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  1. akasan

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus

    For anyone interested in using a tablet as source, the 7 inch tab plus has excellent sound quality.  Currently paired with sony mdr-ex700's,  sound is clear, full, better than my sony  nwza860, on par with sony x1000 (from memory, haven't owned in in over a year) sound is good using regular...
  2. akasan

    My Shures!!!!

    So I was in NYC last night coming from party drunk as hell on subway and someone pickpocket me for my cigarettes, sony walkman x1000, and my SHURE SE530's which I just had replaced last frackin month.  I know I didn't drop them cause i smoked a cigarrette before getting on the train and remember...
  3. akasan

    Bye Bye Head-fi (for a little while)

    I'm mostly a lurker here but I would say that this site has cost me upwards of $1000 since I first started. But now it's over. It started with the e2c's, then I moved to the e3's then I moved to the e4(scl4) then to the se210's which some jr salesman convinced me were on par with the e4 (they...
  4. akasan

    Sony 32 gig flash player?

    I was looking at the entry for the guy who installed flash memory on his rio player, and I was just wondering if its possible to upgrade the memory on a sony nwz-618/818. Or better yet flash memory on an hd5. Any thoughts?
  5. akasan

    Sennheiser IE 6,7, & 8 any reviews/opinions? can they replace my shures?

    title says it all. The ie 6 & 7 are supposed to be out this month, the ie 8 ($450 good lord) in april
  6. akasan

    Shure E5 s E4

    Just got a new job that pays a little bit more than I am used to and thinking about shure e5's as my reward. I have the E4's. Is there a vast distance in the sound quality of these two (vast enough to justify the vast difference in price?)
  7. akasan

    Shure Quality Control (RANT)

    Okay, let me just say that I don't really like this forum. Because of you people I have spent $500 on headphones in the last year alone!!! I was quite happy with the cheap headphones that came with every cd player/mp3 player i've ever owned. Then I found this site and began to wonder if the...