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  1. torres

    FS: Logitech MX AIR mouse

    Hi, guys I am it is rare to sell mouse here, I used to sell iem sell, but anyway, I am trying to.. I had a dust coleeting logitech air mouse in my drawer. the reason it has scratches cauz my drawer has to  many stuff and they hit each other.. I t has few scratches on the front, but it...
  2. torres

    WTT: SE530 for Monster Pro copper or Gold or Um3x will add money on my side

    Hi, I wanna trade my se530. I got this from a heafier last year, and this se530 has been used for totally 1.5 years. Nothing wrong with it. I just wanna try other iem. It was a PTH model, but I lost the pth device.. I wanna trade for Monster Pro copper or Gold(btw, I do not the difference...
  3. torres

    FS: Price Drop! Jena cryo 22AWG x hyper pure soft annelaed silver X copper Impendence cables

    Hi, I am selling my 2 jena cryo 22AWG x hyper pure soft annelaed silver X copper cables. (impendence cables) I got them from headfier "musicmaker" , and they were great. However, I no longer need those. They are good for amp, iem, headphones, etc. they are light and flexiable. On sound...
  4. torres

    SOLD: Emmeline "The Hornet" M version black &(price dropped)

    Hi, guys. I am selling my hornet M black. I am the 2nd Onwer of this amp, and I basically used that with my PC, I only carried this out of my home 3 times. It is in good shape and some scratches at the back. It comes with one battery(the extra one lost before), and one power adapter. I got...
  5. torres

    Sold: Mogami quad Extension cable and impendence cables(for earbuds and amp)

    Hi, Guys. I am selling my extension cable which is about 3 ft long. It is made of mogami quad cable. It is flexible and sounds nice. the reason I am selling this cauz I use to listen to my mp3 when i am walking, so the weight of the cable does not fit me that much. If you drive or wanna use at...
  6. torres

    Question about my se530 with my cables.

    Hi, guys. I am currently using my se530 with an amp and two cable one is mini to mini and one impedance, both copper X sliver Here is the situation I have: I use this setup in the morning and in the afternoon before/after school. But the sq is better in the afternoon than in the morning, more...
  7. torres

    SOLD: Ibasso D2 Boa Sliver

    I am selling my ibasso d2 boa sliver. It is in great shape, no scratch everywhere. comes with amp, usb cable,and the warranty card which is till 09/2009 It sounds nice and it is ideal for desktop or earphones I mostly use it with my PC and it works like a charm the original mini to mini...
  8. torres

    FOUND: 3.5MM mini to mini cable and impendence(75ohms) cable

    Hi, guys. I am looking for those cables. for the mini to mini one, I am looking for one similar to this ALO Audio Jumbo Cryo X Silver Mini to Mini would like jena cables and I also want an impendence cable if anyone who can make the cable himself or who has one for sell. pm me with...
  9. torres

    FOUND: RSA HORNET(whatever version)

    Hi, guys if anyone wants to sell this hornet, pls PM me with your price. I am in the U.S. thx a lot I want a perfect working condition one, and great shape.
  10. torres

    SE530 with Ibasso d2 boa, sq improved?

    Hi guys. I am wondering if d2 boa can improve the sq from se530. I use it amp my se530 but I did not turn on the "gain" function. I need to turn up more vol then without amping se530 But when I turn the "gain" on, the sound seems not so good.. is se530 unampable? I can hardly find out the...
  11. torres

    FS: IE8(SOLD) and UM2(sold). Price Drop

    Hi, there, I am selling these two great iems um2, black. I bought it from spyro a week ago, we totally used it for less them 70 hours. not fully burnt in yet. warranty is till 07/2010, like new condition $sold shipped conus, PP only ie8, I bought it from Ihatepopupads, since the...
  12. torres

    IE8 noise isolation problem

    Hi, there I started my ie8 yesterday, and first I usde the small double flange eartips. but I just found that eartips cannot isolate any noise from outside. And I tried the other one, seems a way better, but the noise isolation is still a bit worse than my um2. is there any method to increse...
  13. torres

    Bought: SENNHEISER IE8

    I wanna buy a pair of this good iem if anyone wanna sell that, pls pm me with your "firm" price. I want it with the receipt as a proof of purchase. thanks
  14. torres

    Where to buy IE8 at lower price

    After getting advice and I did some research. I wanna get a pair of iE8. but the U.S. retail price sucks. I know it is cheaper in UK or AU but it does not seem they ship to the U.S. anyone knows which reliable website have the chaper ie8 shipped to the U.S.?
  15. torres

    WTB: SHURE SE530, or um2, or ie7

    IF anyone wants to sell either of those, PM me with a price pls. if, you can send me the pics as well, I appreciated that
  16. torres

    looking for a amp around $50 with phonak pfe

    I have not tried buying any amp before.. anyone gives me advice with an amp around $50.. I used to use it in bus, street.. I heard fiio e5 is a good choice at its price..and I found Nuforce Icon Mobile. double the price, but does it match the phonak better? so, any others are better than e5...
  17. torres

    Anyone tried m-audio ie30 or ie40..looking for a new IEM..

    I sold my image x10 since I did not like it when played with my D2..then I found shure scl4 is the perfect match of D2....but the scl4 now seems have problem... Antone tried m-audio before? ie30 or does that sound like? good for pop, rock? or vocal? It looks like ue tf10.. do they...
  18. torres

    FS:Sony NW-a726 mp3 player pink 4gb $40

    I am selling my pink nw-a726 4gb.. got it on last X'mas but only used for about a month or less, then I got my d2 just like new $40 via pp shipped CONUS ...photobucket is down now...I will add pics leter or I can email to you if you are interested p.s: it comes with the player itself and...
  19. torres

    FS:Klipsch custom 1 $50 shipped

    One more Klipsch stuff, 1 month old, but I only used that for about 2 days, pretty new. I am asking for $50 shipped intl' comes with everything originally, and one extra comply tips. Paypal..ship with USPS
  20. torres

    Sold: Klipsch image x10 or trade for UE tri pro 10, add money on my side

    I am new to this for sell forum, and am selling my 1.5 months old klipsch x10. It looks like a new one, comes with everything as I received from Klipsch online store. An extra comply tips price is $150 shipped intl', or trade for a UE tri pro.10, add money on my side(pls tell me how...
  21. torres

    D2 can not play some ape music..need help..please..

    Hi, guys I put some ape music in my d2, some of them can be played, but some of them can not..and shows as invalid when I play it.. is it the firware version problem? Because I can play the same music in my PC..
  22. torres

    what eq do you use in your D2?

    I just receive my D2, and it originally comes with met eq what does met mean? and, if I listen to the female vocal, pop music(also female) how can I set the eq, and the other setting's value, kind like bbe, stero surround mach3bass and mp enhance(what mp is?)
  23. torres

    sony,sandisk fuze, or zune?

    I am currently using sony a815, and will move to a726 couple days later but I tried the sandisk sansa before, and it shocked me becuase it was good, but a way cheaper than my Sony I wanna try another brand of mp3 player I heard that Zune has a good hardware, but I do not how about sandisk...
  24. torres

    which IEM should I use if I listen to the female vocal mostly

    I am now using image x10, it is very good, but the voice is not so warm. When I turn up the sound a little bit, I can hear the difference. The sound is a little cold. I usually listen to the female vocal, most of them are Japanses music. which IEM has a warm voice and better soundstage? I am...
  25. torres

    Any one know the sony ex700sl?

    I think that is the high end iem from sony I found this by looking earbuds on ebay...the price sucks... anyone has experience on that?