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  1. JK1

    Samsung Buys Harman

    I'm glad Apple didn't buy Harman.
  2. JK1

    I found this so ironic

    A law school graduate sued the law school she attended since she couldn't get a job in the legal profession. Of course she lost the suit. If she had won, she might have succeeded in opening her own law office, and representing others who want to sue the schools they attended.    ...
  3. JK1

    An interesting article about Apple!
  4. JK1

    Six years after the Zune HD release, and still no other mp3 players with HD radio??????

    What happened with HD radio? Why aren't there many portable players with HD radio?????
  5. JK1

    I want a good $100 player with good build quality, good firmware, and long battery life.

    I was looking at the Xduoo X3. It looks like a nice player, except that it is crippled with just 8 hours of battery life! They promote the player as being able to hold a huge amount of music(two 128 GB cards full of mp3 files, at 320kbps mp3  around 1700 hours!) yet with just 8 hours of battery...
  6. JK1

    Player that runs on an easily swappable, rechargeable CR123A battery?

    Now that a charger and two rechargeable CR123A (600mah, 3.7V) batteries is just $15, it would be nice to find a good player with a card slot that runs on one of these. Are there any? I would like to be able to carry a few spare batteries, and have plenty of run time.   ...
  7. JK1

    Included earphones

    Why do most music players come with low quality included earphones? Why do they come with any earphones included? Many of these go directly into the trash. When you buy a pair of shoes, does it come with low quality sox included????? When you buy some writing paper, does it come with a low...
  8. JK1

    Does using mp3 vbr files shorten battery life compared to mp3 CBR?

    Anyone here do any tests?
  9. JK1

    Players under $100 with a card slot and 40+ hours battery life?

    The closest I have found to this is the Cowon M2, however it seems to have a low limit for the max database size, and has a semi proprietary connector. It is also $160. I guess some will suggest using a no contract phone. These often have limited functionality as a music player. While there...
  10. JK1

    Unsafe use of isolating earphones or headphones

    The use by many people of isolating headphones or isolating earphones when it is unsafe to do so is an important issue. If this continues, laws will be passed restricting headphone(and earphone) use by pedestrians. I don't want to lose the right to walk around(through traffic, etc) while...
  11. JK1

    Best sub $50 phone just for playing music?

    I want long battery life and good sound quality. What should I get? 
  12. JK1

    Frugal Fi?

    In the past I seem to recall so many more posts on Head-fi about items under $100 or even under $50. I suggested having separate forums for under $100 items, as Imo many who come here with less expensive items in mind get scared away when they see the vast majority of posts discussing much more...
  13. JK1

    Including earphones with mp3 players

    For many years, even back when portable cassette players were the norm in the 90s, I argued that earphones not be included with portable players. The included ones are typically very low quality and seem like a total waste. Many are probably thrown in trash rather rapidly, or never used after...
  14. JK1

    Americans are on average 20 pounds heavier than in 1990!

    Americans are on average 20 pounds heavier than in 1990!. So pathetic! I actually weigh less now than I did in 1990.Eliminating soda, candy, ice cream, potato and corn chips, etc., and alcohol, as well as meat(I now only eat meat less than 5 meals a year at special events) helped me keep my...
  15. JK1

    How about separating some of the forums

    Instead of having one forum for portable headphones and IEMs, how about separating this into 4 forums,  one for IEMs under $150, one for IEMS over $150, one for portable headphones under $150, and one for portable headphones over $150.    It seems very awkward having a thread discussing a...
  16. JK1

    Soundmagic ES18 IEM-Great sound for $12!

    I am listening to it now. It is amazing how great this IEM sounds for just $12. It doesn't have the most bass impact or the greatest detail of the IEMs I own, however it sounds very musical and is very pleasant to listen to. It is said to sound very much like the Soundmagic E10.
  17. JK1

    IEMs under $25

    I was just comparing 6 of my IEMs in the $15-$25 range. Panasonic RPHJE450-nice bass slam without too much bass and great fit, but not as much midrange detail as the HJE355 or HA-FX40. Panasonic RP-HJE355-great midrange detail, but not as much bass as the other IEMs listed here. Also a...
  18. JK1

    Skullcandy stock(SKUL)

    Skullcandy stock is now at less than half its ipo price. Do you think the company will turn around? The ipo was at $20 in July 2011 and now the stock is at around $6.50. The analysts are expecting earnings of around $1 a share this year, around what they earned last year. The company has very...
  19. JK1

    The Sony MDR-V6 is back under $70

    This was a favorite headphone for many years, however there was a shortage of them last year, and the price spiked as high as  around $150. At $125+ the V6 wasn't worth it, however at under $70 it is a good value. It seems like most have forgotten about this headphone.
  20. JK1

    Cheap compct digital camera with a large sensor?

    Finally some compact cameras with decent sized sensors. The Canon G1X or the Sony RX-100 are too expensive though at over $600. When will cameras like these be priced under $200?????? Which do I like better, the G1X or the Sony RX-100? A tough choice. The Sony is much smaller and has a faster...
  21. JK1

    Should the US minimum wage be raised?

    There are many who seek to raise the US minimum wage. My opinion on this is that the minimum wage should be increased in many places on a local level, as for example the cost of living in Queens NYC is 80% higher than in Omaha. Should both of these places have the same minimum wage? I have a...
  22. JK1

    USB battery packs

    So many complain about having too little battery life, so I decided to post a thread about usb battery packs. Some players such as the Sandisk Clip+, Fuze, and Clip Zip will play while charging with a usb battery pack.   For versatility, I like the $20  Tekkeon mp1580. It uses 4 nimh AA...
  23. JK1

    JVC HA-FX40 vs Panasonic RP-HJE355

    I have both of these and like both very much, however I am not sure which I like better. They both have great detail, however the HJE355 has a bit more warmth. The HJE355 is more efficient at 105 db/mw vs 101 db/mw for the HA-FX40. Both are 16 ohms.  The HJE355 seems to have a bit better build...
  24. JK1

    JVC HA-FX40 vs Panasonic RP-HJE355

    Duplicate post. Please remove.
  25. JK1

    Panasonic RP-HJE140

    I bought this earphone recently for around $8. It is a great improvement over the RP-HJE120, being much more efficient(107 db/mw vs 96 db/mw) and having much better bass. I think it does have a bit less treble than the HJE120 though. I have been comparing the HJE to the $8 JVC Riptidz. I think I...