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    Now the Shure E4s have been re-named and they are Shure SCL4 now (only name and accessories have changed).
  2. nfsu

    Getting my Shure E2c put in custom molds?

    I need to say that remolding dynamic driver iems like Shure E2c is rather uncommon. Your other option is to get something like Westone UM56, just with a wider nozzle.
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    Wow, this is an impressive feedback thread. Anyway, Nate sold me UE TF10 custom few days back. Great man, good communication, prompt shipment. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
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  5. nfsu


    Bought Shure SHR 840 from Peter. Good communication, prompt shipment, the headphones are in great condition. It was a pleasure to deal with him. Thank you for the transaction
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    Young Spade

    Bought PSP from Sean. Very helpful guy, I would do business with him anytime.
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    FS: iPod Mini 2G 4GB blue $OLD shipped worldwide

    iPod is in good condition (few dents on the edges, couple of tiny scratches). Battery holds about 8 hours with rockbox on board (with Apple software it should be more). Price: $OLD shipped worldwide PM me with offers.
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    WTB: UE 5/UE700

    As mentioned above, I'm looking for Super.fis 5 (v.2) or 700s. PM me with offers. Thanks
  9. nfsu

    FS: Shure E3g

    SOLD It's the black version, in great condition. All sleeves included (Shure black olives instead of yellow foamies), along with carrying case. Price: SOLD shipped worldwide. PM me with offers. Thanks
  10. nfsu

    FT: iPod Nano IV gen for iPod Touch

    iPod Nano is green , 8GB version. It's in very good condition (the only drawbacks are tiny dents on the top and little scratches on the Apple logo). Willing to add cash. PM me if interested.
  11. nfsu

    FS/FT: Shure SE420

    BUMP, big price drop
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    Bought an iPod Suffle from Chris. Whole transaction was superb: great communiaction and fast shipment. Thanks!
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    Sold Klipsch X10 to Dan. Prompt payment, everything went smoothly. Thanks.