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    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    I'm looking at buying some new headphones for work, something more comfortable than the Sony MDR-V6s that I'm currently using. They need to be closed and easy to drive (they'll be used unamped with a Zune, iPod and cell phone). I really like a sound signature with slightly emphasized bass...
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    Internet Dating?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pm@c I mean virtual sex. You've obviously never heard of FUFME.
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    Last song before you die...

    I've given this some thought in the past, and came to the conclusion that it would have to be "Damage, Inc." by Metallica. I've been listening to the Master of Puppets album since I was in the womb, and it's the last song on it. It's only fitting. The runner-ups: Faith No More - Jizzlobber...
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    For the metalheads!

    At the moment... S.O.D. - Speak English or Die Metallica - Ride the Lightning Megadeth - Rust in Peace Ministry - In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up Prong - Cleansing
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    I'm surprised "If You Want Blood You've Got It" hasn't been mentioned. It's the perfect example of what Bon Scott added to the band, and it has what is quite possibly the best AC/DC performance ever recorded ("Whole Lotta Rosie"). The remaster's loud and compressed, of course, but it shouldn't...
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    Post your desktop!

    NSFW. I got bored with Windows, so I'm back to LiteStep. Rather minimalist, but it's efficient and doesn't take attention away from the wallpaper.
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#6]

    "Candy Bottom Girls" by the Silent Xperiment (mash-up of Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls" and 50 Cent's "Candy Shop")
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#6]

    "Victim of Changes" by Judas Priest 80 gig iPod (hooray for a source upgrade) -> DT770, sounds good so far. Tomorrow morning I'll put it head-to-head against my X5, see which is preferable. But right now, it's a little too late to think properly.
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    Head-Fi Younguns Check-in!

    Quote: Originally Posted by M0T0XGUY 733t = Leet = Elite. Man are you behind the times. Quote: Originally Posted by jPoDTGN It's 1337. YOU are behind the times.... I always thought 7 was T, but according to Wikipedia it also counts as L. So, theoretically...
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    Can you hear the difference between LAME V0 and Lossless?

    I tried this in the past, and I had a very, very difficult time distinguishing between FLAC and LAME V3. Even taking the possibility of future transcoding into account, it's almost impossible for me to justify lossless' larger file size.
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    Head-Fi Younguns Check-in!

    18 here. My Grado SR-60, Shure E2c, Sony V6 and iRiver iMP-550 were all gifts from my parents, for Christmas or a birthday (I wound up giving the V6's to my father after I bought my DT770's). But once I started working, that's when I started saving and buying the higher-end equipment that I had...
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    The name, and the logo, and... wow... who came up with that? Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn you realize of course that we now must have T-Shirts with this on there? WE DEMAND IT. It is necessary. It's more important than the meet itself. If these shirts are not made, I will...
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    "Interview the person below you"

    Quote: Originally Posted by sisenor Yer So Bad or Free Fallin'? Free Falling, of course. Would you like fries with that?
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#6]

    I still hate Pink Floyd. Damn.
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#6]

    I've never listened to this CD and enjoyed it. Then again, I've never really sat down and gave it a chance (I tried once, but I fell asleep somewhere around track 3). So, here we go. Listening without distractions...
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    Anyone heard of Buckethead?

    Quote: Originally Posted by bubbamc119 NEWS FLASH: 13 new CD's now available for pre-order!!! Thanks for the link. I just lost $200 of my next paycheck.
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    "Interview the person below you"

    Because it's 2:30 AM. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you "grew up"?
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#6]

    "Warning" by the Notorious B.I.G. Sony Discman D77 (I think I'm the only person to ever own one of these) -> Meier HeadFive -> Grado SR-325i
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    My name is Ed, and I am a Night Owl / Insomniac.

    Almost 4 AM here on the west coast and I'm just getting ready to turn out the lights. I never realized how fast time can go by when you're writing. It's rather depressing being up this late, which isn't helping my current situation very much, but then again there's nobody to distract me from...
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    Just one: Van Halen

    Unchained or Hot For Teacher, no question about it. No synths or Van Hagar for me.
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    Most memorable concert(s) you've been to in 2006/07?

    Buckethead at the Anaheim House of Blues, a day or two before Halloween. Definitely one of the best concerts I've ever been to, just flat-out amazing work by 3 great musicians.
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    What you DON'T want to see flying over your house!

    Quote: Originally Posted by redshifter Oh dear God... that is wrong in so many ways...
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    How fast are you willing to drive on the freeways, highways, & expressways?

    Living in Los Angeles, I like to keep a fairly moderate pace of 70 MPH when there's traffic. That's fast enough to not have everyone go around you, and slow enough to compensate for all the ******* who change lanes without signaling. With absolutely no traffic, I tend to hover around 90 MPH...
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    Fun and Free Game

    That was a very good waste of 16 minutes. Thanks. Now, time to try the sequel...
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    How Many Purchases have you made while Intoxicated!?

    When drunk, there's only two things to buy: food, and more alcohol.