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  1. MrProggie

    If you like Scooter, perhaps you like this one as well...

    Heinrich Stammler - Party with beer!  
  2. MrProggie

    A swedish TV-sketch about a headphone-reviewer

    Totally not understandable for anyone outside the nordic countries, but here we go.      But look at his expressions. He seems to like them all.
  3. MrProggie

    Hummingbird Electrostatic Super Tweeters from King's Audio?

    Anyone got any experience with these?   I am considering getting them to breathe a new life into my old speakers; Definitive Technology BP10B.
  4. MrProggie

    Oil shielded cables - what's the benefit?

    I have noticed chinese "high end" sellers on Ebay selling interconnects with oil shielding. Is it just to make the cable look cool or is there an observable benefit?   Examples...
  5. MrProggie

    Problems with Youtube videos

    After installing version 3.6.9 of Firefox I am no longer able to embed Youtube videos. I had to move to Opera 10.61 to do it.
  6. MrProggie

    Blackmore's Candice Night

    What a woman! Fantastic voice and gorgeous. Her rendition of Jethro Tull's Rainbow Blues is a killer. I think I'm in love...
  7. MrProggie

    Featured Sponsors on the right not visible in Firefox

    I am using Firefox 3.6.3. I have no add-ons removing ads running.
  8. MrProggie

    Anyone using EDIROL MA15D mini studio monitors as PC speakers?

    I am considering them since they are compact, active, got a DAC and can easily fit on a computer table. Just wondering about the sound quality. I will mainly use them for music since I only play games with MAME.  ...