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  1. Chiliman

    really cool grado experience

    so, i am just sitting here enjoying music through my grados, and i suddenly get the idea to turn on my speakers at the same time (playing the same music), since grados are so open, they really don't block out much noise. What i got was really cool, i don't know how to describe it, it truly...
  2. Chiliman


    is anyone else out there a zippo enthusiast? I don't smoke, but i love zippo lighters. this is one of mine (the other is just plain and zilver) I also have one of their MPLs, that thing is great, better than any 10 dollar torch. I try to do tricks with them, and there are a couple...
  3. Chiliman

    IHF Dynamic power... wha?

    So, I was looking at some integrated amps on NAD's site. And I come across this when I am reading specs. This is from C320BEE: 2 x 50W Minimum Continuous Power into 4 / 8 ohms 110W, 160W, 210W, IHF Dynamic power into 8, 4 and 2 ohms, respectively. What does this mean?! If it pumps out...
  4. Chiliman

    Stax Amp Power Question

    so, i am thinking of buying this setup from audiocubes: but was curious if I am going to have any trouble running it since it is a foreign product, and most other countries don't have the same setup with power outlets as we have in...
  5. Chiliman

    Audio-Technica ATH-W1000

    So, after many hours of being forced to listen to my headphones (which let in enough noise at it is) while my room mate watches tv, right next to me, i have realized I my living situation calls for some closed cans. These ones have caught my eye. I have read a few reviews, and tried...
  6. Chiliman

    Team Red-Hair-Fi

    Who's a member? Rules: NATURAL RED HAIR ONLY, NO DYE!
  7. Chiliman

    squeezebox navigation

    How good is the interface for the squeezebox? I have a library of about 6000 songs on my computer, most of which is fairly organized using id tags, would i be able to navigate through that without getting a blister on my thumb? and videos or pictures of this someone could direct me to...
  8. Chiliman

    Beginners DIY speaker amp

    I will soon be building a speaker based around the Fostex FE-103, (zigmahornet) and am looking into building a amp to go along with it. Also, I would like to build one that isn't too expensive (bear with me, I don't know what 'expensive' is in the diy amp world) I have looked into the...
  9. Chiliman

    clarinet music

    As I myself am a clarinetist, I would like to find some good music that has a lot of clarinet in it, or just recordings of clarinet. I already have a lot of Pete Fountain and also I know that Rhapsody in Blue is a very famous clarinet piece, but is there anything else that is good that you...
  10. Chiliman

    Just got my first turntable!

    So, a friend of mines' father has taken me under his wing into the world of audiophilia so it seems and has given me a turntable and phonostage. With a box full of my mothers records I found in our garage, I have entered the realm of vinyl. I must say, this has been a fun journey so far...
  11. Chiliman

    Cmoy PCB

    Is there anywhere I can get a pcb that is designed for a Cmoy amp?
  12. Chiliman

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Eskimo

    Does anyone here have the Fortune Faded single with Eskimo on it? If so, where did you get it and how much?
  13. Chiliman

    The Servant

    One of my favorite bands, the servant, just came out with a new album entitled 'how to destroy a relationship' in case you people haven't heard of them, these are the guys that did the main theme to sin city. any other servant fans?
  14. Chiliman

    Budget LCD HDTV help

    so, i have posted in several different forums on this topic and no one can help, so i have turned to my trusty head fi I am looking for a 26-32 lcd monitor for around 500-600 dollars. Any help would be very greatly appreciated.
  15. Chiliman


  16. Chiliman

    Do ER-4s need amp?

    Basically, just what the titles says, do these need an amp to sound good?
  17. Chiliman

    digital audio selector

    does anyone know of the existence of a high quality digital coaxial / optical selector?
  18. Chiliman

    Pre Amp vs. Amp

    Someone please explain to me the difference between these two.
  19. Chiliman

    Colin Hay

    has anyone heard of this guy? he did an acoustic version of his song overkill in season 2 episode 1 of scrubs, and I loved it, so I bought the cd it was on, The cd is entitled Man at Work, The guitar is very simple at times, but i find his style very calming.
  20. Chiliman

    RA1 Clone

  21. Chiliman

    Do my ears suck?

    With my SR225's I really couldn't tell the difference between the ss amp and this tube amp I have... are my cans not revealing enough? have the amps i used not been good enough to have an audible difference? (ss amp was firestone cute beyond)
  22. Chiliman

    Scrubs T.V Show

    Anyone else watch this show? IMHO it is one of the funniest shows to ever hit Comedy Central.
  23. Chiliman

    What is the 'Beyerdynamic Sound'?

    I own some SR225's, so I know what the Grado 'sound' is, basically what the biggest characteristics are high impact and powerful mids. So what are the characteristics of Beyer cans, and what kind of music is best played on them? (mostly thinking of the DT990's)
  24. Chiliman

    Bit perfect sound blaster audigy

    i currently have a sound blaster audigy and want to know if there is anyway to get it running bit perfect to a dac. my second question is if i should just get a chaintech if I can't do that. thanks. - chiliman
  25. Chiliman

    Macbook Digital Out

    I want to use my macbook with a dac (don't have one yet but am planning on getting one.) but am not sure what kind of cable i need for it. I don't want a usb dac, i want to be able to use it with a cdp or other source. I think i am going to get a number cruncher. Is that even possible, some...