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  1. stereophile

    WTB - One Monitor for Superfi 5 Pro

    Just need to buy one side (left) to replace monitor/housing unit for my Superfi 5 Pros. Please post or send me a PM if you have one of these.  
  2. stereophile

    WTB - One Driver for ATH-ES7

    Just need to buy one driver for my ATH-ES7 headphones. Please post or send me a PM if you have one of these.
  3. stereophile

    Does Keeping Left and Right Cables on "Correct Sides" Effect SQ on Your Headphones?

    Does Left and Right Matter on Your Headphones? I've seen some posters on here claim it doesn't, even Sponsors (Vibes) posting that they can't tell a difference when L-R is reversed. I've always thought it DOES matter big time, and agree more with posts along the lines like the one I...
  4. stereophile

    Anyone tried these Shure-like foamies? ?? Are these of a consistency more like Shure's new black foamies, or more like the yellow/orange Shure tips?
  5. stereophile

    Top Workout IEM's - Sound Quality - Under $200? Superfi 5/E4/D-jays, AT CK7, or...?

    Please list your favorite great SQ workout/gym friendly IEM's (or could be earbuds) for under $200? Can these IEM's handle the gym environment?: Superfi 5's, E4, D-jays, Audio Technica ATH-CK7. Please let me know if I should remove any of these from consideration becaue they're not...
  6. stereophile

    White/Pink/Brown/Blue/Violet Noise - The Noise Appreciation Thread

    Does anyone else here listen to White Noise in order to help them sleep, study, block outside noise, etc? I just started doing this a month or so ago, it seems to help me focus a lot. I tried wearing headphones with this stuff, but I'd rather not wear anything when I'm in this mode. I was...
  7. stereophile

    Message From Cowon Tech Support re 4gb...

    I e-mailed Cowon's tech support a couple of questions yesterday. I wanted to make absolutely sure 4gb SD memory would work with the 2gb D2, since thats the only model I can get now in USA. I emailed their tech support 2 questions. I'll just put the Q & A verbatim below. Questions:1. What...