM me with offers Cheers
  7. nfsu

    WTB: Sony S202F/S203F/S205F

    I know this may be a long shot, but I'm looking for one of these players. If anyone has got one and is willing to part with it please send me an offer. Thank you
  8. nfsu

    WTB: Westone UM1 / Shure E4

    Title says it all, PM me if you have UM1s or E4s for sale. Thank you
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    Bought UM2 from Guarneri. Prompt shipment, good communication. Highly recommended!
  10. nfsu

    WTB: Westone UM2 *FOUND*

    PM me with offers. Thanks!
  11. nfsu

    WTB: iPod Classic 80GB

    I'm looking for iPod Classic 80GB. It can be new or used one. PM with offers. Thanks
  12. nfsu

    WTB: E-MU 0404 USB *BOUGHT*

    I've bought it. Thank you for your interest.
  13. nfsu

    FS: MPIO FL300

    Hi! I've got a MPIO FL300 player which I'd like to sell. It is in good condition, there are few scratches on back. Player is quite rare, but it sounds really good (it has also Philips sound efects) and it's perfect for running I include silicon case, armband, connecting cable, utility CD and...
  14. nfsu

    WTB: iPod Nano 8GB * bought*

    Title says it all. It should be new or like new. Thanks! [EDIT] iPod found. Thanks!
  15. nfsu

    WTB: iPod Shuffle II Gen Blue *bought*

    Hi! I'm looking for II gen iPod Shuffle in blue color. It should be new or in good condition. Thanks! [EDIT] iPod found. Thanks!
  16. nfsu


    I bought Moonlight amp from him. Fast shipment, good contact. Pleasure to deal with.
  17. nfsu

    iriver clix2 impressions

    OK, it was originaly PM, but I think that some people might find it helpful (and buy Clix2 instead Nano ) iriver seems to be durable player. I have never had problem with on (except FW problems, but about it later). My mates also aren't complaining about iriver (maybe only one, but he is...
  18. nfsu

    E500 + ??? help me choose new DAP

    Hello! I've been looking for information all day (it's almost midnight here in Poland) and the more I read the less I know. I'm interested in getting new portable player. It should have ability to play video and good screen. It must have superb SQ out of head-out, because I'm not going to use...
  19. nfsu

    Amp for E500

    So, what amp should I get for E500? I'll use it with iPod Nano II gen, mainly outdoor. Amp should be small, lightweight and provide sound with good highs, soundstage and details. Most important are highs, lack of trebles on E500 is so annoying. Also important thing, price of course: I can spend...