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  1. offshore

    Any meet ups in Los Angeles area?

    I live in Redondo Beach. Would like to audition some different hps. My gear: Modded Grado 125's Woodied Grado 325s Fiio X3 V2 Fiio E12 AMP/DAC CREATIVE HTS WP380 SONY MDR-XB 950BT
  2. offshore

    Wanna get-together & share headphones in So. Bay ( Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance. Etc, Etc)

    HI, I live in Redondo Beach and would love to meet other HEAD_FI'ers to exchange and share headphones. I'm very curious to hear other models & Brands of headphones. I have Alessandro MS1i...would love to hear any Grado's that have been MOD or Sennheisners, etc,etc. If you want to just PM...