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  1. MightyFine Shindig

    [AUS] Meier Corda 3Move DAC/Amp

    Hey all, As indicated by the classified, I'm looking to sell my Meier 3Move portable dac/amp, which is in great condition. Asking price is $225 shipped within Aus, and Australian buyers are preferred, but I will ship overseas if you are willing to pay the costs.   My reason for selling...
  2. MightyFine Shindig

    WTB: Meier 3Move

    If anyone has a 3Move that they are looking to sell and are willing to ship to Australia, shoot me a pm. I will promptly reply with a reasonable offer.
  3. MightyFine Shindig

    Portable Amp for Re0's and D2000's - DAC/Amp or Amp + DAC?

    Hi all, I'm looking for an amp (my first) that would compliment both of these headphones. I understand that where the re0 lacks in bass, the d2000 has plenty of it. For that reason I really have no clue for what amp to get that suits both of these 'phones. DAC would be a nice feature for...